Playing The Game

Belle de Jour Brooke Magnanti

Playing The Game

Playing The Game

  • Title: Playing The Game
  • Author: Belle de Jour Brooke Magnanti
  • ISBN: 9781409100478
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Hardcover

A novel from the most infamous call girl in town

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I'm torn between giving this a 3 or a 4 star rating. It was good to read at my own leisure but I wasn't desperate to keep picking it back up. Saying that, it was an easy read and I loved the writing style - the laid back and quite casual tone of Belle really helped me to make a connection to her. The book was very frank and quite humorous. I enjoyed it but I wouldn't say it was a must-read.

Playing the Game by Belle de Jour is the novelization of her life. After reading the actually diary Secret Diary of a Call Girl and Confessions of a Working Girl, I felt that this book was the biggest disappointment in this genre. It wasn’t bad but I just didn’t fully get sucked in.This book is one of other books written by Belle De Jour. I was looking forward to reading this book since I enjoyed the other book by Belle so much. It was so much and entertaining. So I had really high hopes for [...]

This review was written for The Review Diaries: reviewdiaries/201I loved the ‘Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl’ and its follow up. They were sharp, funny, and included as many taboo topics as possible. Belle’s voice was incredibly clear, and they became my dirty little secret read – because face it, whilst there are fabulous tips on love and life, most people who read her books are reading them for the explicit descriptions of her life as a call girl.However ‘Playing the Game [...]

After the finale of the previous book (in which Belle decides to get serious about her non-Call Girl career and give The Boy another chance) I was fully expecting her to do another 180 in this book. How long can a series of books continue when the premise is that the protagonist is a Call Girl, but in which she chooses distinctly not to be said Call Girl? Well, it took some time, but I was not left wanting, as by the final pages Belle has chucked the Boy once and for all (YAY) and has decided to [...]

I don't know what I expected to feel for Belle De Jour. Empowerment? Awe? Empathy? Having watched the Secret Diary of a Call Girl on tv (with Billie Piper as Belle/Hannah) - that's what I expected.Don't.As is often the case, the book is nothing like the tv series. The only thing they have in common is a prostitute as the central character. While Billie's character is vulnerable, relatable, likable - the real Belle De Jour. All I felt is incredulity and pity for a woman who can't relate to people [...]

I don't get it the end of the last booke'd moved in with 'the Boy' and had quit the CG business. In this one, which is definitely after the last one cos South America was mentioned, she's still a CG, the Boy almost moves in, but then she breaks up with him. And Giles is re-introduced as a new character, but he was mentioned in the other oneWTFThis one was infinitely betters she dumped that fucktarded loser and it has a nice little fluffy happy ending. Totally confused about the timelineif there [...]

Terrible. I wonder if the real Belle actually wrote any of this or if it was ghost written and she was paid for the use of her name? Whatever the case the writing was a poor imitation of Belle's previous tone in the first two books. It seemed forced and exaggerated. Instead of being natural and edgy, it came off as trying too hard to titillate. I'd say pass on this one and just read the first two.

The third part of the Call Girl series by Belle de Jour, and allthough not bad, I can't really say that I liked it all that much. It was quite a slow read. However I did enjoy the langage and the way Belle de Jour writes, but for me this is the weakest book in the series (I have yet to read no 4.)I can also add that I have read some chapters of this before in the "Belle's Best Bits" book and I did enjoy the shortened version more.

Constantly amazes me how often I get shocked by this woman, but a good read if a very saucy one. I think the fact that I have seen a photo of this woman has ruined it for me though. I did have a image in my head of her appearance and now I know she does not fit it, it just doesn't wok for me anymore. Rather like a actor who is nothing like how you envisioned the character in the book to appear like.

Chick-lit and apparently only based 70% on her true life, Belle delivers yet again with her adventures of trying to survive in a mundane office environment and the perilous world of dating. A lot less raunch in this one than her first book (I haven't read the second) but I still found it very engaging (probably due to the short chapters) and her personable style of writing.

In this book, Belle has given up prostitution and adjusts to everyday life. I hate to say it because it was well written, but I found this really blah. I wanted to hear about her life as a call girl! Also, of her three novels this is almost completely fiction (compared to the other two, which were autobiographical). This made me enjoy it less, too.

I loved the wit and intelligence of the real life version: 'The Intimate Adventures'This reduces her to a shoe-loving, shallow, Sex and the City-esque materialistic bore who's only interest is boyfriends. (And shoes). Not even a hint of the intriguing, smart woman in the actual memoir.

It seems like the first half of the book she lifted almost word for word from her previous memoir "The Further Adventures of a London Call Girl" with just a few details changed. It wasn't until halfway through that I thought I was reading something original.

This book was quite good,but because of the tv series all I could hear while reading was Billie Piper's voice. Am quite interested to see if Belle has written anymore after this one as I would love to know how this chapter in her life ended.

Average. Fairly entertaining but slightly annoying.

The first book was fun. The second, not so much. This one, I just wanted to say "Honey, give it up and grow up." I didn't get very far because I didn't have the patience to deal with her immaturity.

Realy couldn't get into this book, I thaught I'd try some of the origanal stories as I love the series

Not as exciting as her first. A lot of personal turmoil in this one.

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