Revelation 20 and the Millennial Debate

Matt Waymeyer

Revelation 20 and the Millennial Debate

Revelation 20 and the Millennial Debate

  • Title: Revelation 20 and the Millennial Debate
  • Author: Matt Waymeyer
  • ISBN: 9780971756885
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Paperback

Often quoting the propronents of each view regarding premillennialism, amillennialism, and postmillennialism, this book summarizes and contrasts the arguments of the three positions as they relate to Revelation 20 Though premillennial in its conclusions, it provides a valuable and clear resource as to how each school of prophecy deals with this watershed passage.

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This book is a very readable, understandable expose on the three major views of eschatology relating to Revelation chapter 20. The author says in his introduction, that it "reads much like a syllabus, and that's because it is, or at least it was. It began as a paper I wrote while studying at The Master's Seminary, and then it evolved into a class I taught at the Logos Bible Institute Its current form is very similar to what I handed out to my students in that class. The strength of this format, [...]

Another catch up from me:Just finished reading "Revelation 20 and the Millennial Debate" by Matt Waymeyer. The book looks at postmil, amil and premil views of Revelation 20 in a detailed balanced fashion. It defends a Premil understanding and is an excellent resource that supports a literal grammatical historical interpretation of scripture. The book would be helped by the end notes being footnotes, as they are extensive, however the content is first rate! Thoroughly recommend this short but val [...]

From a Premillennial perspective, Waymeyer raises three views and the arguments from the premil, postmil, amil perspectives. It's written in outline form, so it is easy to follow the flow of arguments from all three sides. His conclusions land in the premil camp, but I believe that he fairly represents the arguments from all positions.

Best summary of the defense of the Premillennial view that I have read. Worthwhile read. The work was originally a syllabus that the author had for a Bible institute. Currently, the author is an adjunct professor. Waymeyer makes it clear that the work was not intended to give new arguments in support of Premillennialism, but more towards a summary and the gathering of the arguments for a Premillennial interpretation of Revelation 20. However, I did learn several new things from this work. Some o [...]

Positives- The chapter on the binding of Satan was mostly well put. It stated the problem for amillennialists in a concise and clear way and provides a useful text for them to respond to. I liked it and it challenged me to more carefully nuance what I mean when I talk about the binding of Satan.- The chapter on hell was good.NegativesThe struggle with eschatology is that the different views can often talk past each other, all the while failing to consider what the other side is actually saying. [...]

I found this a helpful book for understanding the various views on the Millennium in Revelation 20. It's written from a premillennial perspective, but it describes other positions (namely, amillennial and post-millenial). It's concise and in a very easy to read format.

A well written, relatively even-handed treatment of the three main views in the millennial debate.

I'm presently teaching a class on 'the future.' This book was very helpful in clarifying some things.

Exceptional work by Matthew Waymeyer, if one is studying the eschatological positions concerning the millennial reign of Christ this book is a must read.

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