Atomic Ace and the Robot Rampage

Jeff Weigel

Atomic Ace and the Robot Rampage

Atomic Ace and the Robot Rampage

  • Title: Atomic Ace and the Robot Rampage
  • Author: Jeff Weigel
  • ISBN: 9780807504857
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Paperback

It s an ordinary day for Atomic Ace and his family until the evil Roboconqueror accidentally sends his mechanoid army after Ace s son instead of Ace himself With Ace busy in space diverting a meteor threat, who will be on Earth to save the day

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Horn Book (Spring 2007)When Ace is called away to help NASA deal with some dangerous meteors, an old enemy dispatches a robot army to abduct his son, not realizing there's another superhero in the family to rescue the boy. Ace's adventures are inset as comic-book panels, while Energy Angel (a.k.a. Mom) is shown saving the day in full-page scenes narrated with uneven verse.Kirkus Reviews (October 1, 2006)Having extolled the merits of his superhero father in Atomic Ace (He's Just My Dad) (2004), a [...]

This is a picture book in comic book style! Logan and Joshua really gravitated toward the pictures and the storyline — what little boy doesn’t love superheroes?? This was more straightforward than your average graphic novel, combining a few simple frames with some rhyming verses to tell the story. I loved the theme of family in this book; you moms of boys out there will love it, too! Apparently this is a sequel; we need to check the first one out, too!

The third star is from my kids. I would give it two for myself.I don't want to be an advocate of prejudicial incarceration or anything, but I'm not sure I would have paroled a guy named Roboconqueror. (When the villain leaves prison, the guard says to him, "Now, see that you stay out of trouble, Roboconqueror." That's the best part of the book.)But really, it's a wholesome family superhero story, and there are little details in the art that give a kid reason to look at it for awhile.

This is the second Atomic Ace book, but I found this one far more compelling than the first. The old-style comic book inspired art, rhyming text that avoids the dreaded sing-song, and a nice surprise ending all combined for a very satisfying tale. That might just be because I’m a comics fan, but my guess is no. It's just fun.

A fun short (short!), simple story in graphic novel style. The poetry is nothing exciting, but the story is fun. While super-hero dad is away saving the planet, another super hero saves his son from the evil robot monsters of his enemy.

Atomic Ace isn't there to help his son when the robots attack, but luckily, a surprising hero is there to help.

A great follow up to the original. Good for your little Incredibles fans.

A bit of a throwback to the roles of men and women. Words were a little harder for the recommended age (5-8).

Little man's teacher read this, and then he wanted to bring it home to read again. We read together so I could help with the bigger-than-2nd-grade words. Really liked the surprise ending.

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