Green Smoothie Revolution: The Radical Leap Towards Natural Health

Victoria Boutenko

Green Smoothie Revolution: The Radical Leap Towards Natural Health

Green Smoothie Revolution: The Radical Leap Towards Natural Health

  • Title: Green Smoothie Revolution: The Radical Leap Towards Natural Health
  • Author: Victoria Boutenko
  • ISBN: 9781556438127
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Paperback

Thanks to processed and fast foods, being overworked, and feeling stressed while eating on the fly, it is increasingly difficult for most of us to eat anywhere near a balanced diet We may not be obviously sick, but may suffer from lack of focus, insomnia, sluggishness, or any host of symptoms caused by nutritional deficiency Green Smoothie Revolution takes aim at this siThanks to processed and fast foods, being overworked, and feeling stressed while eating on the fly, it is increasingly difficult for most of us to eat anywhere near a balanced diet We may not be obviously sick, but may suffer from lack of focus, insomnia, sluggishness, or any host of symptoms caused by nutritional deficiency Green Smoothie Revolution takes aim at this silent epidemic by restoring balance to our diets Combining nutrition and know how with recipes that pack a powerhouse punch, Victoria Boutenko reintroduces long neglected fruits, vegetables, and greens in the most persuasive style for our busy lives with fast prep and delicious results Featuring 200 recipes, Green Smoothie Revolution offers both simplicity 4 ripe pears, 1 bunch parsley, 2 cups water blend well and enough variety to keep taste buds happy and nutrients coming from a wealth of options.

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I *love* my green smoothies. I drink one every morning. I have become convinced through my own experience that they are a great and tasty method for adding dark leafy greens to my diet. (And dark leafy greens are definitely nutritionally hardcore)But this book is full of really weird pseudo-science. There's this giant leap from the health benefits of adding greens to the diet, which I think is pretty much universally good advice, to eating a 100% raw diet which has a *lot* less evidence to suppo [...]

Gruesome-looking green smoothies are one of the highlights of spring, summer and fall, for me. They are an invigorating breakfast or lunch. Step one: stock up on frozen fruit, juice or juice concentrate, fresh ginger, sesame seeds, almonds, walnuts, dates. Step two: swing by the farmer's market or co-op and grab a few bundles of leafy greens. Step three: pulverize.This book has a few dozen good recipes, and those chapters are worth a skim. I don't have faith the rest of the text, which is pseudo [...]

Not bad but not great. The sentiment is good - drink your greens! Otherwise, this book was a little too anecdotal for my taste without enough science behind it. There may have been science behind the author's reasoning, but in most cases it isn't cited or explicitly referred to. There's only so far I can swallow the "we should eat like monkeys!" argument without any research behind it. I also disagree with the author about not including vegetables (aside from greens) in smoothies. If that's the [...]

This was great as an intro to green smoothies. I wasn't looking to be convinced of the nutritional value of them I already read Joel Fuhrman's books and feel pretty strongly that this is the way to go. But it's hard to get my family interested. I happened upon Boutenko's book while browsing reviews of the Blendtec blender. I ordered them both together () and have been making green smoothies ever since! So far we have made about 40 usually at least 2 quarts a day.The book is a good source for dif [...]

Write down all the fruits and vegetables you can think of on scraps of paper, throw them in a hat and draw out five. Call it a smoothie and write a book.

Interesting, and a good start for someone interested in going the green smoothie route. The bulk of the book is recipes.

I REALLY enjoyed reading this book! I have been wanting to start incorporating green smoothies into my family's diet, which is why I purchased this book. After reading everything the author had to say about adding more GREENS to our diets with green smoothies, it has made me SUPER excited and energized to try more greens in my own diet!! I have been wanting to buy a Vitamix blender (which are QUITE expensive!! $400-$600!!), but after considering the cost I decided to buy a Ninja blender for now. [...]

