There's an Owl in the Shower

Jean Craighead George Christine Herman Merrill

There's an Owl in the Shower

There's an Owl in the Shower

  • Title: There's an Owl in the Shower
  • Author: Jean Craighead George Christine Herman Merrill
  • ISBN: 9780064406826
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Paperback

Borden s father, Leon, was a logger in the old growth forests of California That is, until the spotted owl lovers interfered One day, frustrated by his father s unemployment, Borden sets out on a mission of revenge against the spotted owl but returns home with a half starved owlet instead.The family soon discovers that the owlet, whom Borden names Bardy, loves to take shBorden s father, Leon, was a logger in the old growth forests of California That is, until the spotted owl lovers interfered One day, frustrated by his father s unemployment, Borden sets out on a mission of revenge against the spotted owl but returns home with a half starved owlet instead.The family soon discovers that the owlet, whom Borden names Bardy, loves to take showers and watch late night TV Only after the whole family has fallen in love with Bardy do they realize that the conflict between nature and human industry is not so easily resolved.Award winning nature writer jean Craighead George tells a heartwarming story about a family and their love affair with a special little owl.

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I love, love, love this book!! Seeing as owls are my favorite bird, obviously, how could I not! Award-winning nature writer, Jean Craighead George is Brilliant! Borden's father, Leon, was a logger in the old-growth forests of California. That is, until the spotted-owl loving environmentalists interfered. One day, frustrated by his father's unemployment, Borden sets out on a mission of revenge against the spotted owl but returns home with a half-starved owlet instead.Only after the whole family g [...]

I'm a sucker for animal stories like this. :)

This book was good in the first part the book was not that good and then it started to get a little bit better I think Borden and his family really cared about Brady(The owl AND NOT TOM BRADY) so they but him in a box and gave him mice to eat but I think they should not have but him in a box he has to be like an owl and find food like an owl but Borden was trying to make the owl survive.

Two baby spotted owls have very different fates when they are blown from their nest in a windstorm. One is killed almost immediately. The other is picked up and brought home by Borden, a boy whose father, a logger, is out of work because of endangered spotted owls. Borden is angry, and wants to kill the owls, source of all of his family's troubles. Instead, he finds compassion and understanding through Bardy, the little half-starved owl. Borden's father, also angry, assumes most of the caretakin [...]

I really like Jean Craighead George however, I think this one was aimed at an even younger audience than the Mountain Trilogy I read earlier this summer. I just wasn't as crazy about it as I was about them. Part of my displeasure was simply that the story wasn't really what I expected it to be. There is very little of it that involves the shower and owl antics inside the house. It's much more about the conversion of a logger/spotted-owl hater into a conservationist/nature lover.It's a great book [...]

This book was a little heavy-handed with environmentalism, tugging at heart-strings over the fate of a family of spotted owls, but it would still serve as a useful book for discussing both sides of environmental stewardship and the need for people to have jobs and use natural resources for the benefit of mankind.Update: One of my students spotted a use of the word "damned" that I had missed in my earlier reading. Sadly, that does hurt this book's usefulness in my estimation.

Great book for grades 3-5. I used it as a read aloud. Deals with land conservation and endangered species. This book can be tied into the United States unit for 4th grade Massachusetts curriculum (it is set in a small town in northern California). Another tie in book may be the picture book Redwoods by Jason Chin (great pictures!).

This book is the well written account of the conflict between loggers and the spotted owl in the Pacific northwest. Does a good job of helping the reader understand both sides of the situation. I love animal stories, and this is one of the best.

was interesting because I was asking my self how an owl get in the shower

On an old reading list I found Read sometime in 2006.

My 5 year old gave it 5 stars. She likes that people end up making good decisions even when it's hard.


George, Jean Craighead. There's an Owl in the Shower. . 1997. 134 Pages.Jean Craighead George is a champion of YA Literature, and in her book There's an Owl in the Shower, young minds are afforded a lesson in wildlife conservation. Borden Watson is a son to a logging family whose rights to work have been stripped by the courts because of the endangered species of the spotted brown owl. The hatred for this specific owl burns within son and father, and the book opens with Borden hunting them in th [...]

Bordon's father is out of a job because of the spotted owl. The town is split between the loggers and the environmentalists. Bordon is in the logger camp in support of his father.Then Bordon finds Bardy, a starving young owl.This book looks at the many sides of environmental issues. Everyone is right. Everyone is wrong. Everyone is paying a price. The book is never preachy and tries to be fair to all. It presents complex issues fairly simply without dumbing them down.Bardy is a delight. And, yes [...]

