Witches' Bane

Susan Wittig Albert

Witches' Bane

Witches' Bane

  • Title: Witches' Bane
  • Author: Susan Wittig Albert
  • ISBN: 9780425144060
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

The second China Bayles mystery Herb shop owner China is shocked when Halloween hijinks take a gruesome turn in Pecan Springs, ending in a brutal murder And China is even shocked when her friend Ruby, a New Age expert in tarot and astrology, becomes the prime suspect after a minister accuses her of witchcraft.

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Witches Bane by Susan Wittig Albert is a 1994 Berkley publication. I try to attend my “Friends of the Library” annual sale each year to raise money for my local library. And each year I lag home sacks full of books not only for a good cause but to give them a good home. So, when I signed up to review some new releases from this author, I seemed to remember bringing home a few older books I picked up at the library sale from this series, and sure enough I have a handful of these “China Bayl [...]

Since I liked Thyme of Death 4* worth, I was looking forward to book 2. I wanted to like this, but too often I had to make myself pick up the book and continue reading - not a good sign. I persevered, but I have to say, (view spoiler)[China, I don't know why your boyfriend loves you! (hide spoiler)]. Things did pull together enough to make it 2.5* but definitely didn't approach 3* - too bad!

This was surprisingly good considering the only reason I brought it was because it had a pumpkin on the cover riddled in bullet holes which makes it the most badass Halloween book cover ever. Good writing, darker than I expected from a sort of cozy mystery cover. Nice to read a single childless heroine in her 40s who wants to stay that way despite having a hot single dad boyfriend. I guessed the killer about halfway through but still enjoyed reading the rest. I'll definitely read more by this au [...]

Getting back to China Bayle's beginnings a bit for me. I enjoyed the story as always but found this one has a different flavor than some of those further along -- not better or wrose, just interesting to note the developmental changes. I enjoyed the Leatha/China relationship in this one though I'd encountered the facts of it in a later volume, it was good to actually experience the "in-person" unfolding of the storyline. This is something I love about SWA's series -- there is overlap when need b [...]

Strange things have been going on in the Texas town of Pecan Springs. A town resident has discovered dead chickens with piles of coins nearby. Another resident has discovered one of his goats killed, also with a pile of money nearby. To make matters even worse, China Bayles' friend Ruby Wilcox has started teaching a class on reading tarot cards. Then a Bible-thumping preacher arrives in Pecan Springs and starts accusing Ruby of devil worship. Are all these strange happening due to Ruby's witchcr [...]

This is the second book in the China Bayles Mystery series.This is an enjoyable series. Each book is themed to an herb and something in the plot has to do with the herb in some way. This book has to do with a death being made to look like it was done by someone into witch craft or cults and one of the characters grows a poisonous plant garden with witche's bane in it. Overall, I enjoyed the plot with it's twist and turns. I honestly had no clue who actually did the murder. My only disappointment [...]

Witches' Bane is my second foray into the spicy world of China Bayles, and in this installation the reader glimpses the dysfunctional Bayles family. Halloween enlivens the atmosphere with whisperings of witches, use of magic, and mysterious deaths. As usual, our heroine must risk life and limb in an effort to find truth and justice. Why do female detectives shun relationships and commitment? China Bayles closely parallels Deborah Knotts in the Margaret Maron mystery series in many aspects. Each [...]

(2nd China Bayles)I like this series although it's not one of my favorites. This entry was interesting because of it's specific brand of early Nineties feminism. (There's lots of talk about goddess religion, therapy groups, rediscovering of self etc. etc.) The mystery itself was pretty well done although I called the culprit the minute they came on the scene. I like that the main character's issues were treated seriously and not just resolved through the lovin' of a good man. Looking forward to [...]

Another good cozy mystery - can't wait to read more in the series.

I am really enjoying this series. I am getting to know the characters and I like when their lives are so well developed through the story.

This is the second novel I've read by Wittig Albert. I was not impressed at all by the first, a novel in her Beatrix Potter mystery series. This one was make or break for me for this author, and I was much more invested in this story and the characters here. China is intelligent and engaging, not annoying, as many cozy mystery protagonists tend to be. Even though this is the second book in the China Bayles series, I was never lost on characters, location, or story. Albert does a nice job of enca [...]

China is a lawyer turned herb store owner who investigates murders well while the idea really appeals to me the execution of it somehow falls a bit flat. This is both the second in the series & the second of China's adventures that I've read & I don't feel I "know" her any better. What should have been a really engaging story failed to engross as I would have liked. The plot's entertaining enough at the time but instantly forgettable afterwardsWill I read the third in the series? We'll s [...]

I just can't stop loving these predictable and shallow stories of lawyer-herbalist China Bayles. Completely and totally a guilty pleasure, I plow through these entertaining yarns over a weekend and find myself happy and satisfied every time. China's BFF Ruby is accused of being a witch! Right around Halloween-time in Texas. The bad guys use the uproar of the so-called occult drama to mask a murder or two. Luckily, China saves the day and climbs into bed with a hot guy at the end.

When a woman who grows poison plants is murdered on Halloween, former lawyer and tea shop owner China Bayles starts investigating when everything points to her best friend's boyfriend. I read some of the China Bayles cozy mystery series a long time ago but forgot how much I like them. Good mysteries and characters plus a romance that is not too overbearing. I am reading enough cozy mysteries but I will have to put this one on my list too!

