The Crime Wave at Blandings

P.G. Wodehouse

The Crime Wave at Blandings

The Crime Wave at Blandings

  • Title: The Crime Wave at Blandings
  • Author: P.G. Wodehouse
  • ISBN: 9789997520586
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Hardcover

UK title Lord Emsworth and Others.This book includes a collection of stories in which familiar characters and places are reintroduced in unfamiliar circumstances, reminding us if we need reminding of their author s limitless powers of comic invention In the title story one of Wodehouse s longest and best shorter fictions Lord Emsworth takes his revenge on his ghaUK title Lord Emsworth and Others.This book includes a collection of stories in which familiar characters and places are reintroduced in unfamiliar circumstances, reminding us if we need reminding of their author s limitless powers of comic invention In the title story one of Wodehouse s longest and best shorter fictions Lord Emsworth takes his revenge on his ghastly secretary, the Efficient Baxter, setting off a wave of similar reprisals at Blandings Castle with amazing results In other tales we meet several members of the Drones Club, while the final three reunite us with the ineffable Ukridge, of whose ever optimistic schemes for making easy money come to grief A delightful meeting with old friends for some readers, a superb introduction to the world of Wodehouse for others.

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I doubt I've ever seen more mileage gotten out of an air rifle!P.G. Wodehouse is a master at squeezing the most out of a very little bit. The reader of even a handful of his stories gets a sense of deja vu, but since those stories are always light, airy and full of fun, that's not such a bad thing. In this collection of stories, based around a few of Wodehouse's recurring characters, it's the title story that struck a hilarious blow to my funny bone. Lord Emsworth is a hopelessly doddering old d [...]

I only remember the title story, "Crime Wave at Blandings", where an air-gun confiscated from an errant kid inspires the sportsman in everyone - including Lord Emsworth.

Pure fun. Who knew the upperish classes of England could be laugh out loud foolish. Wait, I forgot how the Royal family actually behaves. This is still better.

I turned to this book, one of my favorites by Wodehouse, when I needed a break from some more serious reading. There are nine stories in this collection: a Blandings Castle story, three golf stories told by The Oldest Member, a Drones Club story, and three concerning that resourceful scoundrel Ukridge. They're all excellent, but the honors have to go to "The Crime Wave at Blandings," the longest story here, and one of the best things Wodehouse ever wrote. The Efficient Baxter has returned to tor [...]

After another painful attempt at the BBC's current Blandings, what a balm to finish off the last few stories in this collection of the real Wodehouse. The title story is the only Blandings here, with Ukridge and the Oldest Member dominating (and, unusually, no sign whatsoever of Jeeves). Now, given my golfing knowledge extends exactly as far as crazy golf in Markeaton Park, the Oldest Member stories are far from my favourites - and yet, they retain that core Wodehouse-ness which at once soothes [...]

Lord Emsworth may be the funniest of P.G. Wodehouse's characters -- all of them a ridiculous send-up the the British aristocracy. P.G. has been called the best writer in the English language. He is certainly the funniest.

This is my favorite short story ever written. It is not only hysterically funny, but it is also beautifully crafted. More is said about human nature in this innocuous little story than in many of the ponderous tomes of our time. Enjoy!

Leading off with the classic tale "The Crime Wave at Blandings", the book then offers tales from Mr. Mulliner, golf tales from the Oldest Member, and 3 Ukridge stories. The best is the Blandings Castle story, which is hilarious.

This one is one of my favorite short stories of all times. It is not only funny, but it is also awesomely written.

Any book that begins by pompous people at an English being popped in the posterior by a mysteriously-ubiquitous airgun deserves a place on my permanent rotation of reading material.

Some stories (like the first one) were five stars. Others were three (too much golf). So I'll average it out to four. Reader good.

Typical Wodehouse: funny, ironic, and spot on social satire. A fun read, but too many golf stories for my taste.

Newcomers to P.G. might find this a bit bewildering, but if you have a few Bertie & Jeeves and Emsworth tales under your belt, this is a superb collection.1. "The Crime Wave At Blandings." The Efficient Baxter may return to plague Lord Emsworth as his secretary, and his niece Jane threatens to marry a boy his tyrannical sister disapproves of, but all is set right, somehow, after Baxter is shot in the trousers with an air gun three or four times. [And that recap is all you need to know about [...]