Just finished reading this one aloud with both kids. Intriguing read for me since I grew up in Oregon, in a logging town, in the middle of the spotted owl controversy. Regardless of where one stands on issues, this book illustrates that getting to know problems in a personal, hands on way often changes how we think.

I think this book is more of an "story book" and not that much of an "exciting, or adventure book." My favorite types of books are adventure and exciting (obviously "exciting" is an opinion). This kid named Borden found a "barred" owl (it actually was a spotted). The problem about that was that Borden's dad, Leon, hated spotted owls.

A nice little trip down memory lane

Can't wait to share this with my class!

Absolutely loved this story! Anyone who loves a happy animal ending will love this book!!

I gave this book a rating of 4 because I thought it was a good book with a sweet plot and was written simply. I think that I didn't give it any higher of a score because I didn't think it was a particularly unique story. I think for a 5th grade book, a little simplicity and predicability can be a good thing.Grade Equivalent: 5.5Lexile: 670L6 Traits: Word Choice I think this book does a great job using words that students may not even know but will be able to use in their own writing. This book h [...]

I loved the book.

We loved this book! This was one of my 8yo's silent reading assignments he reads to himself, I read when he's busy, and then we discuss the book. He couldn't put it down, and I was charmed by it, too. I gave this book five stars because my son insisted, and since it is a children's book I figured that I should listen to him. I, however, probably would have given it 4 stars. In my opinion, the ending was a bit too neat. the book was building up to a situation that could have had a lot of conflict [...]

Our oldest and I are getting into the habit of sharing books and I love it. Normally, we pick out books at the library for her independent reading and I will read them after she does so that we can discuss the plots and themes. I love that she gets excited for me to read them and is often so thrilled over a particular part that she can't help but give away the plot. With this book, she read the story in class and loved it so much that she asked her teacher if she could bring it home for me to re [...]

WellWhat to say! I loved the book "There is an Owl in the Shower." The book is intended for children 7-10 falls in the category of contemporary realistic fiction. The story is about a man named Leon who has lost his job as a Lumberjack because of the endangered spotted owl. His son Borden wanted to kill the spotted owls so his dad would have a job again. Instead he ends up finding a baby owl and raising it and realizing before the owl is released that it is a spotted owl but all ends well. I tru [...]

There's an Owl in the Shower seemed promising - just look at that cover! just look at that title! Surely, this is a comedic gem! Eh, not so much. That's not a surprise though - the back of the book leaves no surprises there: this is a serious novel for middle grade readers.Maybe that's the problem: I'm not a middle grade reader.All in all this short little novel felt heavy-handed - I was being conked on the head with a big mallet of environmentalism. I have nothing against environmentalism, and [...]

There’s an Owl in the Shower is the interesting story about Bardy the owl and the humans who took care of him. You can learn a lot about owls from this book. It has lots of fascinating details. I especially enjoyed the part where the owl imprinted on the humans. I learned a lot about how they took care of Bardy the owl. If you like funny books about owls than this is the book for you. There’s An Owl In The Shower! There’s an Owl in The Shower is an inspiring book. I love it! A boy named Bo [...]

There’s an Owl in the Shower was recommended as a resource to accompany our Science curriculum this year, so we read it. I’m not very excited, as a rule, about “greenie”-type books; they seem to put animals above people quite often. This one, though, shows how conservation, while it can seem to hurt people’s livelihood, actually helps people in the long run. Because everything is interconnected, clear-cutting forests not only destroys animal’s habitats, but also ends up putting peopl [...]

This was a cute story about saving the Spotted Owl or any endangered species. This was one of my children's books and I don't even know if they ever read it. I liked that the author even researched about the Spotted Owl.Borden's father loses his job because of the spotted owl. He decides he is going to kill the owl and save his father's job. During the course of the book Borden learns about how cutting the trees down has also caused other damage to the environment. It is nice to see that in a bo [...]

This book is about a boy named Borden who's dad lost his job as a logger because the government wanted to save the Spotted Owls homes. Borden and his dad Leon hate the spotted owl now because its's because of the owl his dad doesn't have a job anymore. Borden finds a owlet and can't just not take it home so he does. His dad gets in a punch fight and gets a ticket. He doesn't want to pay it off so he comes home and uses the owl as proof that loggers still love animals. Then he doesn't notice that [...]

There is a major difference of opinion when a boy brings home an owlet. A larger issue the author explores with dignity is owl lovers versus owl haters. Loggers have lost their jobs because environmentalists insist that trees, homes of owls, be not cut down. The spotted owl is about to become extinct. The author touchingly describes the father's growing love for the owl and the mother's inventive way of performing first aid. The family eventually learns their owl's identity and releases him into [...]

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