The Lasko Tangent

Richard North Patterson

The Lasko Tangent

The Lasko Tangent

  • Title: The Lasko Tangent
  • Author: Richard North Patterson
  • ISBN: 9780099550112
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Paperback

William Lasco is a self made multimillionaire who s got an eye for wealth and influence, the ear of the President, and a talent for using both to get what he wants Now the Economic Crime Commission wants the corrupt, untouchable Lasko brought down and US Attorney Christopher Paget is tipped to take on the job To gather enough evidence to nail Lasko without alienating tWilliam Lasco is a self made multimillionaire who s got an eye for wealth and influence, the ear of the President, and a talent for using both to get what he wants Now the Economic Crime Commission wants the corrupt, untouchable Lasko brought down and US Attorney Christopher Paget is tipped to take on the job To gather enough evidence to nail Lasko without alienating the White House, Paget has to go by the book But Lasko makes his own rules And eliminating his enemies is William Lasko s golden rule In The Lasko Tangent, Richard North Patterson has written an unstoppable thriller of one man s fight for justice the man who became the hero of his phenomenal international bestseller, Degree of Guilt.

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I read this book many years ago, when it was first published. I decided to re-read it and see if I still liked this author. I started with The Lasko Tangent because it's the first, chronologically, in the Christopher Paget series.I found it as interesting, absorbing and well-written as I remember finding Richard North Patterson's novels in the past. THIS Patterson is a lucid, well-spoken writer who presents his characters in such a way that they are memorable. It isn't necessary to keep referrin [...]

Ths is a fast read. Lots of twists and turns. A real mystery until the last couple of pages.

I'd call the first half OK. The latter part of the second half really gets interesting -- the kind of "I don't want to put it down" interesting -- but then abruptly, the story is done. It's not the way I expected it to end, so that was a bit disappointing. I do realize that Patterson's later books will fill in the gaps with flashbacks back to this book, but it would be nice to have kept the story going and see the story play out here.

I really enjoyed reading Richard North Patterson's first novel. As I am a big fan of his, I felt it only right to go back and read the book that started his incredible career! If you are a fan as well, it is definitely a worthy read and doesn't disappoint. I gave it 4 stars only because it took me a little while to get into it, but once I did, I was hooked!

Loved it! A gripping political thriller with a main protagonist you can admire for his daring and drive to uncover the TRUTH goddammit. if not for his shamelessly chauvinist attitude, which is almost forgivable considering this was written in the barely enlightened final year of the 70s. Hungry for more from Richard North Patterson!

Thoroughly enjoyed the book. Have read almost all of Richard North Patterson's books and have enjoyed them all. I think this was his 1st book or at least one of his early books1979. I recognized the main character from several other books. Quickeasy.enjoyable read.

Incredible debut novel that had me turning pages all the way through. Patterson created a detective that was my kind of cynical as well as being very intelligent. I really enjoyed following him through the novel.

I tried to like The Lasko Tangent. I wanted to like it. Mr Patterson is a giant in the genre.In the end, however, I couldn't get there. The characters were flat and uninteresting. I felt very little empathy for the protagonist. The premise held promise but the prose didn't deliver. One could argue it is a reflection to the time in which it was created. I'll concede that point but great literature should be timeless.Maybe Paget becomes a more interesting character in subsequent novels. I am guess [...]

I like to read authors' works in chronological order. This book takes place in the 70's, so there was a natural disconnect with some aspects of the book. Solid story. I liked the characters. Glad I can now move on towards more recent works.

Pretty good for a first novel, although you can see the rough edges in some places. A quick read, well plotted until the abrupt and surprise ending, which I am sure will not please some people. His later novels are, for the most part, much better. Recommended to any Patterson fans.

This wasn't my favorite book. It just seemed like some of it was a bit predictable to me. The main characters "love" interest didn't feel believable since they never really had a relationship outside of a weekend together. This could have been a much better story.

I read his later Christopher Paget novels years ago and finally found an old copy of this one. I had to force myself to finish it. I found it very boring; I'm glad his later novels got better.

Very good book. I like the writing. The end was abrupt. I liked that it got to the action, didn’t beat around the bush. Will continue on with this series.

Leggere il primo libro di uno dei propri autori preferiti è sempre una sensazione particolare; quando poi il libro è in lingua originale, il tutto assume un'aura ancora più intrigante, dando l'impressione di essere ancora più vicino al narratore della vicenda.Nel mio caso l'acquisto di "The Lasko Tangent" in lingua originale è stata una scelta obbligata, dato che si tratta di uno dei quattro romanzi di Richard North Patterson colpevolmente mai pubblicati in Italia."The Lasko Tangent" è un [...]

