Small Town

Lawrence Block

Small Town

Small Town

  • Title: Small Town
  • Author: Lawrence Block
  • ISBN: 9780752858746
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback

A beautiful young woman called Marilyn picks up a stranger in a bar and takes him home to her Manhattan apartment The next morning her housekeeper discovers Marilyn s body Marilyn s life and death have far reaching effects on others, even people she has never met a charismatic former police commissioner on the verge of a breakdown a struggling writer a folk art dealerA beautiful young woman called Marilyn picks up a stranger in a bar and takes him home to her Manhattan apartment The next morning her housekeeper discovers Marilyn s body Marilyn s life and death have far reaching effects on others, even people she has never met a charismatic former police commissioner on the verge of a breakdown a struggling writer a folk art dealer plumbing the depths of her own fierce sexuality a lawyer who prefers murder trials because there s one less witness And in a city reeling from 9 11, an unlikely mass murderer wages a one man war against everyone In this gripping, multi faceted story, Block not only brings to life in brilliant detail the city of New York, but proves he is one of the most talented, innovative and surprising crime writers in the business.

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Apparently one of my favorite mystery writers has a bit of a kinky side.This one seriously shocked me when I first read it back in 2002. Part of this was because Lawrence Block represents New York to me in a lot of ways, and it seemed like this book was his response to 9/11. While the shadow of that day hangs over everything, it was odd to find that a big part of the story also involved nipple rings, bondage and various sex toys. The story starts several months after the Twin Towers collapsed. T [...]

This is one of Blocks best. I listened to it on tape, narrated by George Guidell. If you see a book on tape and it is narrated by Guidell, it is worth listening to. If you find a book by Block, it is worth reading. If you find a Block novel on tape that is read by George Guidell, you have a really enjoyable time ahead of you.

This book is so good on so many levels. I dare you to read Small town and then not question whether or not you have any secrets hidden deep within you. Block never dissapoints.

I love Lawrence Block's clever, easy-on-the-brain Keller series, which follows an introspective (sort of) philatelist/contract killer. I also especially enjoy Block's early-career novellas, such as "The Triumph of Evil." "Small Town" is something a bit different for the Edgar winner. Set in New York City shortly after the 9/11 attacks, it's a genre novel but on a grand scale. Few writers can pull this off (Stephen King and John le Carre come to mind). Block has what it takes to do it, but he doe [...]

This longish novel isn't my favorite Lawrence Block title. I'm partial to the excellent P.I. Matt Scudder hardboiled series. Small Town is a post-9/11 book where a select few New Yorkers get a bit crazy after the horrific tragedy, including one turning into a serial killer. And somehow they're all made to be interconnected. If that seems a bit improbable--immense New York City potrayed as a "small town"--then you have the same reservations as I did. Of course, the prose is lucid and smooth. That [...]

I have to admit, the first chapters of this book could not hold my interest. While Lawrence Block did a terrific job introducing the characters whose lives would ultimately intertwine, I didn't really care about their individual problems. Everyone is after something, same as you or me. However, when the killer really got going, I was hooked, reading 80 to 100 pages at a clip. Give this one a chance and it won't disappointbut if you don't care for raw, graphic details, try a lighter mystery thril [...]

Whew, I'm still blushing. This was a who-dunnit, but a who-dunnit with lots and lots o sex. And not plain old chocolate sex, but super duper whipped cream and cherries sex. Which seemed a little out of place, I guess, but hey. I get the "sex as art" theme, but the details were explicitly explicit. Penthouse letters explicit. Particularly in audio. I was expecting Patterson and got, well, something else altogether.

Strange "bed"fellows makes for an interesting capture of the criminal in this story. The story is quite sexually explicit, but this is what really brings the story together and solves the mystery. The ending was a bit predictable and not as exciting as I like--didn't have my ah-ha moment. 5 out of 10 for me.

Dark and gritty story about how several New Yorkers become connected via a serial killer who has a very personal connection to 9/11. As always, very well done by Block, who can certainly weave a story together like almost no one else can.

This is a horrible book. The author tried to put about 5 plots into one book and it didn't turn out well. On top of that, there's pornographic material that doesn't belong in a mystery book. There is no reasoning, nothing is logical, and my opinion of men has declined several notches based on the male stars in this book. I'll not be reading any more of this author.

First time around, Small Town made a huge impact on me. It’s very much a New York story, entirely influenced by 9/11. A decade later I was curious whether it would still feel as powerful, as involving and compelling as it did when Ground Zero was still little more than a hideous smoking hole, a raw wound at the heart of America. This is not your typical Lawrence Block hard-boiled pulp fiction PI quick thriller. Nor is it some anti-Islamic, homeland security, global conspiracy shindig, packed w [...]

All I can say is that I was really surprised by this book. I have never read Lawrence Block before, and from the dust jacket I expected another run-of-the mill cop/murder mystery/thriller. But it was a lot more than that. Or maybe it was not that at all. This was more of an entourage piece with many different characters. The book roughly follows changes in their lives in the year following 9/11. The characters' stories were all loosely tied together by their connection to the one killer (connect [...]

[Small Town: A Novel Of New York] "A Refreshing Change from the Block usual"I bought this book almost by accident and how glad I am that I did! To be honest I haven't read Lawrence Block for a couple of years or more, mainly because for me he had attained a 'same old' 'same old' feeling for me.I found I much preferred Harlan Coben for his imaginative plots and unexpected denouements and Michael Connelly for his wonderful Bosch series. Of a similar genre I have also recently found Robert Crais ve [...]

