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  • Title: Rodzina
  • Author: Karen Cushman
  • ISBN: 9780440419938
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Paperback

In 1881, 12 year old Rodzina Clara Jadwiga Anastazya Brodski wishes she didn t have to board the orphan train in Chicago But she has no home, no family, and no choice Rodzina doesn t believe the orphans are on their way out West to be adopted by good families She s sure they will become slaves to strangers Anyway, who would ever adopt a large, tough, stubborn girl of PIn 1881, 12 year old Rodzina Clara Jadwiga Anastazya Brodski wishes she didn t have to board the orphan train in Chicago But she has no home, no family, and no choice Rodzina doesn t believe the orphans are on their way out West to be adopted by good families She s sure they will become slaves to strangers Anyway, who would ever adopt a large, tough, stubborn girl of Polish origin As the train heads west, all Rodzina has is a small suitcase and her family memories from the past Will Rodzina ever step off the train to find the family that deep in her heart she s searching for

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I'm afraid the first thing I need to start with is the cover. I am not one who usually makes a big deal about what the cover of a book has (though my graphic designer husband says everyone judges books by their cover even if they don't know they are doing it). First of all I really like Trina Schart Hyman. I love a lot of her art work. I can tell she read this book and thought a lot about Rodzina and what she would possibly look like. Second, I admit this is what I imagine Rodzina looked like at [...]

Another contender for 12/13 read aloud. This one a probably. This is another "Orphan Train" book, but so much better done than "Gratefully Yours." Rodzina herself was a fabulous character, I loved her almost from her first sentence. This book seemed to capture all the heartbreak and the anticipation and the fear and the worry that might have been wrapped up in the small breast of an orphan sent out on the Orphan Train. Cushman did a great job with the characters. There were some surprises about [...]

Rodzina is a 12 year old orphan living in 1881 Chicago when she is forced to board an Orphan Train headed west. As one of the oldest girls on the train, she becomes like a big sister to the younger ones: Joe and Sammy (“Joe ain’t my brother!”), whiny green-eyed Gertie, and the loveably gullible Lacey. Without a home or parents, this is all Rodzina has, and she wonders where fate will place her.I really enjoyed this story, and it’s a good historical fiction pick that will evoke a lot of d [...]

Overall this was a good kids chapter book. But that is precisely why I didn't like it as much as Cushman's other books I have read. The Midwives Apprentice, for example I thought could be read and enjoyed equally by all ages, but Rodzina did not hold the same quality. While it did have issues and perspectives that were very meaningful and more mature it just didn't read as well as it could have. I liked the history in it and the culture of the American West in the 1800s, it was very interesting. [...]

I enjoyed this book for me—found the plot compelling and the characters engaging and the prose well-written. But I would never hand it to a child. While it contains nothing graphic, there is a disturbing part of the story that, though probably realistic, describes a depraved side of sexuality a child should have to stumble across in a novel. (view spoiler)[Rodzina, 12, is placed in a home where the mother is dying. It quickly becomes clear that the horrible father intends Rodzina to be her rep [...]

“That’s pronounced Rodzina,” I interrupted, making that sound between a D and a G and a Z that it seemed only Polish mouths could make, sort of like the G-sound in bridge or cage or huge, but not quite. The lady doctor sounded like a bumblebee with her Rod-zzzzzz-ina."Rodzina is the name of a Polish girl who lived in Chicago after her family had left Poland. Sadly, her two brothers died in a fire, her dad died because a crazy horse hit him in the head, and her mom was weak and sick so she [...]

We thoroughly enjoyed this read-aloud tale of a girl traveling west on an orphan train. It worked beautifully in conjunction with a unit of study on the Transcontinental Railroad, and we recognized references to the Union and Central Pacific Railroad companies, the Thousand Mile Tree, the Summit Tunnel, and the day-to-day workings of the steam locomotives. The characters, in particular, made the story sparkle. I have a soft spot for Mickey Dooley and his cross-eyed, orange-haired, endlessly joki [...]

How did I not know the history of the children's orphan trains in the United States? I found myself fascinated all the way through, not just with the events of this journey, but also with the delightful characters. Rodzina Brodski, a 12-year-old Polish orphan girl from Chicago, and two dozen other children were put on an orphan train headed west in the hope that they could be adopted by good families. Not every family wants a child to love and cuddle, however. In the early 1880s, westerners were [...]

I picked up this book because I like Cushman's writing and the cover caught my attention, probably because the girl is neither an endearing waif nor a Disnified beauty.I wanted someplace where I would belong, with a real family, people of my own who cared for me.p 171There's nothing earth-shattering, surreal, or 'fantastical' in that statement, but it's honest, and it probably describes the thoughts of just about every child who ever rode an orphan train. In a way, this is a coming-of-age tale [...]

Newberry winner about a young girl on an orphan train in 1880's. Solid historical novel.

I've read "The Midwife's Apprentice" and "Catherine, Called Birdy" so when I saw this book (minus the dust jacket) at Goodwill, I grabbed it. All I knew from it was the title, but I assumed it was another medieval tale.Surprise, surprise, it was actually about an orphan girl from Chicago in the turn of the century, put on an orphan train heading west to find a new home. It's a well detailed story, with period details that made it feel authentic. Definitely a good option for middle readers intere [...]

This is the kind of book where you hope there is a sequel. After Rodzina and Miss Doctor arrive in San Francisco, after their long train journey, the story could continue to chronicle their experiences in Frontier California as doctor and apprentice. In fact, the reason why I picked up Rodzina to read as a historical fiction story based in Industrial era United States was because I so greatly enjoyed Cushman's The Midwife's Apprentice. I knew I could recommend it when it came time to find a stor [...]

