Details of the Hunt

Laura Baumbach

Details of the Hunt

Details of the Hunt

  • Title: Details of the Hunt
  • Author: Laura Baumbach
  • ISBN: 9781934531921
  • Page: 456
  • Format: ebook

A 26th century, time traveling, bounty hunter snatchs a 18th century Earth pirate in a deal to enrich the archaeological knowledge of mankind, but as he develops an attraction for the likable, free spirited prey, he attempts to alter the deal, threatening both his own personal code of honor and the strict rules of conduct of his race Will the love of a wily, cock sure, yoA 26th century, time traveling, bounty hunter snatchs a 18th century Earth pirate in a deal to enrich the archaeological knowledge of mankind, but as he develops an attraction for the likable, free spirited prey, he attempts to alter the deal, threatening both his own personal code of honor and the strict rules of conduct of his race Will the love of a wily, cock sure, young pirate be enough for the stoic hunter to risk exile from his own people

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The book is a seething purple morass that must be waded through to get to tentaclesex. Which is actually among the best of its genre. If this was a 10 page free fanfic I would give it 6 stars of squeeing fangirlish happiness. As a 244 page "original" story costing US$5.79 on Kindle I hope someone is losing sleep at night from the throbbing of their conscience.

Time travel can be confusing!But it still a marvelous book!The sci-fi theme is perfect!A real pirate, and a "monster" alien from the future? I could not resist, so well, I read this book and OMG I LOVED IT!Maymon is a pirate with his dreadlocks, strange language, great sense of humor and uncertain walking. Did you think about someone reading his description?Yep that's him!Talos with his reptilian body and great bravery was like someone from another movie maybe not everyone know (but I like a lot [...]

3.5 starsThis book has a little something for everyone:PiratesAliensIt’s a little bit historicalA little bit futuristicSci-fi romanceA mutiny aboard a pirate shipFind something to tickle your fancy? Not yet? Okay, I’ll keep goingBounty huntersFated MatesTreacheryA good ol’ treasure huntSome ass slapping and, most importantly, TENTACLESToo much? Over the top? YES! Was it so fun anyway? YES!I went into this book knowing that everything was going to be thrown in, plus some. I think that helpe [...]

2.75 stars.It was moderately interesting, I suppose, if you're into 26th-century aliens traveling back in time to kidnap 18th century pirates, who then seduce said pirates with their 15-inch penises. Which, when erect, retract to 9 inches in length with a 2.5 inch diameter. (I wonder if the author realized she created a penis with a 7.85 inch circumference? That's like screwing a baseball bat! I think that might be worse than clown porn. . . .) And even better, once inserted, the cap of the peni [...]

Captain Jack Sparrow meets Garak in the Mos Eisley Cantina for some insta-love and life time mating. Add a sentient cock and tentacles for pubic hair. Tell 'story' in prose so sparkly purple it ascends the spectrum into the exalted realms of ultra-violet, and voila: Details of the Hunt. For more fun, this book's drinking game words:1) Captain Jack says 'mate'2) Garak/Talos calls Aidan/Jack 'runt' (this is apparently an endearment)3) Bonus points for 'tar-stained hands'!

Time traveling alien who kidnaps an 18th century pirate for bounty. Didn't really work for me. I thought the concept was interesting but I didn't care for the MC's or the secondary characters. Slow going on this one from start to finish. The alien had an interesting penis though. ;)

It was rather terrible. It's like the author couldn't decide what kind of book she wanted to write so I am now, too, don't know what to think about this mess.Let's see what this book has to offer:1) Bisexual time traveling alien with a cock full of wonders (I don't know how the author even came with this idea - it's scary)2) Gay or bisexual (not really sure) 18th century pirate (as many of you have pointed out - looks like a rip from Captain Jack Sparrow) 3) Typical stupid romance female (I'm ta [...]

What I learned - you can take a pirate with a very familiar swagger and speech pattern, pair him with a time-traveling alien that talks like a bad actor in a 1920s gangster film while using present-day slang, and people will rave about the novel, calling Jack Sp-- I mean, Aidan Maymon, unforgettable and unique. He's unforgettable because he was shamelessly based on the star of a little-known Disney movie, called Pirates of the something-or-another. Anyway, back to the novel.The quality of the bo [...]

I'm so glad I reread this book. It's so much fun - almost like Space Odyssey meets Pirates of the Caribbean. Aiden, a young 18th century pirate captain is snatched from a near drowning (due to mutiny) by a futuristic warrior who looks remarkably like a Mayan sea God to Aiden's bleary eyes. This lighthearted adventure involves time travel, space pirates, villainous aliens and a love that transcends species. After a year and a half I had forgotten most of the plot so it was like reading it for the [...]

WOW!!! If my English was better I will do more justice with this Review, forgive me, I will try my best.This is one of those times that you really wish you can rate a book more than 5 stars.This book was amazing, I was laughing so much with this crazy, gorgeous Pirate.I don't usually read futuristic M/M, and I wasn't very keen to read it, but I'm so glad I did.The Author did such a great job great imagination.Talos was the most adorable, honorable Alien and you can't help falling in love with hi [...]

I just deleted my comments/30% review without publishing it. I was about to hit "save" button, when I realised that there is not a single positive word that I can write here about this whole ordeal. Instead, here is a simple list of issues I have so far:- 24 year old manchild, and not the fun Jack Sparrow or Tom Hanks (referring to movie "Big") type;- 24 year old manchild who by some mighty miracle survived as a pirate and a captain to be 24 years old;- hygiene;- neglect. Because letting the poo [...]

