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  • Title: Redemption
  • Author: Leon Uris
  • ISBN: 9780061098444
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

Master storyteller Leon Uris, internationally acclaimed author of such bestsellers as Exodus, Topaz, QB VII,Trinity, the Haj and Mitla Pass,continues the epic story of the Irish struggle for freedom in Redemption A dramatic saga set against the backdrop of growing unrest in Ireland and a world on the brink of the First World War, Redemption weaves together a cast of unforMaster storyteller Leon Uris, internationally acclaimed author of such bestsellers as Exodus, Topaz, QB VII,Trinity, the Haj and Mitla Pass,continues the epic story of the Irish struggle for freedom in Redemption A dramatic saga set against the backdrop of growing unrest in Ireland and a world on the brink of the First World War, Redemption weaves together a cast of unforgettable characters that form the heart and soul of three extraordinary Irish families They love freedom than life,and they will fight to the death to win it.From the magnificence of New Zealand s green mountains, to the bloody beaches and cliffs of Gallipoli, to the streets of Dublin and the shipyards of Belfast, Redemption follows three Irish Patriots on their odysseys of freedom and passionin a monumental tale of the men and women who loved, fought, and died for the chance to be free.

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If someone were to ask me which man from literature I would most like to date, the answer would be Conor Larker (from Trinity). But if I were allowed to date TWO men from literature, my second choice would be Rory Larkin (from Redemption). Like Jamie Fraser (from Outlander), the Larkin men are larger than life. As for the plot of this novel it was fine. I'm someone who needs to be invested in the characters in order to love a book, so Rory Larkin made it possible for me to absolutely love this b [...]

Connor and Rory Larkin each had that elusive characteristic that made them 'more' than man and the Irish heart that made them human. As I recall the year 1966, it seemed that the real 'Irish Troubles' made news every day. This book, set during WWI, was a precursor of the violence between England and Ireland that took on a life of its own. The characters in this book danced across the pages. The flick of an eyebrow, closing a door by the heel of a boot, wiping away tears with a shirt sleeve are e [...]

Great sequel to TRINITY. Craftsman-like combination of history and the fictional lives of the next generation of Larkins and Hubbles. The history combines Winston Churchill, the disastrous UK WWII battle (campaign?) at Gallipoli and the continued struggle of the Irish people to escape from beneath the boot heel of Great Britain. Uris proves again that he is a great historian and story teller. No hesitation on placing 5 stars on this one.

1/11/13 continued: Just getting off the peninsula took the lives of all the mules.Rory met Georgia's first husband, liked him because he really cared for the wounded and dying, and saved his life by getting him on a hospital ship bound for Alexandria. Rory then headed to Ireland where he wasted no time reconnecting with the Larkin past and destiny. Women who knew Connor thought he had been reincarnated in Rory even though he was going by Landers. Rory was disabled somewhat but still managed to h [...]

This is one of the most un-heroically written, poorly devised, mundane novels I've ever essayed to read cover to cover. To be quite candid, in light of my fondness for its 'prequel' - namely, the rather robust, fast-paced "Trinity" - I hung in there, oh so many years ago, as I tried to galvanize the story line of Redemption unto manifest positive inertia. However, again, the tacky plot line, admixed with a very 'stunted', counter-linear skein of character development, eventually overtook my effo [...]

I usually enjoy and like Leon Uris' books. This one was good for about 300 pages then it was drawn out and boring for 350 pages.And finally it went back to being good for the last 200 pages.The middle 350 pages was all about the British war aganist the Turks.It had way too much information and details about war.The Irish problem with Britain and the characters were interesting in the first 300 pages then the book tookme to the Turkish war (which had some Irish fighters).Then the end of book went [...]

I have yet to read a Leon Uris book that I don't love. This is the sequel to "Trinity" (or sometimes a prequel, though it was written later) and my Irish heritage had me drawn into this story before I even began. Uris writes historical fiction in such an engaging and detailed manner, that I really do come to think of the characters as true historical figures. It's been years since I read "Trinity", but he makes this one accessible even to readers who never picked that one up. Highly recommend it [...]

After reading "Trinity," I cannot have been the only one who hunted high and low for "Redemption." I see from other reviews that I am not the only one who was, let's say, mildly appalled by what I found. "Redemption" has all the earmarks of a novel written for contractual purposes and I'm frankly surprised Uris put his name to it. In my opinion, it is not the genuine article, not by a long shot, and if you're still chasing around to find a copy by the time you read this, then stop. Go on to some [...]

Love all things Leon Uris. Sometimes a slow start, but always a great finish!

This book was odd. It spent so long rehashing Trinity and spent a weirdly long amount of time in Egypt in WW1. It didn't give me what I wanted, the Irish saga in the 1900s. Bummer.

"To be homeward bound, no matter what tragic memories you have harbored is unlike any voyage a man can ever make." This novel set during WWII was difficult for me to get in to. However, after the first third of the story, mostly about the Larkin family of New Zealand, and Conor and Rory Larkin, the story grabbed my attention and carried me to its final pages. I thoroughly enjoyed this story centered around redemption. Its historical detail was fascinating, involving the battle of Gallipoli, the [...]

Lo mismo que hace 20 años, tuve que abandonar la lectura de este libro por encontrarlo compositivamente mal encarado. Amé y amo rotundamente "Trinidad" pero esperaba leer otra historia diferente aunque relacionada: la de Rory Larkin, sobrino de Conor. Pero me encontré con que el autor estaba reescribiendo Trinidad, sin llegar a sus propios talones, como si se tratara de un copy and paste y un resumen. Insoportable. Pienso volver muchas veces a leer Trinidad. Me sigue emocionando. Pero dos vec [...]