This title was included in the books for our school district's Battle of the Books competition. I can't say that I recall all the details of the book (as I read it over 6 years ago), but I don't remember it as being truly awful. With that being said, it didn't stick in my mind either, so it wasn't a truly memorable book for me either. However, I don't remember our team members complaining too much about it, so this title appeals to middle school readers.

It was a wonderful book, it showed how your appearance doesn't change whether you will be loved or not and there is always someone out there for you. This is because Rodzina is just like any girl, but in life rather than an orphan train. This is because she tries her best to find a nice caring family, and she didn't stop searching until she did. Definitely one of the best books i've read.

As a kid, I don't think I would have liked this book - Rodzina isn't a charming character, and not a lot of fun happens in this book. There are a few mature themes, including racism and discrimination. It's not a bad book, I simply didn't like it personally. I didn't like Rodzina, and thought she was generally unkind to the other kids.

I really enjoyed this historical fiction tale. The orphan trains are something that has always fascinated me. There are some things that I thought were a little mature for young readers, although they probably would just go over their heads

Karen Cushman is the queen of the middle grade historical novel. Long may she reign!

Rodzina is the kind of book that, if I'd read it at a young age, I would have remembered certain pieces of it all my life. Good characters.

This was a nice story. I did not like the ending but overall it was good.

A story about an orphan girl who gets put on a train from Chicago to the west. Beautifully written and a sweet story about missing a father and a mother.

When I first saw Rodzina I almost didn’t read it because I did not like the cover, but you should never judge a book by its cover so I decided to give it a try. I was not disappointed. This book is very enjoyable. Unlike some books, it just took off, literally, on an orphan train, and I was hooked. The cover is a little misleading, it shows Rodzina as big tough girl, which she is but, she is also vulnerable, caring, and nervous about finding a family. Lacey, on the cover she looks like a miser [...]

In 2013 we listed to this book as a family, with my husband and granddaughters driving home from a family reunion road trip. It was such a sweet story different from Karen Cushman's other books (about the middle ages in England) but very enlightening and courageous story of an orphaned girl whose immigrant family just was trying to survive, and the long ago orphan trains. I never knew about this piece of history before . . .

Historical fiction for grades 4-7 about a Polish immigrant girl whose family dies in Chicago. Like so many children of that era (1881), Rodzina is put on an orphan train and shuttled out west in hopes of finding a family for her and the other 20 or so children in her company. Rodzina deals with many difficult situations with strength, wit, hope, and her intellect. Along the way readers will get to know more about the Orphan Train, more about Polish people--their foods, their words, their customs [...]

This book was all right. It was a fast read, obviously, being juvenile, but I wasn't overly attracted to the characters or the situation. Rodzina is a 12 year old girl who reluctantly boards an orphan train heading west, believing firmly that she would be handed over to someone who would want her for a slave. Rodzina is twice selected by a family at the stops the train makes along the way, and both times, it turns out that she was pretty much right in assuming that these people would want someth [...]

1. Personal reaction – I really enjoyed this book! Rodzina was a very lovable character. I had a difficult time putting the book down. I definitely got attached to Rodzina as a character. As much as she resisted, she could not help but be kind and loving to the younger orphans. She found positive attributes of people that had hard exteriors. 2. Purpose(s)/Use in the classroom• I would use this book during a social studies unit on the United States in the mid to late 1880s. The aspect of Rodz [...]

Personal Reaction: I found Rodzina to have an unique story line. This was this first book I've read about orphans during this time period, and overall it was very interesting. At points I did feel that the book dragged on and it wasn't my favorite but I do think some students would find interest in it and it does have good educational value. Read Aloud: This book would be great to read when introducing a history unit to the class. Students are able to learn about orphans during this time period [...]

It is 1881 and Rodzina,12,is an orphan on the streets of Chicago. She is herded into an orphanage for a few days before she will be on the Orphan Train heading west to California. She lost her father to an accident, her mother to the 'fever' and her brothers to a fire. She is alone, scared and not as grown up as she dares to be. The train she is on is filled with 20 orphans all hoping to be placed in a loving home, all the while, they fear it could be a home of slavery, poverty or abuse. Rodzina [...]

What I like about Karen Cushman: Every book she writes has a female heroine who has been given a set of problems to overcome. They always triumph in the end, but they aren't rescued by any prince or knight in shining armor. They learn to work through their problems through hard work and perseverance. The heroine is always feisty and has a lot of spunk which is what makes her keep going when things get rough and what she really want's to do is lay down and die. Also, you can tell that Ms. Cushman [...]

Rodzina is a twelve year old Polish American girl that was boarded onto an orphan train in Chicago when her parents died and not even the orphanage wanted her. She has fears about traveling to the West and a life of unpaid slavery. On the train, she meets Lacey, a "slow" sweet girl who wants to be Rodzina. She also meets Miss. Doctor a female doctor who is very strict. With the other orphans and Miss. Doctor, she travels to the west and changes her heart.When I first opened this book, I thought [...]

Rodzina is a 12 year old Polish orphan from Chicago. She is going west on the orphan train, only she wants to stay in Chicago and cannot imagine her life elsewhere. Along the journey, Rodzina is corraled into caring for the younger children. Her gift of storytelling enables her to distract the children and keep calm. Rodzina finds herself struggling to conform to the rules of Miss Doctor and Mister Szprout. Miss Doctor is a doctor who is heading west to find a job in her chosen vocation. She fin [...]

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