I highly recommend both her earlier book Green for Life and this. Read them in order. The information she presents in the first book about the importance of greens in the human diet is fascinating, and numerous tasty and creative recipes and refinements in this one are a great help. A super speed blender, such as a VitaMix, is important for making these green smoothies successfully and easily. I have been drinking green smoothies for breakfast for close to 2 months, and absolutely love them! It' [...]

Good information on green smoothies and food combining. Good smoothie recipes.I don't go for Boutenko's style, but I'm sure she's contributing something important for a lot of people.I think the idea that we should base our diet on chimpanzees is pretty silly. However, basing our diet on that of early man, and hunter gatherers, makes a lot more sense--and while it's not a chimpanzee diet, it was probably closer to a chimp diet than a couch potato diet--or even what passes for a -relatively- heal [...]

I was so excited to read a whole book with recipes for green smoothies. This was incredibly disappointing. The author credits a raw diet full of green smoothies with curing everything from asthma to diabetes to acne to nearsightedness to baldness and gray hairs. And her support for these claims are almost entirely anecdotal. For example, the author says, and I'm paraphrasing, "when I was in school [in Russia, 40 years ago, mind you], there was only one kid with glasses, no one had braces and the [...]

I mainly picked up this book for the recipes towards the back and I am very glad that is what drew me to this book as I will continue to use those but felt the writing of the book to leave much desired. I felt that at every other sentence of the book the author was promoting herself with endless self references, references to her family, and things she claimed to have "discovered" on her own. I found this to be EXTREMELY annoying and ended up skimming the rest of the information because of it. A [...]

I understand finally!!! I haven't been able to stick to a raw food diet, or even a high raw diet. I found myself bored, or sick feeling when I looked at my options (nuts, oils, fruit) I have been eating the wrong things and in the wrong quantity! This book and "raw and beyond" have both answered many questions I had and I recommend them both! I need more greens & less nuts, fats & oil And its "ok" to eat some beans & some grains! Bingo!!! Next up on my to-read: the revised edition of [...]

The smoothies vs. juicing question is what got me picking up this book. I have neither a blender nor a juicer and was attempting to figure out which machine I was to add to my kitchen. I've always been inclined to the blender for its diversity which is probably why I liked this book. I love being "right".I'm also searching for a quick easy mornning-on-the-go breakfast that will keep me full until morning snack time. I'm open to losing a few pounds and this book looks like it'll help in that area [...]

Mmmm, spinach smoothies I forgot I even had this, but I'm flicking through it now and enjoying all the inspirational quotes the author added to each chapter, like 'We know the truth, not only by reason, but also by the heart' - Blaise Pascal and 'When the solution is simple, God is answering' - Albert Einstein. I'm not sure I want my nutritional info guided by the heart, but she did quote Einstein, so that's instant credibility! What can I say, it was a phase. A delicious, delicious phase.

This book is more about the recipes and options than why to incorporate green smoothies. I learned about recipe mixtures and keys to success in the first 1/4 of the book. The meat of the book includes many recipes for beginners and smoothie veterans. The ending appendices included two life stories and how smoothies impacted one man. There is also a summary of Victoria's journey to smoothies.The book also pushes a raw diet, which I'm not as inclined to incorporate, but the value of green smoothie [...]

I like that she has actual smoothie recipes in here. It's sometimes hard to find all the ingredients, but I'm looking around and keeping note in the book of which grocery stores carry which things. I cornered a poor guy working in produce at Giant today. "So, do you have butter lettuce? How about beet greens? Black currants? Figs?" Poor guy. ;) My boys and husband won't drink the first one I made (blueberry, spinach, and ginger), but I don't mind it.

Way more delicious than I anticipated!! I would have liked more source information for some of her claims, but the focus of the book is the recipes, not the science, so that's to be expected. I should also say that there WAS enough information to direct me toward further research. Science asideese are delicious and I consumed more greens and fruits lately than I have in ages. Can't argue with that!

Good info about the why we should eat greens. You can tell she has a lot of personal experience informing her writing. I think she is rather close-minded about what you can put in a green smoothie beyond greens and fruit. She is against food combining, but others who write about green smoothies don't take issue with it. It's your choice, but you won't find recipes with veggies in them in this book. Just greens and fruit, and a limited amount of other add-ins.