I've read quite a few Lawrence Block novels, and this is quite a departure. It's a disturbing book with some rather bizarre characters. Block makes the case that even a mega-metropolis like New York City can function as a small town, with characters' lives intersecting like strands of a spider web. He apparently wrote the book shortly after 9/11, which forms the basis for the plot: a retired manager loses both of his children, son-in-law, and unborn grandchild when the Twin Towers collapsed. Sub [...]

This is my first thriller by Lawrence Block, and it was a compelling read, all about a man's killing spree in Manhattan, the character's reaction to his own personal tragedies on September 11th. The other reviews I read can't help but mention the kinky nature of the sex scenes of the story, which are numerous, and very, very kinky; unfortunately, I don't think they much mattered to the story. And as someone who lived as a single woman in New York for many years, and had a lot of single female fr [...]

I thought this would be an interesting mystery for this time of year. The story takes place in Manhattan, just after the 9/11 tragedy. The killer becomes a lunatic after the loss of his daughter in the Twin Towers collapse, and his son, a firefighter, in the rescue efforts lead his wife to kill herself. When his suicide attempt fails, he launches a killing spree to make the city pay for taking his family. In his demented mind he blames the city for the death of his loved ones. Other main charact [...]

This was a real romp. I found some parts of it a little indulgent (but then I'm known for hating novels about novelists and have told my partner to load the 12-bore if I start writing one myself), but Block has a sure and witty touch with dialogue that redeems almost any indulgence. The thing that peeved me most was that this post 9/11 book has three mentions of Arabic people; all taxi-drivers - I thought Block could, and actually might, do better at bringing some depth as well as width to genre [...]

An enjoyable novel about glamour and crime in Manhattan. I believe that this interesting story had a unique and distracting fault. Many authors interject a parallel story into a novel and often switch back and forth. This book had a parallel to break up the story called graphic and gratuitous sex and violence. You would be rolling along in the story and suddenly someone would disappear under a table in a French restaurant that was not looking for their napkin. I am by no means a prude, but it oc [...]

Well, Lawrence Block has written so many things, he was bound to disappoint me at some point. Unlike his other books I've read, this is an ensemble piece with multiple protagonists and points-of-view. I guess this was his 9/11 novel, showing its after-effects on various New Yorkers in the year following. It doesn't fail because of its ambition (it's honest and unsentimental), and it doesn't fail because of its meandering tangents, (Block's tangents--Keller's stamp collecting, Scudder's AA meetin [...]

Very different from the author's Mathew Scudder series, which is what I've read so far. The Scudder series is pretty relaxed, as far as crime fiction goes. This book on the other hand had an intense cast of characterse novelist who may or may not be a murderer, the sex addict art dealer and her cast of unlikely playmates, the unassuming serial killer that surfaces. Block has all of their lives intersect in unusual ( and sometimes unbelievable) ways. Sex, violence, and politics? Yes. Explicit? Ye [...]

Oh, I so wanted to give this five stars based on sheer ambition alone. Block is one of the ultimate NYC writers and here he confronts NY post 9/11 by telling an ambitious, interweaving tale from a variety of walks of life. He tries to do something akin to Wolfe's Bonfire of the Vanities, but never quite manages to pull it off. Nonetheless, it's a beautiful miss and a fantastic read.

Not my cup of poison, I'm afraid. I've enjoyed reading some of Block's hardboiled mysteries and assumed this would be similar, but it isn't anywhere near as enjoyable. I don't find the characters believable and I don't want to know quite this much about their sex lives! I've given up after about 100 pages, and will stick to Block's Matt Scudder books in future.

Listened to this one. Narrated by the excellent George Guidall. This was my second Block book and probably my last. If he'd kept to the main story, it would have been a lot better. The sex was gratuitous and some of the characters/storylines really didn't propel the novel. Felt slow and labored.

I am not a prude but I have to say that I was annoyed by all the explicit sex in this book. I didn't feel like it added anything to the story. If I wanted to read porn I would have picked up 50 Shades of Grey

This was a little too rated "R" for me. I was surprised because I read another of this author's stories and it wasn't like this at all.

Only read less than a hundred pages. I love vintage Lawrence Block so much, I thought I'd try something newer. Hated it.

Yuk! This is bad, bad, bad, stomach turning bad. A terrible mixture of violent terrorism and really stupid porno writing. I feel like I need my mind washed out with soap after reading this. Their is very little coherence within the book because each chapter is presented by a different character, sometimes more than one character per chapter. You often have to read a couple of paragraphs to figure out who is the narrator. This is so sexually explicit I think I would rather just read a porno novel [...]

By focusing upon the lives of several people whose lives overlap, Block manages to give New York City a small town feeling. In a city reeling from 9/11, an unlikely mass murderer waging a one-man war against everyone is the connection between these various lives.The novel contains some soft core porn.

The setting of NY City during the year post 9-11; a cast of qwerky characters, kinky sex, an inside look at the book publishing process, Outsider Art, a serial murderer, all make this mystery a fun read.

I normally love Block's books. His Matt Scudder series is one of my favorites. Bernie Rhodenbarr and the Hitman series are also good. But, this one just didn't grab me.

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