Don't Hurt My Pony

Jeanne Betancourt

Don't Hurt My Pony

Don't Hurt My Pony

  • Title: Don't Hurt My Pony
  • Author: Jeanne Betancourt
  • ISBN: 9780590629751
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback

Who is trapping animals on the Wiggins estate When Lulu s pony, Snow White, gets her hoof caught, the Pony Pals must use their detective skills and ponies to uncover the identity of the poachers.

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I don't like Tommy and Mike. Trapping on someones property is definitly bad. And them knowing that but still doing it. And I don't think that the Pony Pals should be that mean to them. Don't repay evil for evil, instead repay with good. I still liked the book though.

It is a chapter book and book 10 of the "Pony Pals" series. My now grown daughter LOVED these books as a child (she begin to read them when she was about 8) and read all of the ones in the series. I found her copy of many of them and decided to try and read them to see what they were like. You can read these as stand alone books; but the reader would understand and relate to the girls better if you read them in order. If you have to miss one 'here and there' it's not big deal; you won't be lost [...]

My favorite part was when the kids stopped trapping on the estate .The worst part was when the kids started trapping. The best character was Ms. Wiggins because she stopped the kids that were trapping. The worst character was Tom because his trap caught Snow White's hoof when Lulu and Snow White were on a trail ride on the first day of the camp out .This book was mostly about Lulu and the rest of the pony pals going on a camping trip and Snow White getting caught in a trap.Auryn 10 years old

Pony Pals was one of my favourite "horsey" series growing up. Jeanne Betancourt has a writing skill that makes the books easy to read and interesting. I read many of the series and I was enthralled with each new story.

I'm running out of things to say for these books, but this was another good addition to the series. It was nice to get a little more depth on Mike.

All the pony pal books are good I've read all if them

Love the series!!

I like the animal conservation spin on the story, I dunt like the vindictive nature of the girls in this story. not sure why they want to punish the boys so much rather than learn and educate.

I like this bookSomething where you live is causing danger to your pony? Traps? Hunters?Or maybe old things?

read them all

When I was younger, I loved horses! I read lots of these books and really enjoyed them. Of course, it's been a long time since I've read these, but I can assure you they are worth reading.

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