I read this and The Green Smoothie Bible at about the same time, and I prefer the other book. They cover all the same information and in fact look similar - about the same size, similar covers, but Boutenko's style is a bit over the top, and she doesn't favor additives like blue-green algae and phytoplankton and such, while Kristine Miles does.There's nothing wrong with this book, but I would opt for the other one.

I am not a raw foodist and don't plan to become one. I would consider myself a "foodie" I love trying new things and not limiting myself to any lifestyle. In my quest I have found green smoothies to make me feel more alert and energized especially in the morning for breakfast. This book has really great recipes and I learned to rotate my greens. It will also help me be more creative in developing tasty smoothies and maybe I will make a green soup or 2 in the summer months.

What intrigued me: This was a selection that fit really well with my smoothie building habit.What I liked: If anything the book is short. What I didn't like: There were a lot of dubious claims. In appendix 2 Clent Manich lists out 18 benefits he has experienced from drinking green smoothies including whiter teeth and sweeter breath. Favorite quote: “Anticancer Smoothie”

There are some great recipes in here, from the basic to the adventurous. I look forward to planting some things in my garden this season that I will be able to use in making some of the recipes. I will say that making a green smoothie for our cat is not going to happen--a little over the top for me personally. For now, I feel accomplished with my 5 year old wanting the rest of my kale smoothie. I will definitely purchase this book now that I have enjoyed the library copy.

Everyone complains about this book having pseudoscience in it, and that might be true but there are some other really compelling arguments. I have to say her chimpanzee pie chart (I think) was a compelling argument. I did not learn to much from this book that I hadn't already read, just picked up really good recipesI do prefer the Thrive series by Brendan Brazier, those are phenomenal Vegan nutrition guides that offer lots of cited info about Vegan and Raw foods.

TCL Call#: 641.875 BOUTENKO VMadeleine - 3 starsLots of recipes for a variety of green smoothies. Just don't read the text in the beginning. It's a bit simplistic and has that feel of the zealoty new age healer which made me distrust the info and the recipes. Still, skip the beginning and look at the recipes and maybe you'll find some new ideas. Then again, it looks like you just combine one fruit with one green and you're good to go.

Anyone that owns a Vita-Mix blender needs to get this book. It has so many green smoothie recipes. There is even a section for kid-friendly green smoothies. Whenever I make a green smoothie for my 2 year old, he sucks it down. Little does he know there's a ton of spinach, kale or chard in it. It's brilliant! The only complaint I have about the recipes is that every recipe mixes the fruit and vegetables with water. I use ice and a little bit of water so it's nice and cold.

Obviously I'm reading up on the raw food movement. My chiropractor recommended this book, and it's a good one. I recently watched a video of this woman describing her research into greens and found her chart of the chimp diet a compelling argument for including more greens in our daily diet. I suspect this one will be a standard tome on the raw foodist cook book shelf for a long time.

Great follow up to Green for Life. This book is also perfect for anyone considering green smoothies because Baoutenko goes into they whys and the hows, then answers FAQs. She also includes a TON of recipes. I borrowed this from a friend, but I might actually buy a copy for recipe inspiration AND to lend out to others. I also had this crazy idea of buying a bunch of them for Christmas presents.

I'm a committed green smoothie maker, and am thankful for the great number of recipes in this book. So, 4-stars for that alone. As for the theory and information on green-smoothie living better to read Green for Life which is far more comprehensive.

This is a great book if your into green smoothies already and you want more information from the wonderful Victoria Boutenko.There are recipes in the last part of the book, which are fun to try.There is a testimonial section as well that is just fascinating.I love this author. I am going to buy this book.Highly recommended.

This book provided more insight than others I've read. I am committed to drinking one of more green smoothies everyday for the rest of my life. Some great recipes. I will pick up her other more in depth book to read. If you are embarking on a green smoothie lifestyle this is a must read book.

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