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  • Title: Anastacia
  • Author: Colin Falconer
  • ISBN: 9788575812235
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Paperback

When American journalist Michael Sheridan jumps into the Whangpoa River to save a woman he met in one of Shanghai s taxi clubs, his life is changed irrevocably A Russian refugee, Anastasia Romanov bears an extraordinary resemblance to the princess of the same name, who was rud to have survived the brutal murder of her family at the hands of Bolshevik revolutionaries.When American journalist Michael Sheridan jumps into the Whangpoa River to save a woman he met in one of Shanghai s taxi clubs, his life is changed irrevocably A Russian refugee, Anastasia Romanov bears an extraordinary resemblance to the princess of the same name, who was rud to have survived the brutal murder of her family at the hands of Bolshevik revolutionaries The fate of the youngest daughter of the last Russian Czar has become one of the most talked about mysteries of the time But Michael s Anastasia is suffering from amnesia and remembers little of her life before Shanghai Unraveling the mystery of Anastasia s identity and past takes them both from the streets of Shanghai to the decadence of pre war Berlin and London, from Bolshevik Russia to New York just before the Wall Street crash Michael is the only man who has ever helped Anastasia without wanting something in return but can she give up the chance to be a princess for true love

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If I could, I would give this this. THING zero stars! Because, ladies and gentlemen, this awful piece of lurid fiction made me both outraged, confused and outraged again. Before we delve into everything wrong, let me just state that HISTORICAL FICTION dealing with REAL peronalities who have been WELL DOCUMENTED should, at least, RESPECT the truth that is easily researched and confirmed by a FRIGGIN GOOGLE SEARCH! Mr. Falconer did not do any research. Or if he did, he probably printed his notes a [...]

Trigger warnings: execution, graphic descriptions of death, rape, animal cruelty, amnesia, attempted suicide, domestic violence, sex slavery. DNF on page 124. Not long after I started this book, I realised that I've DNFed another book by this author in the past - one that deals with the Spanish invasion of Tenochtitlan. So things weren't off to a great start. Let's bullet point all my problems with this:- If you're going to use actual historical figures as characters in your book, at least try a [...]

The history of the last Russian Czar and his family is a tragic one and the rumour that Anastasia somehow survived lends intrigue and mystery.Part One of this book was a good read, emotional and tense, but after that the book went downhill for me. In fact, I fail to understand what purpose Part One served in the story, as the character known as Anastasia Romanov suffers with amnesia and can't remember anything of her past.The blurb on the back cover claims that this is greatest love story ever t [...]

Iako je početak jako solidan i dovoljan da održi pažnju i uvuče u dalju radnju, ostatak kgnjige je mešavina Anastazije koja ne zna šta želi (donese jednu odluku, pa na sledećoj stranici istu pogazi, pa na trećoj se vraća opet na početak, o tri četiri rečenice 'unutrašnje' borbe koja dovodi do odluka ne želim da pričam). Sa druge strane tu je Majkl osoba bez trunke samopoštovanja i tu je njihova hoću-neću-neću-hoću ljubavna priča. Glavna misterija u knjizi, da li je ona zapr [...]

I loved this book. French author, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once wrote that perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. Colin Falconer's Anastasia is a slim book that recalls the very best masterpieces. For me, it is now a modern classic. I am passionate about the Russian Revolution and the murder of the Romanovs but what initially drew me to this novel was promises of time travel to 1920s Shanghai, Berlin and New York. I was not di [...]

Очекував нешто сосема поинакво!!!

If you've ever wanted to walk the streets of early twentieth century Shanghai, Berlin, London, or New York, then you will love the wide landscape of this novel. All the big cities come to life with all the political and economic intricacies of that time. From the grittiest of inhabitants, to the most decadent and smug, Falconer gives you a view into the turmoil of the Great War without clubbing you over the head with a clunky recitation of history. Michael is a self-made journalist unwilling to [...]

