1922, The Birth Of Irish Democracy

Tom Garvin

1922, The Birth Of Irish Democracy

1922, The Birth Of Irish Democracy

  • Title: 1922, The Birth Of Irish Democracy
  • Author: Tom Garvin
  • ISBN: 9780312164775
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Hardcover

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Garvin politics, U College, Dublin examines the birth of the Irish state in the context of European history and the vicious civil war that was raging between internal factions at the time Arguing that the conflict was over whether the Irish should be ruled by a popular majority or a virtuous bu

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I've only read the few chapters directly related to the events before the Civil War, but those I enjoyed thoroughly. The perspective on the IRA and the in-detail study of IRA members and their views of the pre-Civil War events was very helpful in my research. Exploring the topic from a political perspective instead of an historical one deepens the analysis of the Treaty and puts the Irish history in a different light.

Garvin does a good job of clearing up some of the fog that clouds our thinking when it comes to Irish nationalism. He shows that the pragmatism displayed by those who accepted the treaty was by no means contrary to the sentiment of nationalist Ireland but was in fact far more in touch with the ordianary "person on the street" than the romantic nationalism of those that rejected the treaty.

A groundbreaking study of the Irish Civil War and a devastating critique of the 'virtuous minority' (AKA, the anti-treaty side) and the Democrats (Pro Treaty)A warm rehabilitation of the Cumann na nGaedhal generation, too long pushed aside as some sort of traitor by the Fianna Fail dominated Irish Republic.

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