I tried - too - hard to like it, but it wouldn't come. I liked the pirate, not so much the hunter, but I warmed up to him a little bit by the end of the book.I don't know what grated on me, there wasn't anything wrong in the writing, but the way the protagonists spoke - alternating between pirate-talk and gangster-talk - ripped me out of the story with every line. I think it was supposed to sound fun, but mixing a little bit of historical in a sci-fi setting, with the odd words here and there ma [...]

I did end up liking this after all. It's funny & has a nice alien, bounty hunter Talos, with interesting attachments. I'm still trying to figure out the suction cup thingies. I'm also a fan of time travel even though they never quite make sense, so wherever you can squeeze it in a book, I'm going to be happy. So the book is fun & the romance is great & hot in a weird alien way. Maymon is a wonderful character as a charming pirate & he was a great character when I saw him the Pira [...]

Loved this book. It is humorous, over the top, campy and if alien/beast and human relationships do it for you, then definitely read this one. You will love Aidan Maymon and the relationship that develops between he and Talos, a futuristic bounty hunter. The entire time I read the story, I pictured Pirates of the Caribbean meets Space creature. This will be a multiple re-read for me. This is the first time I read Laura Baumbach but went straight into another one by her, which turned out to be a c [...]

I originally picked up this book for a good laugh and boy did I get it. I completely agree that the character’s appearances may be familiar and perhaps a bit of the pirates wit as well. However I feel that’s were the familiarity ends. Then bam your hit with Holy Smoke This Is Hot! I don’t usually enjoy smut but considering there was really good character emotional play as well, I felt completely justified in fanning myself and continuing to read. I really did enjoy this book and would reco [...]

Ok, this is one of those stories that took a reading challenge to try. I like it! Although, my days as a sci-fi buff have slowed down considerably. The plot was ok, but it was the characters that I really caught my attention. Strangely, while reading, I was picturing Johnny Depp as Maymon! I gave it a 4 star.

За общую идею и расу Ораканов - звезда.За экзотический секс - еще звезда.Остальное - Джек Воробей ака Эйдан, инста-лав на словах без предпосылок, эмоциональность всех персонажей, повествование от лица стороннего рассказчика (реально раздражало) - впечатления на меня не произ [...]

What do you get when you cross a 26th century alien with an 18th century pirate??A really great, imaginative book!!

I was going to give it 4 stars, but I added one for creative use of prehensile appendages. This books was great, and so much hotter than I was expecting.

The sex scenes in this book killed a part of me.And I'm glad it's dead.

ok, I am being generous with the rating, which a stricter reader in today's mm climate would probably give a 1 star, but a reader who goes into this with relaxed expectations for light entertainment may find it a fun one-time read. it held up better back when it was written back when there wasn't much mm and so it is going to look insubstantial today in comparison to so much good stuff published now.Yes it is derivative and you will see an exact copy of the Johnny Depp character Captain jack spa [...]

A very good friend of mine has this in paperback and purchased it for me for Christmas because it is one of his favourite books ever. I couldnt put it down. This is an incredibly gorgeous love story starting a long time ago introducing Maymon the Pirate, captain of his ship. I hadnt seen the cover and imagined this to maybe be a story set on the high seas. Suddenly we are thrust seven hundred years into the future from the introduction and we meet the *alien* Talos, bound by the *Details of the [...]

Rating:★★★★★ 4,5 starsEntertaining sci-fi adventure. Maymon did remind me a bit of Jack Sparrow, so you know he was lots of fun.Talos, an alien bounty hunter was send to retrieve a pirate who knew of an important artifact.(you can imigine how he knew it whereabouts)The retrival did not worked as planed and Talos did something he usually avoided: getting to know his bounty.Lovable and charming characters are more or less the core of this story. They are also the reason I enjoed it so mu [...]

Laura Baumbach writes a really good dirty story. I may not always like her characters or the plot or the setting - but damn she knows how to set the pages on fire!Being a sci-fi fan I hoped I would enjoy this book - and for the most part I really did. Yeah, I had a few eyeball rolls at the whole pirate thing (it bordered on cheesy at times) but it was also an entertaining part of the story too. Add time travel, hot alien monkey-sex, along with the usual crazy intergalactic relations among specie [...]

Oh I do love a good sci-fi adventure with hunky aliens. Details of the Hunt did not disappoint. Though it started off a bit slow with some worthwhile world building, the pace quickly picked up and then all hell broke loose after that.Mix together a cocky pirate captain and a time-traveling warrior alien and you will get great dialogue with lots of laughs, tense action, surprising alien sex love scenes, and enough romance to satisfy any romance reader. Lots of twists and turns will keep you glued [...]

I will start by saying this is just not my kind of story. I really struggled with the idea of pirates and hard shelled sea gods who are actually aliens who want earthling artifacts so they send a hunter (Talos) back in time to get said artifacts by kidnapping the pirate (Maymon/Aiden) who they think wrote the map to the artifacts. I was doing ok with the beginning pirate theme (who doesn't love a sexy pirate captain?), but I quickly lost interest when the alien aspect came into play. It did get [...]

Brilliant! I never thought I could like a pirate book, but this particular pirate and his beast completely won my heart. Amazingly funny, sweet and hot, it had me devouring the words from the very start.I recommend this book to the point of naming it a must read.

There're quite a few problems with this book, and I feel like I should be more critical of it. But Jack Sparrow a sexy pirate hooking up with a Cardassian a fierce alien with a prehensile cock pretty much trumps all my misgivings. Because hells yeah.

Pirates, aliens, and hot m/m loving. LB has mixed genres and the result is wonderful, wicked fun. Her pirate is by far one of the most memorable characters I've even met in literature. I've not had the chance to read the sequel yet, but it is on the list.

This was a must read book. It is set in a science fiction type of world. You have space travel and pirates. The young pirate is so funny. I really did enjoy reading the book. I will make this a pick for people book in the future.

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