Murder At Madingley Grange

Caroline Graham

Murder At Madingley Grange

Murder At Madingley Grange

  • Title: Murder At Madingley Grange
  • Author: Caroline Graham
  • ISBN: 9781933397528
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Paperback

Simon Hannford is in need of some fast money, and murder seems the obvious solution Specifically, a 1930s Murder Mystery Weekend, to be held at Madingly Grange, his aunt s superbly hideous gothic mansion Simon and his sister are meant to be house sitting, but surely Aunt Maude would not begrudge them the chance to earn a few nearly honest shekels Ah, the confidence of ySimon Hannford is in need of some fast money, and murder seems the obvious solution Specifically, a 1930s Murder Mystery Weekend, to be held at Madingly Grange, his aunt s superbly hideous gothic mansion Simon and his sister are meant to be house sitting, but surely Aunt Maude would not begrudge them the chance to earn a few nearly honest shekels Ah, the confidence of youth Simon s grand plans quickly go awry, beginning with the guests each one dottier than the last and moving on to the staff, hired on the cheap and with larcenous plans of their own And when an actual body turns up, deprived of actual life, Simon s charade of detection is suddenly forced to begin in earnest An ingenious plot and excellent characters well written, witty, and elegantly plotted The Guardian UK Splendid a book not to be missed Denver Post Extracts maximum fun from the genre Sunday Times London

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2.5 starsIt was one of those days, where surrounded by books, I had 'nothing to read'. Having read a chapter here, a chapter there, I realised that light entertainment was what I was after, and light entertainment is what I had. This novel is your typical cosy, chock full of cliches exactly as it should be (and which might excuse my own). A light, fizzy sorbet to clear jaded palates.Oh dear, oh dear young Simon and his sister, Laurie, are meant to be looking after the grange for their aunt, but [...]

Simon Hannaford, a good-looking young schemer who despises real work, decides to put his Aunt Maude’s gloomy estate – Madingly Grange – to work for him after he and his sister Laurie agree to manor-sit while Aunt Maude is on vacation. Laurie, who is happy just working in Aunt Maude’s extensive gardens and greenhouse, reluctantly agrees to Simon’s scheme: hosting a 1930s-style murder mystery weekend at the manor. Simon begins assembling a motley cast of characters by hiring a butler and [...]

I found it hard to get into and rather unbelievable. I thought one of the main characters, Simon, was such an unlikable jerk that I was really hoping he might be the one murdered.

Murder at Maddingley Grange is a comic riff on the Agatha Christie “country house” style murder mystery.Simon Hannaford is a ne’er-do-well who “borrows” his aunt’s empty mansion to hold a “murder mystery game” weekend for paying guests. A variety of people show up to play. Most of the characters are inspired by the stock players of a Christie murder. There is a dragonish mother and her insipid daughter, the aimless young woman and her young man, the not quite happily married coup [...]

Well, in my unending quest to postpone the necessary reading in Don Quixote before next Monday's class, I curled up with this 'cozy' from British mystery writer Caroline Graham. I had, heretofore, only read one other title by Ms. Graham. That book, The Killings At Badgers Drift, was a riveting read, but far grittier and more debased than the usual 'Bristeries' in which I revel. I am happy to report that this book, Murder at Madingley Grange, is far lighter, frothier, and owes at least as much to [...]

I was slightly disappointed when I first realized that this was not an Inspector Barnaby mystery, but my disappointment turned to absolute pleasures within a few pages. This is a wonderfully wry farce in the style of the English country house genre. The characters are broad, outrageous English stereotypes and the dialogue and action are from Wodehouse via Noel Coward. One reviewer complains that it is not very believable. It is not, in fact, at all believable, which is what makes it so wildly fu [...]

It wasn't really badly written, but I just couldn't engage with the characters. Would have given it 2.5 stars if I could have. I was bored. In order to finish it I skimmed a bit. I know there are others who will find it a good fitjust not me.

I'm a fan of Caroline Graham. If this book had been 100 pages shorter, it would have been hilarious. The length made the thin material see-through.

This book reminded me of the movie Clue but not as good. About 3/4 of the way through the book I was no longer sure why I was still reading it. Three seemingly endless pages describing a search of the wainscotting for signs of a secret panel gave me snores. While his aunt is away, Simon talks his sister into helping him use Aunt Maude's empty mansion to hold a murder mystery weekend for paying guests. The house is soon filled with miscellaneous characters; the fire-breathing mother and her limp- [...]

II’m a BIG fan of mystery genre and enjoy a fun romp as much as anyone else. I’ve read other books by this author and enjoyed them immensely. This read wasn’t one of them. The characters were wonderfully depicted. But when you are over 70% into the book and no real action (let alone murder) has occurred, you’re already in trouble. The plot was convoluted and nearly laughable. While I so enjoy a happy ending, I do not appreciate a read that takes forever to amount to something and then to [...]

