Rocket City

Cathryn Alpert

Rocket City

Rocket City

  • Title: Rocket City
  • Author: Cathryn Alpert
  • ISBN: 9780679770169
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Paperback

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Reminiscent of such modern classics as Cowboys Are My Weakness and Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, with a touch of Geek Love thrown in for good measure, Rocket City is a deliciously original and strangely moving novel of alienation in America s Southwest.

Recent Comments "Rocket City"

I read the new release which will be published later this year. I don't know if it is different in any way from the original.What a fun book! I believed in the characters and their quirks, their dialogue, their lifestyles. This was the perfect book for me to have read at the beach.We meet Marilee and Enoch first. Marilee is driving from California to New Mexico to surprise her maybe-fiancee, Larry. She picks up Enoch on the side of the road because, I think, she feels sorry for the hitch hiking [...]

"Three melons and a dwarf sat in the front seat of Marilee's '72 Dodge but the cop was not amused."If you think that the book will ever make any more sense than the first sentence did, you're going to be disappointed. However, if you don't mind an book that makes you ask again and again, "What did I just read?" then you're in for a wildly delightful treat. It's hard to describe what the book is about because it's about a lot of different people, events, concepts, and themes. There are a lot of t [...]

Rocket City, Cathryn AlpertThree and a half stars, really, as there are some very nice moments. The publisher billed this as a “road novel.” Well, in part, I suppose. It’s really two novels, and therein lies a problem in my opinion. The novel shifts between Marilee, a young woman travelling from CA to marry her sweetheart in NM, and Enoch, a dwarf who does indeed supply much of the “road” aspect of the novel; and Figman, a fugitive claims adjustor, and his landlady Verdie, and his nymp [...]

Rocket City is a love story unlike those I've read before. Its unique cast of characters instantly hooked me-- a young woman named Marilee running from her home, too scared to run to her boyfriend and a surprisingly likeable dwarf named Enoch she meets along the way. The novel is split into two separate stories, the second's main character a lonely man named Figman who is growing closer by the day to his elderly landlady. The strange turns of events and constant suspension as to what will happen [...]

Sometimes A Dwarf Is Just A DwarfIn 1965 the film "Ship of Fools" used Michael Dunn as the dwarf/narrator/observer of the drama on an ocean liner voyage that was an allegory of the rise of Nazi Germany. While the movie was quite an accomplishment for its time it established always and forever the immutable law that dwarfs must be used as symbols of conscience and as speakers of truth against oppression. This book finally rebalances the equation; Enoch is a dwarf and he is a fully realized charac [...]

This is the sad and ultimately unfulfilled story of Figman, Enoch and Marilee: Three lost souls wandering the desert towns of New Mexico.I work in the nuclear industry so the settings of Rocket City and the Trinity site were interesting and the descriptions of the locations were wonderful. I have occasion to travel to Arizona and New Mexico and I wouldn't mind searching out some of the locations described in the book.The book started with an enticing scene, and some interesting characters, but w [...]

I am a big fan of books and movies that follow multiple, seemingly unrelated, story lines. (i.e. "A View from Saturday" & "Crash") This bizarre book kept my interest only because I was anxious to see where and how the characters' lives would intersector if they would at all. "Rocket City" was a very strange book.Even though it has been years since I read it, there is one scene I can't forget. An intersection of the two characters left me shocked and disappointed However that scene stuck with [...]

This book is truly funny at times, but the technical flaws spoiled it for me. Two completely separate stories that seemed to have no reason to intersect and don't, in any unforced way. (So why make the effort?) Quirkyness for quirkyness' sake. (Ouch.) A lead character who's smart voice doesn't jive with her idiotic page-bound activities. The usual plot-sag-in-the-middle-problem. Ultimately less than the sum of its parts.

**** 1/4 Really fantastic book and I knew as I was reading it that it reminded me of *something* but I couldn't think of what. When I came back to and read the description, I realized it was Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. Sad, flawed characters who still have a lot of hope. What more can you ask for? And at the end of the day, we are all freaks.

What a silly book. I surprised myself by sticking with it. There were two stories intertwined but why? What did it really add to the picture? Nothing. I guess the only direction the author tried to take was that the dwarf in the story was such a free-spirited and independently happy soul. Not sure why he wasted his time with such a silly woman, though

Cathryn Albert's quick wit and expansive imagination makes this novel a page turner. The characters are life size. Even after having read the last page, I find myself going back to the story and wondering how their lives may have continued.

First read this 15 years or so ago, and recently found it in a box and read again. Funny and sweet with just the right amount of cynicism. A witty take on the age-old road trip with lots of interesting detours. Great fun to read.

It was rather depressing.

Surprisingly interesting at times. Love comes in many forms, and this book contains one of its most interesting expressions. Overall it's bad.

New Mexico, a girl, and a dwarf. What more can I say?

A blind purchase that, like so many others, became a reading adventure. A great book to read on the beach, on the bus or on the way to Alamogordo.

From BEA12 (the new release is not on yet!)

A part of my dissertation on the road narrative. Such a fun book with a parallel editing strategy that I love to teach.

Definite southwest character. Parallel intertwining stories with some pretty unique characters. I enjoyed this, but found its final connection contrived.

What a hot mess the main character was and yet so believeable. I know people who would do what she did.

It's been a long time since I read this. I do recall liking it very much. You've got a dwarf and some beautiful women. Sex in a cave. Being on the run in the Southwest.

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