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  • Title: Blitzcat
  • Author: Robert Westall
  • ISBN: 9780590427715
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Paperback

An exciting new package for an 80,000 copy bestseller In Robert Westall s critically acclaimed novel, a courageous black cat journeys through war torn England searching for her beloved master A moving and stirring novel School Library Journal.

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Lord Gort is an ordinary cat: she has no magic powers and rarely does anything more than what other cats can do. When her master leaves home to fight the Germans in World War II Lord Gort sets out to track him down. In the course of her travels the black cat is befriended by a lonely volunteer in the Observer Corps, a maverick sergeant, an elderly carter and a young war widow. Adopted by the rear gunner of a bomber plane, Lord Gort flies on numerous missions over enemy territory. After many succ [...]

I love books that make me feel nostalgic and this book did just that! I thought it was absolutely fascinating that the protragonist was a cat and the cat lead you through all the different emotions that came with world war II, intergrating them in little personal stories as the cat brings luck and a small amount of hope to each individual she stays with. I found it especially touching when she brought a war widow back to life by forcing her to regain control of her life using her poorly kitten t [...]

Is this really a kids' book?? At every installment I was crying. I think perhaps a case of an adult finding things more hard-hitting and upsetting where a kid might cope better, and/or be able to ride it at a less wrenching level of adventure. Maybe not. In any case, what an exploration. A trip through a diverse sampling of experiences in WWII (all based on true events). The cat is a narrative device like Huck and Jim on the raft: the vehicle one rides to connect all these stories, look through [...]

What an extraordinary book! It is much more than a wonderful book about a pet, it is an historical (although partially fictional) novel about second world war in which a cat with a sixth sense to "follow" her "person" ends up traveling most of her life and mysteriously bringing luck and salvation to all those who cross her path. Is it because she has a sixth sense that enables her to somehow "flare" danger? Or are black cats really lucky? A marvelous book, breathtaking and intense and extremely [...]

که انگار جنگ، از دید گربه‌ها هم همانقدر تلخ است. ساده، دلچسب، جدید، زیبا. ممنونم از خانم توکلی عزیز که برام انتخابش کردن! 3/5 stars

This book taught me that cats lead more interesting lives than me.

Δεν συμπαθώ καν τις γάτες, αλλά αυτό το βιβλίο ήταν απολαυστικό.

This is an excellent novel! It sparked my interest in World War II at a young age.It tells the story of a lost cat traveling through England during the Blitz. Much like Jack London's White Fang, Westall's cat character behaves like an actual cat, and not like a humanized version of one. As a child, she gave me a clear window into the strange world of history. It was hard for me to relate to foreign wars before my time, but I loved cats. Seeing the war through the eyes of a cat helped me to reall [...]

Imagine setting Lassie come Home, or Homeward Bound the incredible Journey in England during World War II. Now imagine a cat with some sort of superior homing instinct. Something the author refers to as Psi-trailing. That's the basis of this novel, as a female black cat named Lord Gort uses her superior tracking abilities to find "home" and her "human" after being evacuated to the countryside because of German air raids. Along the way Lord Gort will make new friends and have many adventures, bec [...]

A cat as a main character with a World War II setting. It doesn't get much better than this. Loved this book.

Robert Westall’s novel Blitzcat has remained one of my favorite books about WWII, and I enjoy each rereading. It is the story of a female black cat named Lord Gort* who travels across England during the war in 1940-41 in search of her special owner and of the people she meets along the way. It is based on the phenomenon of psi-trailing. This is the ability of animals to find their way back to their owners, even over thousands of miles when they have become separated from one another for some r [...]

I have wanted to read this book for ages, so when I saw this copy on the table at my local Book fair last week I knew it was meant to be. I'd been toying with buying it on Kindle but never committed, so now I get it for the low price of only $1I liked the gritty reality of this book. The cat starves and is hurt, and war rages on around it. The human characters were great too, each in their own way. Honestly though, I would have preferred to feel more for the cat's own master rather than more for [...]

A beautiful and tragic story about a black cat whom is considered back in the WW2 times to bring good luck. This cat is no ordinary cat, however. She goes through so many things. You see things from her eyes whilst during World War 2. She visits many towns, goes through many owners and people who take care of her along the way. She endures bombs, raids, gun shells, temporary blindness and deafness. She becomes a mother, she saves people, places, other animals, hunts and is an awesome and seeming [...]

I think I read this as a kid, and wasn't too keen on it then. Re-reading it now was such a bore, and it really dragged towards the end. It's a shame, because the concept for the book is appealing, but it just suffers from not enough dialogue, and no interesting characters (apart from the cat). I think I'll re-read The Machine Gunners (which I enjoyed as a kid), and I just hope that has stood the test of time.

