Where Have the Unicorns Gone?

Jane Yolen Ruth Sanderson

Where Have the Unicorns Gone?

Where Have the Unicorns Gone?

  • Title: Where Have the Unicorns Gone?
  • Author: Jane Yolen Ruth Sanderson
  • ISBN: 9780689863592
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Paperback

Long ago unicorns lived in a haven of sun dappled glades and flower filled dells But as civilization spread over the ages with its fierce knights, its chugging trains, its thick smogs unicorns had to find a new sanctuary But where Jane Yolen finds a magical answer in the traditional unicorn myth Her rhythmic, rhymed text is irresistible to read aloud And Ruth SLong ago unicorns lived in a haven of sun dappled glades and flower filled dells But as civilization spread over the ages with its fierce knights, its chugging trains, its thick smogs unicorns had to find a new sanctuary But where Jane Yolen finds a magical answer in the traditional unicorn myth Her rhythmic, rhymed text is irresistible to read aloud And Ruth Sanderson s brilliant artwork gives unicorns a bold reality in everything from ancient cave paintings to their secret, present day home After reading this tribute to the mystical, mysterious unicorn, children will enjoy looking for these elusive creatures in the world around them.

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If you remember from Not Quite Narwhal, Poppy is going through a unicorn phase. This phase has lasted over a year. We're still there. Some of the pictures in the last review were from last Christmas. And here we are: mid-November.We went to the library today. Here's something you should know about Poppy: she is very shy. I told her we could check out a book about unicorns, but we were having trouble finding one. I told Poppy if she asked the librarian for help by herself, she could check out two [...]

I read this to my six-year-old in the library today. I expected much less than I received. The word choice was much better than I thought I would find in a children's book as well as the verse style. The illustrations were beautiful as well. I encouraged my daughter to check the book out of the library so we could read it again at home.

This book is growing on me. The 1st time I read it with a youngster (preschool) the poetic language was too much of a barrier. We tried again when she was in kindergarten and we made it through. She didn't love it. In fact I think we only read it once before it was due back at the library, but maybe we'll try again next year.

I saw this at the library and decided to check it out because many of my students are clamoring for unicorn books. This book is beautiful and has lovely rhymes but very elevated vocabulary. It will make a lovely read aloud but be prepared to stop a lot to explain what the text says.

A lyrical picture book with a gentle environmental message that answers the questions about the fate of the elusive unicorns. Yolen's poetic text and Sanderson's lush illustrations work beautifully together. Unicorn fans of all ages will appreciate this story.

The vocabulary in this book is a little challenging for younger readers, but the pictures are breathtaking. Lovely rhyme with an interesting topic.

I grabbed this book off the library shelves due to the title Where Have The Unicorns Gone; I thought it would be appealing to my 5-year-old daughter who is very much interested in all things princess and magical. What we ended up reading, however, was not what we were expecting. This was one author's explanation of how unicorns - who once freely roamed the earth - have been pushed to the seas due to the increasing population of humans over the years. Although my daughter was a bit disturbed by i [...]

Where Have the Unicorns Gone?Author: Jane YolenReading level: 6-9Yolen, Jane (2000) Where Have the Unicorns Gone? New York: Simon and SchusterThis book details the circumstances of the Unicorns' disappearance.This book is beautifully illustrated. The art is very ethereal and captivating. The words help the pictures come alive, as they are as soft and beautiful as the imagery. The book is essentially a poem--a lovely one at that. There seems to be some commentary involving the unicorns' disappear [...]

I love Yolen's use of language. I love that her word choice seems the same be it for a picture book like this or for her young adult work. She uses the right word. If that sends a child (or adult) off to the dictionary so be it. I see in this exemplary poem (aren't hers always so) a statement about mans progressive assaults on nature. I think I also spy, married to it, a statement about mans progressive reliance on reason, the demonstrative and the pragmatic. Is progress always progress? Where t [...]

First, the illustrations are breathtaking! They really bring the unicorns to life!! There is so much movement in the pictures, I expect the unicorns to come right off the page!!And the poetry by Yolen, is just as wonderful. I love the phrasing and the use of sounds and sights in the poetry. Here are some I really thought were special.a. silken and swift and silver and streak.b. clacketing mills.c. catacombed hills.d. chuggering trains.e. catephonetics of city and town.This book should definitely [...]