👍 I liked this book. It was so funny. The characters were well developed and it was a suspendful, descriptive narriative. It was well written in the classic style of a Agatha Christie mystery. It was a 290 Pages of pure pleasure. I didn't want to put it down until I finished it. Even though it contained a few descriptive bad words, it didn't really need to express the story line, it wasn't to distracting from the pleasure of reading it. Yes, I would recommend it for an lazy day afternoon read [...]

Even though I think I only understood about half of the jokes in British slang, this was an incredibly fun read. And not only was it amusing, I didn't see either of the two twists coming at the very end of the book. Well done!

I got this when looking for the Inspector Barnaby books - which I have since started to read. This is very different and is hysterically funny! If you like wit and wordplay you will enjoy this wonderful foray into "mystery".

A cute satire on cosy country house murder mysteries; it was a very quick light read but not memorable and I doubt I'll ever reread it.

I love the mid summer murders tv series which are based on her books. But did not enjoy this or her style of writing.

Good read - quite enjoyed it.Back Cover Blurb:When Simon Hannaford is left temporarily in charge of his aunt's 20-bedroomed Gothic pile he knows he must be able to make a profit from it somehow. Murder, he decides, is the only way to do it. For Madingley Grange is the perfect venue for a 1930s mystery weekend and, before long, he and his long-suffering sister have set the stage for money-spinning mayhem.From the conservatory to the contents of the claret cellar the clues are sprinkled like pot-p [...]

Very campy, theatrical, overwrought plot and prose. Fun at times but a little too long to be a light diversion. Should not be called 'Murder at Madingley Grange', as the title sets up expectations which are not fulfilled. Lots of menu and cellar porn for those who like to imagine luxe foodstuffs without suffering the gout that attends their consumption. Both gentry and blue collar workers are drawn as reprehensible characters. The Thirties Buff and the Detective Fanatic are ludicrous caricatures [...]

I borrowed this book from a new acquaintance who had just finished it moments before while vacationing on an island in Maine.My thoughts: British stereotype characters in a slap stick comedy, many literary insider jokes and satire of the murder mystery genre. I enjoyed the silliness of the word play, the costume descriptions, and references to gardening. It is a good book to read after you finished all your other books you carried onto the island and you still have a day to go before being rescu [...]

This was a disappointment. I've liked Graham's Barnaby novels so much for her strong characters, tight plots, and sharp wit. This novel displays the last, but it seems mean-spirited on the whole. Some of the snark is well placed, but some is too easy. In addition, the characters are not well fleshed out. The leads are rather two-dimensional, as are the guests.All in all, I'll stick with Barnaby.

Not as funny as her first novel,The Killings at Badger's Drift, this still has the stereotypical veddy British characters that remind me so much of PG Wodehouse's pantheon of idiots and savants. Ms. Graham's twists and turns are advertised well in advance. Rather than boring the reader though, it is very much like she's nudging us in the ribs and winking at us. I get a kick out of her writing.

Silly, fun, and wacky. It reads like a British comedy, which I guess it is. Siblings Laurel and Simon are housesitting at their aunt Maude's mansion. They decide to earn some cash by opening up the place to paying customers for a murder mystery weekend. Wackiness ensues. A little confusing at times, but that may just be me not getting the British humor and references. A nice twist at the end. It was a fun read!

This was a really good book. A group of people meet for the first time in a country manor. They have all gathered there for a murder mystery weekend. Now with that set up it could be very good or it could be a horrible cliche. Thankfuly Grahem figures out a way to take this classic English mystery storyline and turn it into a really great farse.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. A murder weekend, held to raise necessary funds, attracts some strange people and gradually becomes a farce. There are some laugh out loud moments which more than make up for the absense of Chief Inspector Barnaby.

Some descriptions I have seen of this book indicate it is #5 of the Inspector Barnaby series. It is not. Tom and the Causton police are far, far away. Otherwise entertaining and I can't help but wonder if this was intended to be some sort of farce on mysteries and those of us who read them.

Written in the style of a classic whodunit, it's a murder mystery weekend that goes all wrong. Not much of a mystery, but a great cast of characters. Parts had me actually laughing out loud! A must-read for anyone who is a fan of the classic mystery novel.

Quite humorous - a fun classic English weekend in the country murder - lots of tea, salmon, fabulous wines, a secret passage, and references to other mystery writers and books. Altogether, a fun summer read!

Hilarious novel featuring witty dialogue and crackling good, albeit implausible characters. Loved it.

This book was very poorly written -- hard to follow, very little point to the plot, ridiculous characters --- a total disappointment!

I was a little disappointed that this was not an Inspector Barnaby mystery, but enjoyed this silly story of a murder mystery weekend gone wrong.

I loved this book. It was full of high jinks and hilarity and I was still engaged after the book ended. So many possibilities as to what happened next.

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