Chris Paget is a lawyer with the Economic Crimes Commission and he has a reputation of being a bit a a maverick, but his bosses assign him to investigate some security dealing by a big businessman with a shady reputation and also a friend of the President. When Chris gets some leads he has to fight his boss to follow up and eventually goes around him and goes it on his own. A lead ends up dead and Chris gets some threatening calls as he continues to dig. He gets tied up with another lawyer from [...]

My first R N Patterson book and definitely not my last. I noted from other reviewers that his early books were not as good. If that's the case I look forward to reading all his later stuff. I agree that the plot was not twisting and turning every other page, but sometimes I just want to read something not too taxing and easy to follow. I liked the humourless banter of the 'maverick' lawyer, Chris Padgett, although it did start to get mildly tedious towards the end. The good little guy up against [...]

This is an early work by Richard North Patterson, and it is not very good. This novel is so predictable and trite that it verges dangerously close to 'boring'. Christopher Paget is an agent for The Economic Crimes Commission, and he is after, William Lasko, a politically powerful industrialist, and friend of the president, for illegal stock manipulation. One of the witnesses is killed right before his eyes, and Paget is convinced that Lasko had him killed to cover-up his evil machinations.The ch [...]

A great mix of lawyers, government, politics and the little guy standing up to the big guy. For a first novel, this was outstanding! Richard North Patterson’s character Christopher Paget is someone I really enjoyed reading about. This was a quick, easy read, only a little over two hundred pages. There were a lot of twists and turns, I could never figure out what was coming up next, which I really enjoy. The ending was abrupt, but I was told that the next books in the series do flashbacks to th [...]

#1 in the Christopher Paget series. 1980 Edgar Award for Best First Novel.Christopher Paget, U.S. Attorney for the Economic Crimes Commission is looking into a charge of stock manipulation by the notorious William Lasko. Lasko is a friend of the President and the chief prosecutor is looking for promotion. Against urgings to maintain a low profile, Chris travels to Boston and the Caribbean on the trail of deceit and murder.

The plot kept me interested and guessing what would happen next. I really liked the main character. This was the perfect mix for me of lawyers, government, politics, and corruption that needs to be brought to justice. This was Patterson's first novel and it's a great first effort. Sometimes the author has characters make comments that seem like inside jokes that I don't get. Other than that, I really liked this book.

I decided to read this book after reading Degree of Guilt, the second novel of this series, which I had found just outstanding. I must say I was left rather disappointed by The Lasko Tangent; I discovered after that this was R N Patterson debut novel, and I must say it shows. The plot lacks the intensity of his subsequent books, the characters lacks the depth you find in the other novels; all in all, a honest book but definitely not at the same levels of the others by the same author.

It was an interesting mystery. ChrisPaget realizes that Lasko is into something big, not just a little crime of stock manipulations & that Lasko is killing to prevent the truth from being discovered. He really doesn't know who to confide in as the mystery pieces start to fit together & Lasko is out to get him too.

This was Patterson's first book and the first of what are now three Christopher Paget stories. It was good. His style was a little strange in the beginning but it got a lot better or I became more comfortable with it; in his introduction to the re-issue of this book he said that his style then was different from his style now. The plot held my attention and it was a quick, easy read

I am in full agreement with K1d2's review. That why I "liked" that review. The only thing I would add is that my emotional response while reading the first half of this book was "Just why is he putting up with this crap from all these people?". Of course my next thought was because if he didn't the book would end right here, duh. :P

Enjoyable enough debut novel set in late 1970's, plot was interesting around shady financial practises of a well known successful businessman with plenty if political connections. I enjoyed the lead character and see there is some subsequent follow ups which I will look to get to in the not too distant future.

An interesting book, a new author to follow. It is the first time I read a mistery novel about white collar crime. The plot is good with fast pace. The business story is actually pretty credible. The lawyer/investigator from the SEC is an interesting character. Good stuff

You can tell this was the author's first novel. It had the potential to be so much better but Patterson was more interested in how many "big" words he could use throughout the story instead of spending more time on character development and the story itself.

Introduction of the Christopher Paget character. Written in 1979 it follows the format of many of the anti-hero books popular at that time. Generally liked the book a lot and it did keep my interest to the end. Looking forward to reading a second book with Paget in it.

My 1st in the Chris Paget seriescent for the ride on the subwaywritten back in the 70s so its dated and the office techniques are laughable nowa so-so read with an entertaining, smart-ass main character

A light read that moves pretty fast. I would say it is only slightly dated, but not bad since it was written in 1979 and, BTW, is the first book by this author. I do plan on reading the other two books in the triolgy.

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