The Post Evangelical (EMERGENTYS)

Dave Tomlinson

The Post Evangelical (EMERGENTYS)

The Post Evangelical (EMERGENTYS)

  • Title: The Post Evangelical (EMERGENTYS)
  • Author: Dave Tomlinson
  • ISBN: 9780310253853
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Hardcover

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You believe in the God of the Bible but you cringe when church leaders oversimplify, trivialize, and absolutize the faith.You re not alone You re likely among an increasing number of post evangelicals Christians growing restless within the bounds of the evangelical orthodoxy they were raised in or trained in especially its culturally influenced precepts and s aYou believe in the God of the Bible but you cringe when church leaders oversimplify, trivialize, and absolutize the faith.You re not alone You re likely among an increasing number of post evangelicals Christians growing restless within the bounds of the evangelical orthodoxy they were raised in or trained in especially its culturally influenced precepts and s and thirsting for something deeper Something that makes sense.Author Dave Tomlinson encountered these same issues in Great Britain as he approached the writing of The Post Evangelical He quickly discovered that many in the church are hungering for a safe place to express their questions, doubts, and insights without being branded liberals or worse yet heretics Far from skewering its subject, The Post Evangelical actually endorses steps toward rather that away from the roots of evangelicalism while stridently challenging its man made rules and regulations that have, for all intents and purposes, become gospel A best seller and paradigm buster in the U.K for several years, we now present the expanded and updated North American edition of The Post Evangelical It includes A forward by Dallas Willard and an updated introduction Sidebar commentary from Mark Galli, Timothy Keel, Doug Pagitt, Mike Yaconelli, and Holly Rankin Zaher A completely new chapter on the history of evangelicalism in the U.S.If you ve wandered from the evangelical fold publicly or privately you re not necessarily a backslider Spend some time with The Post Evangelical and be encouraged.

Recent Comments "The Post Evangelical (EMERGENTYS)"

The book was good, wish I would've read it a couple of years ago would've saved some time in trying to understand the whole post-evangelical/postmodern/emergent/emerging church thing, so the book was a quick read since I felt like I knew most of the material already.Basically the book was just another reminder that I don't fit into most of Christianity as usual and that unfortunately I probably won't find a church/community of faith in Spokane that I can fit into.

I've read two books by Brian McLaren and number of others by authors associated with the Emergent movement. For a time I was regularly reading a few Emergent blogs. I think it is particularly appealing to those of us who come from church backgrounds where everyone seemed to be fighting mad at all times.I felt I got a better look at the trajectory of the movement from "The Post-Evangelical", and I would have to say that this book sobered me up a bit. McLaren's books were at least as attractive as [...]

A few times in your life you read a book which you feel is life-changing and takes you in a new direction, not only of thinking, but also of living. As I read it I recognised thoughts that I had been having for years, unaware that someone else was going along the same route! Coming from an evangelical 'Brethren' background, Dave Tomlinson made a faith commitment as a young teenager, later receiving 'the baptism of the Holy Spirit'. This led him into the 'Charismatic Movement' with which he spent [...]

The first three quarters of this book didn't do it for me. They are written in "mentoring" style meant to encourage and guide the disaffected British evangelical. Now, being neither British nor evangelical I found it very difficult to relate. However, the last bit of the book just blew my mind! Tomilnson delves into many interesting theological issues from a postmodern perspective to understand the way culture and language impact the experience of faith, religion, and the perception of God. I am [...]

I found this very helpful in that it articulated many of my own thoughts about the narrow culture of the evangelical church. It lost me a bit towards the end and I think a lot has moved on since this was published so it would probably be worth reading a revised edition if there is one. Nevertheless there was a lot to appreciate here.

A good read and I especially like the sidebar notes from various Evangelical leaders. Although I did tire of Mark Galli's criticisms. Why contribute to someone's book if all you have to say is negative?The book definitely has given me something to think about with regard to my current view of faith and doctrinal issues.

An interesting read that gave me a lot to think about. Though the book is a few years old now, it can be seen as still a current issue. Also I see where the thinking in it has influenced me through others, so it is good to go back to the source.

Useful if you grew up in the 70s in the UK evangelical church. You'll probably identify with the descriptions and the questions if not all the answers and solutions. One of the first people to really challenge this 'wing' and allow others to do the same

Very interesting read. It highlighted some of the key concerns and issues of many people who have experienced evangelical churches. It offered understanding and some hope. I found it immensely uplifting and I could relate to much of it.

Partly a critique of the evangelical movement and partly a overview of how it is changing, this book touches on some interesting topics but doesn't go very in depth.

Puts into words my personal experienceThis book puts into words the disconnect I often find between my personal faith and my experiences with organized religion.

not the book on theology for which i was looking; but maybe reflects some home that some strains of evanglicalism is opening up.

When I read this quite some time ago I almost uncorked a bottle of fizz, because at last I knew I wasn't alone. Clear, personal, encouraging and rooted in reality.

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