I really don't know why it took me so long to get round to reading this book, but I wish now that I'd done it sooner. A classic children's story of wartime England, a small black cat and the many lives she touches on her journey to find her owner. I know I said this was a children's story but it's one of those books that should be read be every one, at times it brought a tear to my eye, I loved it.

I read this book at least 10 years ago, and I can still tell you the whole story line, beginning to end. I really enjoyed it and have no idea why!

In the book Blitzcat by Robert Westall, the main message is that home is wherever you are with the ones that you love and that there really is no place like home. Blitzcat takes place in England during the Blitz. The Blitz was when Germany attacked England through bombing them from 1940-1941. This story is told through Lord Gort who is a cat so therefore cannot talk so acts as a narrator. When Lord Gort's special person leaves to fight the Germans, Lord Gort uses psi trailing, a sense cats have [...]

I rarely bother with 'children's books'. Regardless, this caught my eye, and though it's a very easy read, it's a surprisingly good one. Blitzcat moves through the narrative like an amoral compass. The war may rage, but she is Cat, and above such things. She brings luck - imagined or otherwise - on those she lives with. But she has her own goal, entirely apart from puny hoomans.I enjoyed it. I intend to lend it to my Mom (yes, some English people do call their mothers 'Mom'. Depends where you li [...]

I started reading this with my son in May (I think), taking turns: he read a page, then I read a page. Now that I finished it--alone--I realize that in every way, it's way ahead of him. Westall is categorized as a YA author, but this book needs to be read by someone who knows an awful lot about the events around WWII in England. Probably not too many teens have that knowledge. I can see it being used as a literature component in a history class, though. Anyway. The story follows Lord Gort, a cat [...]

ARE NINE LIVES ENOUGH TO SURVIVE THE BLITZ?This feline odyssey is set in war-ravaged England starting after the evecuation of Dunkirk and continues for a year afterwards, Blitzcat is an extraordinary adventure story of heroism and stoicism, of compassion and brutality. Lord Gort is a female black cat (considerd lucky by servicemen) who travels around England seeking her beloved soldier master. (psi-trailing) This plucky heroine will tug at your heart as World War II causes her to lose several of [...]

I got Blitzcat at the Imperial War Museum in London when I visited in 2008. This turned out to be an interesting WWII book, but I had to be in the right mood to read it. The story follows a black cat called Lord Gort, as she is searching for her person, an RAF wing commander.An interesting point are that the cat actually acts like a cat, and this is used to tell the wartime stories of the people she meets on her travels. These stories doesn't glorify the war, and show the experience from many di [...]

I wish I'd read this book years ago. I love "The Machine Gunners", but had never read any more of Robert Westalls novels until "Fathom Five" last year. I found this book in a charity shop for 25p - best 25 pence I've ever spent!This story sees life during World War II through the eyes of a cat who goes wandering to try and find her master (who has been sent overseas). Like the "Littlest Hobo" Lord Gort wanders in and out of people's lives bringing luck to all of them.Yes the story is reminiscent [...]

A cat tries to find her way back to her master during the Blitz.I was expecting this to be told in first-person from the cat's point of view (similar to Mr. Revere and I), but it isn't. We do get to hear what the cat is thinking and feeling now and then, but most of the story is really about the people she encounters along the way. This includes Mrs. Smiley (a woman who's housing a group of soldiers in Dover), Ollie (an elderly man who runs a stable and helps care for people after Coventry is bo [...]

War storiesThe story was very well written and kept you interested to the end. I love stories about animals. Especially cats. The writer made you feel the cats personality and you had to admire her for her tenacious pursuance of her owner. You always feared for her life up to the end.

A good read- teaches a little about the war without being a textbook. Wouldn't want a really young kid reading it as it does cover all parts of war. I liked the story of Ollie best. I wish there hadn't been so many abbreviations as I have no idea what they mean!

World War II from a cat's perspective. I was bored out of my mind. My first year teaching, I was told to read this with my below level juniors. The comment of the year (mumbled by a student under his breath) was "I wish this &^*%$# cat would die." So did I.

Amazing from-the-cat POV book, set in WW2 London during the bombings. Loved it! Still one of my faves.

I read this book in 6th grade, and it gave me my passion for reading!

The Blitzkrieg, the evacuation of Coventry, the billeting of soldiers in private homes, the experiences of rear gunmen in WWII fighter planes and the emotional ups and downs of soldiers and citizens alike are made real in this book for young adults. The story follows a black female cat who has gone stray in an attempt to find and follow her master who is an officer in the RAF. This cat can sense bombs, fires, explosions and attacks before they take place and manages to warn or lead people out of [...]

What a wonderful writer Robert Westall was! Don't be put off by the fact that this is called a "children's novel". That categorisation is plain daft. This novel is adult in tone, content and quality. In effect this is a series of short stories (linked by a wandering cat) about various people's experiences of wartime Britain. It has many very adult themes: life, love, sex, death, horror, humour, loss and tragedy. And it is beautifully written. Just read it!

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