Criticizing Photographs: An Introduction to Understanding Images

Terry Barrett

Criticizing Photographs: An Introduction to Understanding Images

Criticizing Photographs: An Introduction to Understanding Images

  • Title: Criticizing Photographs: An Introduction to Understanding Images
  • Author: Terry Barrett
  • ISBN: 9780767411868
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Paperback

Focusing on writings rather than images, Barrett art education, Ohio State U shows beginning and experienced photography students how to use criticism to further their own understanding of photography The chapters focus on description, interpretation, evaluation, and theory and provide a sound b

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اين كتاب خيلي به من كمك كرد تو نوشتن و فهميدن آثار.

Posted on my book blog.As a visual arts student with an emphasis on Photography, just starting my masters on Museum and Curatorial Studies, I'd classify my knowledge about criticism as mid-level. I wanted to know more about the methodologies and approaches used in professional criticism, and my research led me to this book."Criticizing Photographs" does exactly what it proposes to do: help students develop their skills and learn to recognize thoughtful and well-written art criticism. It takes an [...]

نمیدونم چی بگم. کتاب بدی نبود اما اون چیزی نبود که من میخواستم. یعنی من اشتباه خریده بودمش :))دنبال یه کتابی بودم که عکسهای مختلف رو نقد کنه و از جنبه های مختلف در موردشون حرف بزنه اما این کتاب، آموزش نوشتن نقد می داد و اینکه یه نفر که میخواد نقاد حرفه ای عکس بشه باید از چه جنبه ها [...]

همانطور که پیش‌تر هم گفتم این کتاب با ترجمه شیوا و روان استاد اسماعیل عباسی از مهمترنی کتاب‌ها برای درک و قهم عکس به شمار می‌رود. من علاوه بر مطالعهٔ این کتاب ، یادداشت‌برداری هم کردم و برخی از نکات مهم را در وبگاهم گذاشتم. برای دسترسی به آن‌ها می‌توانید به لینک زیر مراجعه ک [...]

Definitely from critic point of view I was hoping to learn about what makes a photograph a good one, but this was more about what statement the artist was making and not about striving for beauty.

دسته بندی مناسب، پوشش موضوعی خوب، متن روان و قابل فهم! کتاب خوبی بود.

i reread this book every year or so. essential to students, educators, or passerbys. an easy read for sure, but it's the simple things we tend to overlook when talking about photography.

I am a photographer and one of the hardest things for me is articulating the meanings and motivations behind my work. This book was very useful in clarifying and putting words to abstract theories I'd already had in my mind.

Pretty good for a textbook - I learned a lot and it was interesting. Well researched. The last chapter with writing samples was great.

It is beneficial for photographers to carefully consider what it is they intend to express and to consider whether they have achieved their intents and whether their intents are worth achieving.

Anyone serious enough about photography, would do good to learn how to critique photos in fact, any field in the arts would do good to learn critique and I were to be really honest, then critique is a major process by which we learn to be better through critiquing our own work, our own selves we inevitably move forward we evolve Though specific to photography, this book offers wonderful insight into the world of criticizing, and the subtle differences there are between average criticizing for th [...]

A clear intro into the world of art criticism. This book focuses on photography, but the reader is given a view into criticism in any art form along with the tools and vision to begin looking at any artwork more objectively. After reading this book, my arguments for and against any given piece became more clear, easier to verbalize, and much better supported.

Excellent resource to turn to time and again for critical theory and philosophies that inspire an artist's work. It made me want to study photography critical theory in more depth and I love that the book was not high-brow at all and explained concepts in a very detailed, yet simple, way.

A must read for any one interested in Photography. This book helped me look at photograph with a specific purpose.

This book actually did change the way I look at photographs.

قطعا یکی از بهترین آثار نوشته شده پیرامون عکس و مفهوم آن، به شکل منطقی و منظم.برای دسته بندی و تفسیر درست از عکس

This is one book that every photography/art student should be made to read. You will never find a more succinct and intelligent approach to understanding images and what criticism truly is.

actually really good

کتاب بسیار عالی برای علاقه مندان به هنر

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