Paper Butterfly

Diane Wei Liang

Paper Butterfly

Paper Butterfly

  • Title: Paper Butterfly
  • Author: Diane Wei Liang
  • ISBN: 9781416549574
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Hardcover

Modern Day Beijing Mei Wang, 31, lives and works as a private detective in China s capital city After her resignation from the Ministry for Public Security, Mei saw her status drop swiftly in the eyes of her former colleagues, her TV star sister, and even her mother But sharp, intuitive Mei has taken her valuable experience and her insider knowledge of the police and ciModern Day Beijing Mei Wang, 31, lives and works as a private detective in China s capital city After her resignation from the Ministry for Public Security, Mei saw her status drop swiftly in the eyes of her former colleagues, her TV star sister, and even her mother But sharp, intuitive Mei has taken her valuable experience and her insider knowledge of the police and city politics and set herself up as a successful private investigator Now, with her own car, her own business, even a male receptionist to reflect her well to do status, Mei Wang is ensconced in her own little corner of the biggest city in China.When Mei receives a call from the chief executive at Guanghua Record Company, she learns that one of Mr Peng s top starlets the beautiful pop star Kaili has been missing for four days Mei must find the starlet while keeping up the record company s facade that nothing is amiss Though Kaili is a piece of Mr Peng s moneymaking machine, Mei learns that she is also a troubled, mysterious young woman whom no one really knows The discovery of a secret stash of letters in Kaili s apartment sets Mei on an investigation that will take her back to a troubled past that belongs not only to Kaili, but to the entire nation.Meanwhile, in Gansu Province, a work camp laborer named Lin is finally released from eight years of forced labor on the outskirts of civilization He angrily remembers the betrayal that cost him his youth and his sweetheart, who was torn from his life when he was sent to the work camp.As Mei tries to retrace Kaili s steps, so does Lin retrace his own pastd he carries a secret to the case that no one would ever expect Paper Butterfly, the second mystery featuring private detective Mei Wang, is as beautiful and lyrical as it is eye opening.

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ενδιαφέρουσα, ευκολοδιάβαστη ιστορία 3,5*

Romanul '' Fluturele de hârtie'' al scriitoarei chineze Diane Wei Liang a apărut la editura Nemira în anul 2010 în colecția Suspans/ romane polițiste în seria Mei Wang. Traducerea din limba engleză a fost făcută de Alin Mihăilescu. Este cel de al doiea volum al seriei Mei Wang după '' Ochiul de jad'' , serie care de altfel se compune doar din aceste două volume. În afara celor două romane polițiste scriitoarea Diane Wei Liang a mai scris anterior lor o carte de amintiri '' A lake [...]

Mei Wang is less a protagonist than a witness to history this time out. And the case she's working on serves as the reason to consider the real story: June 4, 1989 in Tiananmen Square and the aftermath.

A strong-willed private investigator in Beijing is hired to find a missing pop star, meanwhile a man sentenced to prison for protesting is getting released. These two story-lines eventually converge.Primarily I feel disappointed. After reading the first chapter, it took me a long time to get back to this book. The story is really interesting, some of the scenes are well crafted and most of the characters are reasonably well developed.But the writing style is extremely dry and the story lacks a s [...]

This book is like candy that's good for you. Does such a thing exist? Maybe candy fortified with vitamins? It's a lightweight detective story that takes place in China (Beijing, mostly) from the time of the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests to the early 2000's. I like the way the author weaves history and social commentary into the plot and the lives of the characters. I even like the internal dialog of the narrator, as her mind drifts to other things (memories of a lost love, resentment toward her [...]

I enjoy reading mysteries written by writers from other cultures and absorbing the flavors and the descriptions of their settings, in this case especially the inclusion of the student democratic movement and protest at Tianamen Square. This novel, set in Beijing, was interesting and colorful. The main character, Mei Wang, works as an "information consultant" which is a correct and acceptable title for her illegal private investigator firm. She is gentle, tenacious, and (of course) smart. She see [...]

