Dangerous Obsession

Patricia Wilson

Dangerous Obsession

Dangerous Obsession

  • Title: Dangerous Obsession
  • Author: Patricia Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780373112869
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback

Anna had done her best to forget Dan.Since her foster brother so cruelly dashed her hopes of winning his love, she d tried to eliminate him from her thoughts and from her life.It seemed easy enough with Dan living in the Bahamas and she studying in England Only now Dan was back and showed no inclination to keep out of Anna s way Worse, he made no secret of his attractioAnna had done her best to forget Dan.Since her foster brother so cruelly dashed her hopes of winning his love, she d tried to eliminate him from her thoughts and from her life.It seemed easy enough with Dan living in the Bahamas and she studying in England Only now Dan was back and showed no inclination to keep out of Anna s way Worse, he made no secret of his attraction to the grown up Anna.And he had no right to be so jealous of her friend Bryan when his own long term loyalty lay elsewhere

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One of the lamest Great, Big, Terrible Misunderstandings ever. The heroine thinks the H is married or at least in a committed relationship with another woman, whom he has a son with, for the entire length of the story, which is why she fights her obsession with him at every turn. Hero expressly gave her that impression and does nothing, absolutely nothing, to clarify that it is not his son and OW is just a platonic friend, until pretty much the last page. Seriously? This was just too stupid.

Re Dangerous Obsession - Anna is 21 and when the book opens Anna is obsessed with being furious. As we will soon find out, Anna, the little Italian-Welsh black haired pixie that she is, likes to obsess about things. She used to obsess about Dan. Dan is the older brother of Elaine and Anna met both of them for the first time when she was 7 and Dan was 18 and Elaine was ten and Anna got Dan's dad as her guardian, because her mother picked him out to do that before she died.So now Anna is furious b [...]

Step-sibs, craddle-robber (11 yrs gap), reluctant guardian - ward, bicker-fest, 1 hero-slap by infuriated heroine.Heroine became the ward of hero's dad @ 6 y/o, he expired when she's 21 y/o, hero becomes her reluctant guardian till she's 25 y/o per dad's will. Heroine is the epitome of damsel perpetually in distress, hero has to rescue her from the jaws of death again & again cuz she's a ninny even tho she's supposedly brilliant in math. Heroine thinks she suffers from unrequited luv cuz 4 y [...]

Anna does maths! She's so awesome at maths she's doing it at Oxford! She's very beautiful with black hair and dark eyes and perfect skin, but she's also kind of oddball. After her parents died, she went to live at Langford Hall with her foster father. He had two children, a daughter only a couple of years older than Anna, and Dan.Anna's favourite thing to do growing up was to hide in corners and stare silently at Dan. He found it very unnerving, and tried to be kind, but she made him uncomfortab [...]

I think if I don't write this review sooner, I'll forget all the details. So, yeah, it wasn't my favorite Patricia Wilson. It was good though. It was obvious Dan was in love with Anna. I could see why he was keeping his distance from her when she was younger. It was interesting to see things from Anna's eyes and then to hear about Dan's point of view. When she's older, and when the story begins in the present Dan seems to making a play for her and he's definitely staking his claim when Dan takes [...]

Anna loved Dan from the time she came to live with his family as a child. Just when it seemed Dan had seen her, he was to marry another woman. A woman who was pregnant.Five years later they meet again and Dan isn't married, but Daphne and the child are still in the background. Struggling against her attraction, she stays with Dan on his Bahama island retreat.This is a fairly traditional romance with a conflict that could have been resolved if they'd been honest with each other. In particular, Da [...]

Forgot how much I used to like this author.

Meh. The end wasn't bad, but basically this one struck me as one of those older romances where both characters go back and forth between amorousness and hostility without any seeming rhyme or reason. They just seem silly and childish. Not terrible and again, the ending was better than the beginning and middle, but not a great one.

Really liked it. Is was the first book in a while that had me eager to continue reading (not surprisingly it is slightly vintage). It was a good re-introduction to Patricia for me and now I'm gonna dig up some more stuff of hers.

Kind of boring and zero sex scenes.

She's adopted into his family and this could technically count for guardian theme also. He sweeps her off her feet to his private island, now who can say no to that!

"Dangerous obsession" is the story of Dan and Anna.Anna had adored Dan since she came under his father's guardianship as a child, and the infatuation bloomed into loveeven when Dan broke her heart.Now with his father's death, he is back- and even though she has a "boyfriend" Bryan-old chemistry ignites as trivial truths are revealed.I liked how crazy Dan was about her, and how he took care of Anna. I feel the h made TOO MANY pre-assumptions without even clarifying a single fact about the H- if n [...]

I really should write my reviews right after I read a book LOL. But I wanted to be kept in a state of AWWWW that I went ahead and read another Patricia Wilson book. Ahem, let's see. I did enjoy this book. I'm starting to see a pattern where there's these super angst/secret and bickering back and forth with between the H/h and then boom, the super sweet AWWWWW HEA. I love it! LOL! I'm especially fond of these step sibling stories (sorry in fantasy HP world only of course!) Although some of you gu [...]

I got a translation of this book, which was an awful one, but surely I'm not giving it just 1 star due to a translation. When a plot is good, you realize it even though the translation sucks. And the same happens whith a poor plot. I read it looking for a light reading between tests, but I surely didn't expect it to be so light

No le daré una calificación al libro, porque realmente no sé quien hizo la traducción, o paso el documento con cosas así:"y la agarró por los hombros para sacudida.""Dan no tenía nada que decide""Pero de ese momento en adelante,no volvería a vedo. "". La mía es la siguiente. Y como no has comido nada desde anoche, vaya pedir que te suban algo."

This book is so much like Ms. Palmer's works. It's your typical vintage book with older hero-younger heroine, secretly in love with each other, with the hero going hot-cold towards the heroine. Good thing I'm a sucker for those that's why I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

nice read though the basic plot was inconsistent. i never did understand Dan in misguiding Anna about getting married and Daphne being pregnant. he never did get married and she never knew. surely they must have known dat he was not married as he did not invite his own father to his marriage.

This was an ok story. I am getting a little tired of the strung out "does he love me, does she love me, oh but what about this or that in the way", in these books due to lack of communication though. Maybe that is true to life? I suppose.

Está de moda una frase entre los grupos de pdf y decían que procedía de este libro, por curiosa lo busqué, y pues nada, esa frase no es de aquí, así pues, la historia está muy melosa y así y ya, esa fue mi aventura.

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