Cannot find enough words of praise for both Redemption and Trinity. Leon Uris has been in one of my top 10 favorite authors. His ability to combine historical fiction with fact is like no other.The saga of the Larkin Clan will stay with the reader for a long time.

This book is the sequel to Trinity, both of which are over 800 pages. The detail was stupendous and sometimes more than I could absorb. There were 130 pages detailing the failed war in Turkey. However, I recommend this historical fiction about Ireland.

Loved it.

Old fashioned but oddly satisfying. Skimmed through a lot.

My first, although fictional, account of what was going on in Ireland. A good read.

Just began reading it this morning. The Larkin clan is still very much with us, this time beginning in New Zealand. Read "Trinity" recently and reallyliked it so I have high hopes for this although the reviews on this site are more mixed. We'll see So now I'm about 200 pages in. Very curious so far it's a lot of backtracking and backfilling with material that looks like it was edited out of the first book. I've already dropped my rating to a 3. I understand the need to weave the two books togeth [...]

"Redemption (first published 1995) is a novel by author Leon Uris. It is a sequel to his epic 1976 book, Trinity.Set mainly in the first half of the twentieth century in the years leading to the Irish Easter Rising, it tells the stories of the Irish revolutionary Conor Larkin's family, his brothers Liam and Dary, and Liam's son Rory.After emigrating from Ireland to New Zealand, Liam establishes his own dynasty and sets to repeat the same cycle of conflict with his own sons as his father, Tomas.R [...]

It's been four years since I read Redemption. Similar to many others, I enjoyed Trinity more than Redemption. The non-linear timeline was a put-off. However, (spoiler) one of the most illogical and jarring scenes, was when the Irish aristocratic woman was planning to murder the General (?). That made perfect sense. What DIDN'T make a bit of sense was when he went through her purse on his arrival at her house in the Irish country, found a gun, and deduced that she was planning to kill him! Big no [...]

I read this book, and Trinity, years and years ago. I recently found an audio version of this one at my parents' house and decided to liberate it from their collection and listen on my commute. For the record, the amazing- and Irish Catholic-born- Charles Keating is the narrator so that definitely helps the story along if you're listening. While I enjoyed the story, you have to really like Leon Uris' overblown and over the top style, which I think is a bit of a thing of the past. What I mean is, [...]

Most of the book I enjoyed. There were times at the beginning when the book kept jumping five years back and forth making it a little confusing and difficult to follow at times since all the characters were new to the reader, but then it finally hit its stride after about 100 pages in. Why I only gave it three stars is because I thought it was too long. I read a lot of long books (far longer than this one), but I felt this one was just not engaging enough to have so much of nothing happening. As [...]

This book is set around the Irish-English conflict, which is over religion, I think? The plot and characters are unfamiliar and I guess I should listen to the prequel, Trinity, which receives rave reviews. This one is a slow read, and since it's really a listen, there is not much motivation to go past an hour or so; cut one's losses and go on to something that's interesting. The story is unfamiliar and without some background in Irish politics, it's not worth going over, so I quit--did not finis [...]

Excellent sequel to Trinnity. Yup, it is a sequel! If you read TRinnity years ago and are afraid you will have to read it again to understand this one, no need! This story refreshes your memory of the Larkin family in Trinnity. Amazing book about the IRB and Ireland's political and social struggle during WWI. Highly recommend!Side note: If you are a Downton Abbey fan, I am thinking there is a VERY good chance that much of the history covered in this book will surface in the third season of Downt [...]

Leon Uris’ Redemption is the sequel to his vastly popular and entertaining, Trinity. As with Trinity Redemption chronicles Ireland fight for independence. Unfortunately Redemption is a pale comparison to its predecessor. The novel sets up well, with the transplanted Larkin clan in New Zealand. There are also some interesting character development as the primary protagonist, Rory Larkin, has various adventures in the battle of Gallipoli; from then on everything just kind of fizzles. Give this o [...]

This book was a struggle to read. I rarely do not finish a book, but this one just couldn't be done. I love Leon Uris, but this book irritated me to no end.The entire premise of the novel is spelled out in the beginning.Then the book proceeds to retell everything you just read.There was excessive use of the word 'euphoria'.At the halfway point, the main character on which the entire story hinges, is killed off. That was the final straw.

This book was horrible. I loved Trinity and couldn't wait to read Redemption. However, I was very disapointed. It lacked the historical aspects of Trinity and seemed like a cheap romance novel. I even ended up disliking Conor Larkin, who I adored in Trinity. The timeline was confusing. The quality of writing was so poor that it didn't even seem like it was written by the same author. This book was a total waste of time.

I liked this book, but not as much as the original Trinity. It rehashed a lot of the original book, reinforcing my complete love of Conor Larkin, but I think the book could have done without so much repetition. Rory's continuation of the Irish fight was intense and emotional. Since I am not fond of reading about fighting war, I got lost a little in the battle scenes, but they were essential to the plot and I still enjoyed the whole story.

Pretty darn good! A bit too much re-hashing the first book and a bit too long spent in Gallapoli, but when it got back to Ireland good!There was room for improvement here to develop more the characters and scenarios that were in THIS book. But it is worth reading to close up some loose ends from the first book such as who was narrating the damn thing. Uris isn't the greatest writer (having multiple narrators in this book was not well executed), but the story was just so intriguing.

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