Όλη η δράση και το ενδιαφέρον βρισκόταν στις τελευταίες 80 σελίδες.Είχε ενδιαφέρον θέμα που δεν αναπτύχθηκε ποτέ.Δεν έμαθα κάτι καινούριο και αμφιβάλλω αν θα το θυμάμαι σε 6 μήνεςΤου βάζω 2 αστεράκια αντί για ένα γιατί μου φάνηκε καλογραμμένο (εν προκειμένω καλό απο μετάφρασ [...]

Harmless but thin, without as much sense of place as The Eye of the Jade. Very short, only 123 numbered pages, but even some of those were blank -- barely 200 pages. Still, it does give some sense of life in Beijing and the bitter legacy of Tienanmen Square.

Not very tense!

3 ½ stars

My first read of Mei Wang's mysteries by Diane Wei Liang. I liked the book cover and since I have enjoyed stories that take place in China by other authors before this book, I decided to read "Paper Butterfly". I understand this book is one of a series of Mei Wang mysteries. Although I don't know Mei's history I gathered it by small snippets throughout the book. Mei's father was in a labor camp because of his rebellious actions against Communist China.The story is modern-day China (from 1989 to [...]

Mei Wang is a female private detective in China. She's hired by a record company to find a missing singer. What was enjoyable about the novel, was that Mei is presented as a normal person. There's no unique powers of observation or affectionate idiosyncrasies shown to the reader, to make you like her better. She's a compassionate, emotional individual who uses common sense, networking of old friends/acquaintances and following her gut feelings to bring the story to a conclusion. An added bonus i [...]

Improved writing from the first book, this time nearly deserves a 3 star rating. It shares with the first book a uniquely authentic look at modern day China from the perspective of the Tiananmen Square generation.

PAPER BUTTERFLY (PI-Mai Wang-China-Cont) - VGWei Liang, Diane – 2nd in seriesPicador. 2008, UK Hardcover – ISBN: 9780330447768First Sentence: On they went, singing, “Communism is the red lantern of our heart” their voices soaring above the bitter wind.Mei Wang, an information consultant because it is illegal to be a private investigator in China, has been hired to locate a famous starlet, Kaili. Kaili disappeared from her dressing room after a performance. In going through Kaili’s thin [...]

Paper Butterfly, by Diane Wei Liang, A-minus, narrated by Emily Woo Zeller, produced by BBC Audio America, downloaded from audible.This is a wonderful book describing the city of Beijing. It’s also a murder mystery. Mei Wang is a woman who worked for the Ministry of Security during the 1989 protests at Tianimin Square. She felt guilty because the people her age, mostly students at the University, were out there protesting and she was working for the government. She eventually left the governme [...]

It has great descriptive writing, conveying how China feels when you're not part of the fortunate few, but the story itself could've been paced or developed better. Mei Wang is a private investigator, a not-exactly-legal job in China. She's picked up by a well-known record company to investigate a famous singer's disappearance. A second storyline runs concurrently, where a man named Lin is released from a work camp.A lot of the descriptions, especially at the beginning of the book, were too extr [...]

Este livro era uma verdadeira incógnita, uma vez que não tinha qualquer referência sobre ele. Nunca me tinha cruzado com ele e também não conhecia a autora. O próprio espaço onde a acção se desenrola foi novo para mim. Nunca tinha lido nenhum livro que tivesse como pano de fundo a China e a cultura Oriental,China oferece-me emoções contraditórias. Se por um lado adoraria conhecer um país tão diferente do nosso, por outro o choque cultural assusta-me. Um pouco da cultura do país ap [...]

Readers should investigate the website of Diane Wei Liang at dianeweiliang/. It provides some interesting background about the author who spent some of her formative years with her parents in a forced labor camp in China and was in Tiananmen Square in 1989.I read this book because I have an adopted daughter who was born in Aksu, China. This book takes you into modern China as it weaves it tale of mystery. As in many detective stories, all the loose ends are wrapped up in the last pages. At 224 p [...]