I always love a good holiday mystery, and this one just in time for Halloween. It started off a little slow, but I like hearing about the different plants (not the poisonous ones), and herbs that China sells in her store. In terms of her boyfriend, I'm not sure if she is avoiding commitment, or if he is. I'll probably find out as I continue this series.

This is my first book by this author. I expected it to be a "cozy mystery", a very easy -reading book without much body, but it was more than that. It has an independent heroine with an interesting back story and the prospect of growth in books to come. I'll be reading more in this series.

I like how tehe author talks with the mystery story with China Bayle but also teaches us about the different flowers, etc.

I didn't hate it, but I don't want to read more in the series.

Not as good as the first in the series.

China Bayles left Houston and a successful but stressful career in law to settle in the small Texas town of Pecan Springs, where she hoped to find the peace and rest that her former life seriously lacked. Settling into her life as owner of an herb shop, Thyme and Seasons, China is able to find some degree of the peace that she sought. It's not long before she realizes, however, that even the quietest small towns are plagued by death and scandal. Only a year after solving the tragic murder of her [...]

Three stars for the mystery, only one for China herself. She is undoubtedly one of the most selfish and mean-spirited women I have come across. Selfish because she's only considering her own needs in the book, not those of other people, and mean-spirited because she is just plain MEAN to her mother. Her mom, who is going through a 12 step program, comes to China to say she is sorry and wants to have a relationship with her daughter. She knows they will never be close, but she wants something, an [...]

"The second China Bayles mystery. Herb shop owner China is shocked when Halloween hijinks take a gruesome turn in Pecan Springs, ending in a brutal murder. And China is even more shocked when her friend Ruby, a New Age expert in tarot and astrology, becomes the prime suspect after a minister accuses her of witchcraft."This is the cover blurb from Witches' Bane. But, as usual, this does not tell the whole story. China and her friends discover that the vitriolic minister is actually a bigamist, th [...]

China Bayles' friend Ruby enters into this second mystery as a murder sustect as a minister also accuses her of witchcraft. Ruby has a tarot and astrology shop attached to China's herb shop in Pecan Springs, a fictional small town somewhere in the Texas Hill Country. Again, Albert injects pithy bits of information about plants and herbs into her novels that made the book all that much more interesting to read. I went back when I finished the mystery and read about the herbs and their history. Ch [...]

BOTTOM LINE: This modern village cosy, the second in the now long-running China Bayles (herbalist/lawyer in Texas) series, was an entertaining mystery about strong women living good lives in a small town filled with not always very nice people.Murder on Halloween, with over-excited religious fanatics on the prowl, dead chickens, and other gruesome findings. A shop filled with New Age items (including Tarot cards and crystals), annoys a lay preacher so much he gathers an increasingly rowdy crowd [...]

I'm glad I gave this series a second look. I really liked the first novel's main character, story, setting, and secondary characters but I was put off by the amount of language. I decided to try once more to see if it calmed down because the story was so good, and I was rewarded. The language was much less in this book and the story was good. I figured out the murderer pretty early but it was still fun to watch China figure it out and also discover the motive. China is an engaging heroine and sh [...]

WITCHES' BANE - OkAlbert Susan Wittig - 2nd in China Bayles seriesHalloween is supposed to be scary—but someone's pulling pranks in Pecan Springs that go way beyond holiday hijinks. The creepiness culminates in a brutal murder—and China's friend Ruby becomes a prime suspect when a mudslinging minister accuses her of New-Age witchcraft. Now it's up to China to unmask the real killerChina's herb shop in Pecan Springs, Texas, is a long way from the law firm in Houston. But China wanted to get a [...]

Its Halloween time and everyone in Pecan Springs, Texas is a little edgy. There has been talk of two deaths that may have been witch related murders, a number of ritualistic animal killings and now China Bayles good friend Ruby is holding a Tarot card reading class that has the local minister up in arms. To make matters worse after a local Halloween party held by a Wicca group one of the party goers is dead and all fingers are pointing at Ruby. But China knows her friend is innocent and as she g [...]

This second book in the China Bayles series is well done. The plot does involve some accusations of witchcraft and involvement in the occult, so if you just can't deal with those things, you can skip this one. I thought the author handled the subject well, giving no credence to those things (and pointing out that they only have power over you if you give it to them). She also briefly explores the difference between Wicca and witchcraft, which some folks may not have had a chance to learn. The pl [...]

Do any of the cozy mystery heroines really work at their jobs or do they just solve mysteries? China Bayles is one of the worst in that she constantly leaves her store under the care of Ruby or Laura just she can go out searching for clues. One thing I did like was the realistic way Albert handled the situation with China's mother, Leatha. I think her mother was quite naive to think that her startling news would bring an immediate change in their relationship. It takes more than a few days to wi [...]

Really enjoyed this book. It is the story of China Bayles, an ex-layer, who now runs an herb shop in a small town in Texas. Her shop is next door to a New Age store run by Ruby Wilcox, her best friend. And her boyfriend is an ex-cop who is an assistant professor in the criminal justice department of Central Texas State University. And, then there are the cast of characters of Pecan Springs, China's mother, two murders, a wrongly accused suspicious man who happens to be Ruby's love interest and a [...]

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