When I started the book, I haven't imagined the story would get so complex and develop in the way it did. Very interesting read.

My most favorite book

The book started OK. It was well paced, the premise was interesting. However, when the real storyline began to unfold I got the feeling where it was going.Some parts of the plot in the middle of the story were abandoned towards the end, and were never explained (Murder of Banishevskiy). My biggest problem with the book were the main characters. They are, in my opinion, very unlikable and self-centered. Anastasia was going back and forth in the entire time, couldn't make a decision that she would [...]

Nova pročitana knjiga. Radnja ovoga romana odvija se u Šangaju 1920. godine. Glavni likovi ovog napetog romana su Majkel i Anastazija, Radnja počinje kada Majkel spašava Anastaziju iz hladne rijeke. Anastazija podsjeća na rusku princezu za koju se priča da je preživjela užase kojima su revolucionari izvrgnuli njenu obitelj. Problem je u tome što Anastazija boluje od amnezije i ona se ne sjeća ničega prije svoga dolaska u Šangaj. Tu počinje potraga za njenim podrijetlom. Dal je stvar [...]

Nažalost moraću da se upišem u tabor onih kojima se ova knjiga nije svidela. Nisam preterano oduševljen. Kompletan utisak je čvrsta trojka. Ocena bi bila i manja da me kraj knjige nije potpuno iznenadio, jer nije nimalo tipičan za kraj ljubavnih romana. Ovu knjigu su najavili kao najlepšu ljubavnu priču ikada ispričanu – ali malo su se prevarili ili nisu čitali ostale ljubavne priče. knjigajeknjiga/201

AmazingThe authors first few books I read I did not rate because I was annoyed at the poor editing. By now I don't care about that anymore because he is an amazing writer. You feel like you are living every era he writes about. And even after all his books I have read now I can never predict the ending. I am happy I still have a few to go.

Като че ли очаквах повечеНе беше лоша книгата, засягаше и някои исторически събития и персонажи, но накрая свърши някак никак (изразът е нарочно използван :)).

The very worst thing about this book is the editing, it was horrific. If its any indication of his other novels, then I'm done. The book itself had a climatic ending and the characters were easy to identify with and understand. However the story line was redundant and I had trouble remaining interested. I quickly developed a strong dislike for Anastasia. Im just thankful to be finished with this book.

anastasia (famous women's series)by colin falconer"Falconer's grasp of his period and places is almost flawlessHe's my kind of writer." The Australian (from front cover)"Falconer weaves a pacy story of obsession, love, greed and corruption.Really well Done" .Sydney Morning Herald (from back cover)BLURB:"Some men don't fall in love, they get lost. I was lost from the moment I saw Anastasia Romanov in the taxi club that first night"When Michael Sheridan jumped into the Whangpoa River to save a wom [...]

If you're a sucker for the Russian Revolution or anything to do with the last Tsar mystery, then you'll enjoy this book. The story centres around the possibility that Anastasia Romanov may have survived the horrific murder of the royal family and been discovered in Shanghai working as taxi girl (prostitute) by a cocky, but charming American journalist, Michael Sheridan. Michael is draw to this mysterious woman and becomes more obsessed with her when he discovers she may be the missing Grand Duch [...]

Anastasia by Colin Falconer is a historical Fiction Novel based on and around the events as one knows of,Czar Nicolas of Russia and his family that all died in the cellar on the night of 7/17/18 and the stories of the "only survivor" Anastasia. Colin Falconer brings a fresh perspective to the Anastasia story, with authentic story telling of the early twentieth century cities, the sceneries, political and economic views as well as a look into the Great War. We follow the story through the roaring [...]

A really good book. If you're looking towards Shangai, Berlin, New York in the 1920's then this book will surely give you a good time-lap. Very well described, starting from how the cities look back then, to the way of living,the way people dressed, behaved, the morals and discrimination of certain nationalities. You will start living in the book. However, the beginning of the book is too good, solid and makes you want to read more and more But as the book progressed that feeling kinda started t [...]