As I often do, I was reading another mystery novel at the same time as this one. It served to highlight how good this one really was. First, the setting was very well presented and combined modern-day quasi-capitalistic Beijing, Beijing the during the days of the Tiananmen Square uprising, and a deeper background of Beijing during the Cultural Revolution. (Indeed, the author sent part of her own childhood in a labor camp because her parents had been sentenced there by Mao's followers.)The detect [...]

This sophomore Mei Wang mystery is better than the first. While the first novel spent a lot of time developing the relationships of Mei's family, this one was a true mystery.Set in the late 90's, Paper Butterfly tells the stories of Lin and Kaili. A prisoner is released and a pop star is killed. How are they related? The tragedy of Tiananmen 1989 once again plays prominently in the development of the characters, as does the cultural revolution. Ms. Liang surely is mourning the long term tragic c [...]

Yessss, I liked it! I really wanted to like this book and was super pleased that it was good. Strong, convincing sense of setting and culture; none of the autoexoticism (useful word) one fears to find. The prose is straightforward but not dry; the protagonist Mei tough, pragmatic and sympathetic. The mystery wasn't especially interesting, I think -- I felt the resolution lacked force -- but you weren't really reading for the mystery anyway. Now to read the first book!

This book has enormous promise - a much needed view of contemporary China built on the ruins of the cultural revolution, a latticework of lives. The first two chapters were terrific - bleak descriptions of a labour camp and rural China were superb. But than I feel the writer tried to squeeze the material into a murder mystery format and the work seemed to lose its authenticity. That said, I will certainly read more by this author.

It wasn't just another simple detective story. The biggest asset of this book is great description of China, Beijing - with its mixture of modern influences and tradition, Chinese history and unique culture. That's why "Paper Butterly" is worth reading. And after all, to realise how complicated is life in China for the generation involved in Tiananmen Square protests - the history that is still alive.

Sinceramente, esperaba un poco más de este libro cuando lo vi, pensé que habría un poco mas de acción o intriga en la trama, pero aún así la historia logra conmoverte aunque sea un poco. Sigo creyendo que hubiera sido mejor contar la historia de Lin, en general. Su historia es asombrosa. Realmente me conmovió. Pero aún así, el final, aunque impactante, logró cumplir mis expectativas. Es un libro que recomiendo para esas veces de ocio y aburrimiento, te logra distraer un poco.

A sad little love story that takes place in China, nine years after the student protests in Tianamnen Square. This is billed as a mystery, and it is indeed, but it is more about how a moment in time changed forever the lives of two people who loved each other. It's the sort of book that lingers with you.

Excellent mystery with a background of recent Chinese history. The character of private investigator, Mei Wang further unfolds. The Eye of the Jade was good, but this was much better. Liang's writing is much tighter with improved character development. I am looking forward to future adventures of Mei Wang and friends.

Bien que j'ai bien aimé ce premier livre chinois je n'ai pas tellement aimé la traduc qui passe assez mal. Mais le sujet est très très à propos puisqu'il s'agit de la politique abusive Chinoise. Le sujet était très délicat et sentimental. C'est une histoire d'amour qui aurait du bien passer sauf la traduc. J'espère le relire en Anglais pour lui donner le 4 qu'il mérite.

An interesting (but sort of easy to solve) PI mystery in China 9 years after Tienanmen Square. The author did include many details about the events of 1989 that I found interesting because I had never learned much about the event. The author was able to seamlessly tie in history with the plot, but I found the mystery a little boring.

"Live in the present. It's the key to happiness," says Lu, a pretty and well-connected woman living in modern Beijing. This simple philosophy may work fine for her, but it falls flat for millions of people who were branded by their experience at Tianamen Square in 1989. "I hope life, not death, triumphs," says one unfortunate soul.

I think this book might have been nice for someone who has little knowledge of China/Beijing. But based on my (albeit limited) knowledge of China, I personally found it a little too stereotypical, and was a little annoyed that the hanyu pinyin was often off (plus, there were sometimes no translations to help non-Mandarin speakers). Tries a little too hard, IMHO.

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