Dog Dogs

Elliot Erwitt P.G. Wodehouse

Dog Dogs

Dog Dogs

  • Title: Dog Dogs
  • Author: Elliot Erwitt P.G. Wodehouse
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Paperback

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Photos taken by renowned Photographer Elliot Erwitt from 1948 2000 The black and white photos cover almost every inch of the globe and explores a dog s life from their point of view Some very pampered pooches and some homeless dogs on the streets All are candid photos and capture the relationship between people and dogs Great book.

Recent Comments "Dog Dogs"

I love this book, both as a dog lover and a photographer. The only words in this book are telling where each photo was taken and a small note from the author in the center; however, the pictures are so wonderful that words are unnecessary. I would recomend this collection of photographs to anyone who loves dogs and/or black and white photography.

Wonderful photographs!

Just heaven.

Beautiful pictures

I mean, who can go wrong with dog photographs? I simply love them, even if they are dated. These are wonderful black and white shots made during Erwitt's travels, in which dogs appeared and he collected for us to enjoy. What an awesome job, if you can get it. The shots range from late 1940s to 1990s, and span the globe. The blurb above says only about 100 pages, but my edition had closer to 600 I would guess. I didn't like the silver captions, however, as they were hard to read (though I imagine [...]

Wonderful photos in this book. THe book is only photos, very little writing, in fact, you have to search for where the photo is taken. The photos cover all reaches of the earth.

A delightful look at dogs by photographer Elliot Erwitt. Not to be missed by any dog lover!

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