Getting In

Jennifer Finney Boylan

Getting In

Getting In

  • Title: Getting In
  • Author: Jennifer Finney Boylan
  • ISBN: 9780446674171
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Paperback

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A very funny novel about four quirky high school seniors their three chaperones as they drive an oversized Winnebago to interviews at prestigious New England colleges.

Recent Comments "Getting In"

Quite peculiar. It tried to be a lot of things at once, and in that regard it failed. Veered WAY too far away from the amusing concept of the colleges, which it should have stuck to. However, there were a few genuinely very funny moments.

I loved Jennifer Finney Boyland's She's Not There (it's the same author) so I thought I'd pick this up. It was quick read and mildly entertaining. The story telling wasn't as good as She's Not There and I wasn't hugely impressed with the characters. Overall, not wonderful, not terrible.

I read this book several times when I was in high school, preparing for my own college admissions adventure. I hadn't thought about it in years. Then by sheer coincidence I discovered it at the libraryd it wasn't until AFTER I had grabbed it and taken it home with me that I realized that the author is Jennifer Finney Boylan -- whose memoirs I've been devouring in the last few months! -- under her former name. It was great to revisit this story at a completely different time in my life, and with [...]

Written by then James Finney Boylan, Getting In is a love letter to Dad of sorts. It's a memoir of their college trips to New England & other parts unknown to see colleges as the end of then Jim's prep school tenure is approaching. Dad is a wonderful old fashioned sort, in real life a banker who grew tulips, and in this memoir just as loving. The college trip is, one supposes, dreaded by all kids & parents, but Getting In is a joyful wonderful & splendid retelling of that time in our [...]

I truly, couldn't handle how basic and "heteronormative" this novel is.Working at a bookstore industry I must read everything even if i hate it, I'm forced to at least try to understand it.This novel is like a chick lit but for young adults? But felt more like for people who like to eat fast food, aka trash. This novel is trash. OKAY okay! It was funny at times but, the conversations in the novel really irritated me.But from this novel I found out that by reading I can get a headache?! Who knew? [...]

My brother-in-law loaned this to my husband and me because we're in the midst of college tours with our senior high school son (he and his wife have long since finished the process with their three kids; we did this 20 years ago with my husband's daughter). I read it in less than a day. It's funny and poignant and is a gentle reminder to me that our son will get into some college somewhere in spite of his parents' best intentions. The book is somewhat dated, written in 1998, but people are still [...]

Again another contemporary American writer that doesn't get much notice this side of the pond. After reading The Planets I had to get hold of this and it certainly builds on what I know of Mr. Boylan's writing - his ability to keenly observe people - to parody and to personify at the same time. I don't know how true to American society this is but that's not really the point. It is the wonderful observation of the transactions within this family group that provide the humour and the pathos and t [...]

An interesting story but it did not have a very cohesive ending. The ending did not tie up the plot very well. The characters were very good. The book also had a very large number of humorous scenes. I have trouble deciding whether to shelf this as "young adults" or "adults only" because I usually shelf books with fairly graphic sex scenes (like this) as "adults only," but this book was clearly intended for a young adult audience.

This book is about high school juniors/seniors and their families touring Bowdoin, Middlebury, Colby, Amherst, etc. Bowdoin people, you remember Dick Steele, the old admissions guy? He's in this book, very thinly disguised. So is the author. Lots of sex too. Very funny stuff from the future Jennifer Finney Boyland, head of the Colby English Dept. and a great, humorous writer (She's Not There is also quite good).

I was very suprised by this book. It's very funny, and sly. Knowing a little about Jenny by way of her memoirs, it's kind of funny to see her express personal quirks in her storytelling. I would recommend this to any bright, young person who is college bound.

I give this to so many teenagers, especially seniors or juniors who are about to embark on their east coast college visiting trips over spring break. So funny, so bittersweet!

Actually Jennifer was James when she wrote this book. Wonderful writer!The family goes around and looks at colleges in New England. Great book.

A funny look at college admissions and high expectations, this book comes across as simple but brings a lot of the plot and story.

Needs proof reading.Dated compared to present.Nice concept.

High school seniors make a road trip through New England to interview at elite colleges. Great characters. Quick read.

Take one confused and apprehensive young man, one muscle-bound idiot, and one pompous twit and send them on a tour of colleges in the Northeast. Then prepare to laugh and cringe and laugh some more.


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