The Afterlife

Gary Soto

The Afterlife

The Afterlife

  • Title: The Afterlife
  • Author: Gary Soto
  • ISBN: 9780152052201
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Paperback

You d think a knife in the ribs would be the end of things, but for Chuy, that s when his life at last gets interesting He finally sees that people love him, faces the consequences of his actions, finds in himself compassion and bravery and even stumbles on what may be true love.A funny, touching, and wholly original story by one of the finest authors writing for yoYou d think a knife in the ribs would be the end of things, but for Chuy, that s when his life at last gets interesting He finally sees that people love him, faces the consequences of his actions, finds in himself compassion and bravery and even stumbles on what may be true love.A funny, touching, and wholly original story by one of the finest authors writing for young readers today.

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The story starts out with the main character named Chuy, who is later killed in a bathroom because he complimented some guys yellow shoes. After he found himself looking down at his own body. He knows he's a ghost. He experiments with his new abilities. He visits his family and friends before he completely disappears, while being a ghost he falls in love with a girl who is also a ghost. I love how Chuy still finds love in the afterlife. In my opinion, this book was very interesting and entertain [...]

When you read the back description of The Afterlife, you become interested. Hey, the main guy gets killed off right away. Cool take on things. So you open the book, you begin to read, and you soon discover that the "hook" is meant to carry the book through 168 pages with its momentum, rather than actually develop a plot. Because there is no plot, rather just a list of things that the protagonist does as a ghost. Mostly just float around. He occasionally pokes people in the heart. Anyways, rather [...]

Katie Hupfer2nd hourEnglish 9.3MurphyTitle of Book: The Afterlife Number of pages: 158Author of Book: Gary Soto1. Plot Summary: “The Afterlife” starts off right away with the main character, Chuy, getting stabbed to death by a young man in yellow shoes. Chuy had only made a comment about the man’s shoes, and he murdered him on the spot. Immediately Chuy’s spirit, or ghost, lifted from his body, and he just floated there inspecting himself. He begins to learn more and more about his n [...]

Summary: In the first two pages of this novel, the main character is murdered at a nightclub; the rest of the novel chronicles his journey as a ghost through the first few days following his death. Chuy learns what it means to be dead (and to have lived) as he "visits" his friends and family and discovers the powers he does, and doesn't, have as a ghost.Response: My first reaction to this book is to realize how different it is from my usual reading material. For example, this book is about a boy [...]

The book I read was The Afterlife by Gary Soto. This book was very interesting and fun to read overall. This book has a very interesting plot; that is because the main character, a seventeen-year-old Latino-American named Chuy is stabbed to death in a nightclub within the first three pages of the book. The rest of the book is all about his journey as a ghost as he finds out just how much people actually cared about him and his search for his killer’s motive. His time as a ghost is limited as h [...]

The book it's about this guy names chuy, he's 17 years old and he got killed at a club night party just for telling a guy he liked his shoes. After his death he became a ghost and so he sees his family and friends crying for him. When he sees the yellow shoes guy he started following him and doing things to him and realized that her body is diseaparing part by part every amount of time after a little while he mets this ghost girl named Crystal so he decided to teach her some tricks about ghost a [...]

This book started out in a promising and unique (for young-adult anyway) fashion by opening with the murder of the narrator. As a ghost, he then moves out into the world to encounter his grieving family and his unrepentant murderer. But despite some promising characters and possible conflicts, not enough happens in this book. It's not intensely emotional enough to really evoke a strong reaction. And in the absence of real angst the narrative wanders on waiting for a major plot point. Until it en [...]

I really liked this book. I liked it because how it was told. I say its a good book for the details and information it gives about Chuys life. Also how he traveled around as a ghost. I really liked the ending when he found Crystal and said,"She flew at my side, southward toward what, I now know, is called the afterlife"(Soto 158), this sentence shows and mentions the title of the book and its a good ending for this book.

I thought this book was an interesting premise - young guy is randomly stabbed by a terrible person in a public bathroom and as a ghost, witnesses the reaction to his murder and meets a couple other ghosts. At times it was very juvenile but I had to remind myself that it's a book meant for young people.

I thought this book personally was a waste of time.It seemed like a average book that does not grab my attention. Im on the 2nd chapter barley,and im not encourage to keep going on. One thing i do like is the humor which is pretty funny. Also i like how Gary Soto made a visual how the after life might be.Its nice to picture and a great way to make a book, only if there was more adventure to it!(:

Chuy is an average, high school aged, Latino boy in Fresno. He thinks about girls. He's not great at sports but tries to do them just to hang out with his friends. He's got a best friend and family members that he likes and while he's not a over achiever, he's still a good kid.And then he gets randomly killed at a club. (Not a spoiler - that's the whole premise of the book).Now he's a ghost, figuring out how to be a ghost, and figuring out what it means to be dead (as well as what it meant to be [...]

Have you ever wanted to know whats life after death,or the pain of getting skewered with a knife like a human shish-kabob. Could you be fine knowing you were going to die in a club bathroom as a senior in high school? Now imagine yourself in the shoes of the young senior at Fresno high school Chuy.The main character is Jesus but everybody and his friends call him "Chuy." He was a normal boy, ran cross country and did teen things with his friends at school. The story takes place around Fresno Cal [...]