Jane Yolen's poetry has always had a strong pull on me. I've never been fond of poetry, but hers is the most likely to bring me to tears. I just finished reading this at the return counter of the library where I work and I had to take a moment. This is melancholy, joyful, bittersweet and gentle, a beautiful answer to the question of what drove unicorns from the world and why magic is fading in the light of modern society. The artwork is lovely and perfectly compliments the story.

This is a wonderfully magical book about unicorns. The narrative is lyrical and with only a few lines per page, children will not be overwhelmed by the poetry. The illustrations are marvelous and one of our favorites was the picture of the waves at the end. Our girls love unicorns, so they really liked this book. I think it's a perfect book for anyone who is enchanted by these mystical, mythical creatures.

As a professional in the field of Children's literature, I like to think I know a good book when I see and read one. Jane Yolen's verse combined with Ruth's artwork is simply a classic. I have used this book for numerous story times in the last twelve years I have been a librarian and it never fails to capture the children's attention, as well as that of adults. Beautiful illustrations take my breath away.

The vocabulary in this book is a little challenging for younger readers. Although I found the pictures to be breathtaking, the story didn't really hold our attention well. The poetry was dense and complicated, no real traces of the sing-song easy rhythm that attracts younger readers. This is the type of story that is perfect for kids that are truly interested in the unicorn folk lore, not an every day reader.

Mommy says: Jane Yolen is a pretty reliable children's author, but I found this book atypically corny and preachy for her. It's a moralizing poem about where the unicorns have disappeared to, as they run from Man's noise and pollution. Accomapnied by rather cheesy, Wyland-esque illustrations. Kids did not mind but were not terribly engaged in the story.

This book is beautifully written, it would make an excellent read aloud. The story ponders what may have happened to the unicorns, exploring different affects humans may have had on the unicorns leaving. At the end she offers a suggestion as to where we might still see unicorns today. The illustrations in the book are beautiful.

This is a beautiful and moving book. It generated discussion on magical vs real creatures and how we can use our imagination. Anything can be real in our dreams. A beautifully worded book - so much more a poem than a kids book with some very complex words. Gorgeous illustrations and just very moving.

A thought provoking children's book that raises awareness of environmental issues while still supporting wonder and mystery: this is why I love Jane Yolen. Ruth Sanderson's illustrations captivate without overexciting, which makes this a good settling in for the night story.

I love Jane Yolen's ability to bring folklore to life and how it continues in today's world (i.e. look for unicorns in the waves) I just an't help but think these books are too old for their targeted audience.

As a reader who loves Jane Yolen, I found this book to be a bit dry. The story she tells is a wonderful story that incorporates our Lord and his encounters, yet I struggled getting into the way she chose to tell the story.

Obnoxious preachy badly-written thing rife with malapropism. Like Tolkien's "Where are the horse and the rider?" poem, only with less poetry, meaning, or coherence.Nice illustrations earn it an extra star. Otherwise, fuggedaboudit.

We're enjoying unicorns at our house right now and this is a very pretty book! A bit more time taken in certain sections of the rhyming text would have had an even more magical effect, but this book really took me away from this world!

WOW. A gorgeous book with a hypnotic poetic rhythm and did I mention GORGEOUS? The illustrations reminded me of being a little girl obsessed with unicorns, knights in shining armor and all the trappings of a good fantasy novel. I'm in love.

Thanks Josay for putting this on hold for me! :D I will look for my unicorns "in the moment that separates nighttime and dawn, the instant of daydream that's here and then gone, You might see the toss of a mane or a horn and the wavery shape of escaped unicorn." :)

This is one of those children's books that grown-ups love. Could have been a bit longer, and some of the phrasing is awkward. Beautifully illustrated with lyrical text, it subtly points to the impact of human's activity on animals, and also draws on the lore of unicorns that involves water.

A simply beautiful childrens story -- well told and stunningly illustrated.

Absolutely gorgeous illustrations by Ruth Sanderson, one of my favorite illustrators.

I guess unicorns just aren't my thing. This book seemed fluffy and other-wordly and its text was so verbose that I thought it was just ok.

Kinda made me wish for a better explanation as to why the unicorns got turned into the sea or something. Absolutely LOVED the pictures though!!!

Beautiful story! Beautiful book. Lovely poetry.

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