‘Lord Emsworth and Others’ is yet another anthology of P G Wodehouse short stories of which the fist and longest features Lord Emsworth who is not entirely blameless in ‘The Crime Wave at Blandings’. Wodehouse short stories are generally of a pretty constant length in order to satisfy the requirements of the numerous magazine editors Wodehouse would produce them for. ‘The Crime Wave at Blandings’ is nearly three times this length and the story benefits from it by allowing the plot to [...]

This Wodehouse collection broadened my experiences beyond the Bertie and Jeeves to which I am accustomed. The title (as it clearly indicates) starts with Lord Emsworth (of Blandings Castle) and continues with "others" in this case the tales of several Drones Club members, and the scoundrel Ukridge. This was my first taste for Ukridge and I must say I do not care for him much as he seems a character only concerned with himself. Bertie gets into quite a number of scrapes but it is usually with goo [...]

Generally comical & salubrious narratives concerning British aristocrats. Some genuine humor at times, but mostly quirky lords and their servants. (No Jeeves stories in this one.) Whether it's sabotage of a lordly moustache-growing contest or a servant getting repeatedly shot in the arse with an airgun by his employers, it's all kinda light and silly and annoying. Not for me, really.I'm glad that I read it, though, if only because now I see where Joe Abercrombie picked up his aristocrats' ma [...]

P.G Wodehouse is so therapeutic for when life is a little too serious, it has been a life saver recently. Laugh out loud funny at times. My favorite story was The Crime Wave at Blandings . . . Buried Treasure was great too . . . so was The Masked Troubadour and the last three short stories with Mr Ukridge. Oh, my goodness, it was all great, definitely something I'll keep on my bookshelf and read again. Stories where the charaters get themselves in the most ridiculous predicaments and every endin [...]

Nine short stories, well one of them is actually a long-short story, but never mind. One Blandings Castle, one Mr. Mulliner, three oldest member, one Drones club and three Ukridge's.Wodehouse throughout at his most typical and consequently best. Special praise has to go to "The crime wave at Blandings" the long one (70 pages instead of the usual average of 25) probably next best the Ukrodge story "the level business head" but there's so little in it it's hard to choose.

I've enjoyed many of the Jeeves and Wooster novels and this was my first non-Jeeves Wodehouse and I really enjoyed. Amused me greatly the only negative was there are 3 stories in a row pertaining to golf. I'm not a big fan of golf and don't know a lot of the terminology so those 3 were a bit tough to get through but the story behind the playing of golf was wonderful.

This book of short stories is mostly made up of shorts about the "Others," though the Emsworth tale is one of my favorite Blandings stories. Several of the other stories are golf-heavy, and my eye skimmed right over those. There are also several Uxbridge stories in the last half of the book which involve Pushy Aunts, animals, and jewels, and these were delightful, classic Wodehouse. Jolly good!

This is a collection of short stories. There is only one story from the Blandings Castle series, and it was laugh out loud funny. The other stories weren't quite as clever, but I still enjoyed reading them. I would recommend reading the Blandings Castle from the beginning. It has some of my favorite Wodehouse characters.

What's not to like about P.G. Wodehouse?!Lord Emsworth was the jewel in the crown of these short stories, and by itself would have a 5* rating. But a a non-golfer, I didn't really enjoy the humor in some of the other stories.

Nine short stories including The Crime Wave at Blandings in which Baxter gets pinged with an airgun by (a)George (b)Beach the butler and (c)Lord Emsworth himself, twice. This was the very first Wodehouse I read. I was hooked! Hilarious British humor.

Several of these stories were especially humorous and entertaining, but I was tired of hearing about golf at the end of it. So many of the stories centered around this sport - and I know nothing about it. Overall, very good read, though.

Another delicious Wodehouse audiobook. This is a kind of book that really benefits from a narrator telling you the story. These are 9 short stories, some of them related to each other and some are about golf, which is a little harder to follow if you don't know much about it.

Collection of short stories including the extremely funny "The Crime Wave at Blandings". I also enjoyed the three golf stories and the three featuring Ukridge and found even the Mulliner and the Drones stories to be well worth reading.

Wonderful. Worthy of a PBS series. Read it on a plane ride and wish I had more. I love subtle British humor.

Definitely funny British social commentary, would probably be more funny if I knew more about golf. These would make great radio plays or TV episodes (someone's probably already done it).

A hodgepodge, yes -- but what hodge! What podge!

Excellent. And I also read it December of 2009.

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