I've never read a Gary Soto book I didn't like, and this was no exception. In Afterlife, 17-year old Chuy is stabbed to death by some cabron in the restroom of a Fresno nightclub after Chuy compliments his shoes. When he finds himself dead and floating above his former body, he spends the next 4 days tooling around town, doing the sort of things ghosts might do.He looks in on his family, his best friend, his killer, and the girl he was supposed to meet at the club that fateful night. He finds th [...]

In "The Afterlife" by Gary Soto is about a teenage boy who's name is Chuy and he is 17 years old. He goes to night club for a date, but he gets stabbed for telling a guy that he likes his yellow shoes. Then Chuy is dead and is a ghost and sees what his family and other people are doing and what he sees is that all of his family and the girl he was dating were all crying for him. What Chuy realizes is that he could have done alot of things when he was alive that he couldn't do anymore and he regr [...]

This story is about a Mexican American teenage boy killed in the bathroom at a dance. The main character seems to create a new life for himself in his afterlife, making new friends and even meeting a girl. The book does a great job of being very descriptive, which helps the reader visualize a picture of the events in their minds. The main character, Jesus/Chuy spends some time at the beginning of the story trying to predict his family's reaction to his death.I believe this book would be of inter [...]

Just starting on Susan's recommendation. Just finished and came away with mixed reactions. Gary Soto creates Chuy, a teenager living in a violent Latino community. He is murdered on page 4 and spends the next 154 pages discovering himself as a dissolving ghost. Chuy visits his home, follows his murderer, meets a girl ghost and finally resolves his problems with life and death. I liked the way Soto developed a teen with insecurity who finds more self-awareness with a "new" perspective, a lesson t [...]

The Afterlifeby Gary SotoWhat does death feel like? Gary Soto attempts to answer this question through his character Chuy who realizes he is dead (read the book to see how) and tells the story of his Afterlife immediately after death. The novel starts out with a bang in a restroom where Chuy is in the wrong place at the wrong timeden, in my opinion, slowly goes downhill from there. The biggest disappointment to me is the "romantic" way Chuy describes the afterlife and even his death for that mat [...]

Seventeen and life is good for Chuy, until he attends a dance at a local nightclub and without a warning is brutally stabbed and murdered.Chuy's spirit is now free to observe the love and grief of his parents and friends. Chuy's spirit is able to watch as the man with the yellow shoes who stabbed him continues a journey down the wrong paths.This is a well written book that is touching and thought provoking. Never grasping at sentimentality, rather it is a soft ball flying in the sky.Recommended. [...]

This book was an okay book, the title explains it all. In the beginning the boy dies and he's in the "afterlife". The story was confusing, at first you think that something crazy will happen like he will be alive again or he is dreaming but none of that sort happened. He was dead and was a ghost. Throughout time he explored what he can do as a ghost. Later unexpected turns in the story happens and the main character Chuy is in love. I don't want to tell you guys much about the book so just read [...]

I thought this book was okay. I think it could of had a better ending, because i do not like it when Chuy just disappeared. I want to know what happen after. I did like that it just cut me off. Although, I liked that Gary Soto express his idea of the afterlife in this book. I wished he could have done a better job. He did however, made me realize the importance of life and to be thankful for what we have, because tomorrow we might not have all of what we have today.

At first I choose this book because i've always been interested in ghosts and thought it would be good. However the plot to me was kinda boring while Im not saying it was bad I have say to that I expecting a bit more ot of it. Though I must say the ending did leave me kind of hanging woundering was that it I did however I did like how the author used spanish word throughout the story.It deffinatly make a person think about what comes after death so I'd say it was an ok read overall.

The Afterlife is a book about a teen named Chuy who has an altercation in the bathroom of a party and ends up paying the ultimate cost for it. This book is actually more enjoyable than I thought it would've been. It has a romantic aspect as well and it really helped me enjoy the story a lot more. I would really recommend this book to anybody looking for an interesting book.

I thought "The Afterlife" by Gary Soto was an excellent book. I really enjoyed reading this book because of the great detail it had. The author did a very good job of painting a picture in the reader's mind. Especially the part in the beginning where Chuy gets stabbed. I felt like I was right there in his body. Overall, this was a great book that I'd recommend to any of my friends!

Shoot down for what he believes is a complement, Chuy finds himself stuck in the world between living and dead. In his ghost form Chuy discovers how much he truly meant to his family and friends when he learns of his mother's plot to violently avenge his death. Chuy must learn how to intervene before he completely disappears.

i really didnt like this book. it was slow and, boring. i didnt like how it showed how he died in the first chapter. after that he jus described his life and it was just not interesting. it didnt have me wanting to read more.

I wouldn't exactly say it was good but not horrible it was ok it had its ups and downs overall it was an ok read.

What I learned about this book was that the book taught me about afterlife and it also get me thinking how short life is.

I love the premise of this book, but I didn't love it as much as I thought I would. I'm a huge fan of Gary Soto's works and this one is good, but not my favorite.

I absolutly hated this book because it had nop point and it was borin.

for me this book wasbored but his thoughs where intertinghow he sees the after life was awsome.

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