As good as this book has started, it quckly just went downhill. The Prologue was the only interesting part of this book. It was historical, based on actual facts. It was intriguing, I wanted to know more. Then the fiction started and everything went south from there. Even though the premise of Anastasia finding herself in Shanghai with no memory of her past was believable, even through the descriptions of the 1920s Berlin, London and New York was true to the times, the story itself lacked finess [...]

I read this a long time ago and remember being frustrated with it. Now I know why. I loved the first half of the book that focused on the romanovs time in exile and post revolution shanghai. As for the other half I found I just wanted more from the story; more time spent on a particular scene or situation.

I am always drawn to books that have a Russian background, but I am usually picking up ones that relate to the second World War. However this story occurs at the time of the revolution and is about the fate of the last Russian Czar's daughter, Anastasia. I was captivated throughout the whole book and was frequently doing bits of research on the Romanov family between reading, as I found them so compelling and interesting. It hit me a quarter way through the book that the Disney movie Anastasia w [...]

Anastasia by Colin Falconer takes the theory that Anastasia Romanov survived the night her family was murdered, combines it with a young woman who looks like Anastasia but has no memory of her life prior to leaving Russia, and spins a love story than spans four countries and three continents over the course of several years. The author did an excellent job describing 1920s Shanghai, Berlin, London, and New York City. The story is told in the alternating voices of Anastasia and Michael (an Americ [...]

I think this was one of the worst books I've ever read. I don't like saying bad things about others' books, because I myself know what a great work it is to write one. But I'd just like to know what really went on in the mind of this writer. I think Falconer sort of wanted to convert this story of a princess into a story that isn't a fairytale. But although so many bad things happened to Anastasia thorughout the book, in the end she did always get what she wanted - but always the long way - and [...]

Fairly disappointing read. The beginning was intriguing, but as the story went on, it was so.essing. So much doom and gloom. Not that I'm opposed to gloom and doom, but when a book is this depressing, you want to at least sort of like your main characters. I found it very hard to like either of the leads in this story. The ending was very unsatisfactory. I gave it 3 stars, simply because I liked reading about Russian emigres after the Revolution. Other than thath.

I struggled with this book, I really did, because when I bought it, I wanted so badly to love it, I had really high expectations. But to me, the most enjoyable parts were the "flashbacks" Anastasia had of the moments she spent in captivity, and the interactions she had with her family prior to their execution. All the story of her survival, her prostitution and everything else was just too off for me. It really felt like two different characters. It was just not for me.

This book had me reading into the late hours of the night trying to find out what would happen next. It took some very unexpected turns which was great. It is based losely on a very interesting part of history and I feel like it was a great story of what could have happened. The topics touched on were also dark at some points and light at others. A great read if you are interested in the Romanov stories. I loved the perspective in which is written in. Getting into characters minds is great.

I read this book back in high school, so at least four years ago and i still remember the awe i felt reading it. I was in love with the whole russian tsar word and this view made everything seem less glam and awe inspiring that changed the way I looked at the whole thingis is a book i will re-read again and possibly re-read after that because it has stayed with me over four years and I hope it will stay with me again. Now I just have to hope there is an e-book copy!

Let Down The story of Anastasia Romanov is one of my most favorite historical stories, but I found myself disappointed by Falconer's rendition. The story took a back burner to a sickly codependent love story. Although I do enjoy romance in my historical fiction, this was the entire story and making her story one of his three famous women stories was just a let down.

This is a great book, its a page turner, it kept me up. i barely put it down, i went to sleep thinking about it and woke up thinking i need to keep reading. it is very sad in the beginning. The one thing i didnt like about this book, is the ending, i thought that falconer should have gone on a little further, he didnt really end it. but all in all it is a great book.

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