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Sarah Phillips

Sarah Phillips

  • Title: Sarah Phillips
  • Author: Andrea Lee
  • ISBN: 9780394535470
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Hardcover

Sarah Phillips A Novel, by Lee, Andrea

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At the start of the chapter on her father's funeral, Sarah describes how the information of his stroke was hampered on its journey to her by the phone that was only 'half-working', and thus her mother's voice was 'embroidered with static', a situation that evokes the effects of a stroke on the body (as well as stereotypes of female anxiety and solicitude). Sarah elaborates to explain how a jealous Scandinavian boyfriend damaged her phone along with other comforts of her shared apartment, such as [...]

3.5 starsThis is a very well-written book, clear and evocative, and I particularly liked the early chapters, which evoke suburban childhood summers and follow the young protagonist through her first encounters with race. Sadly, the later part of the book didn’t jive as well for me, though the writing is equally good. The chapters are episodic to the point that it resembles a short story collection more than a novel (some of them appear to have been published independently), which I wasn’t ex [...]

In table of contents order, we have:In France: 5/5New African: 4/5Mother: 4.5/5G[*]psies: 3/5Marching: 3.5/5Servant Problems: 4.5/5Matthew and Martha: 4/5The Days of the Thunderbirds: 4.5/5An Old Woman: 5/5Negatives: 4/5Fine Points: 3/5A Funeral at New African: 4/5I wish short story collections would stop putting their finest piece first. On the other hand, maybe I should be wishing that I stop expending more offered on the first course than the rest of the stories combined, thereby semi-cementi [...]

This is one of the best books i've ever read. A collection of short stories about Sarah Phillips- a Black woman who grew up in a well-to-do family. The stories are not in chronological order, which adds to the complexity of the main character. This book deals with race, class and privilege.

For a memoir told by a character whose defining trait is unresolved sentiments, the narration is crystal clear. It is not the typical, impassioned minority speaker whose bildungsroman reaches a cathartic vision or understanding of his or her identity. The narration deals with loss and being lost, minus the saturated descriptions either leaning toward a self-righteous message or an aimless series of self-deprecating humor. The conciseness of the text is astoundingly efficient in its delivery of m [...]

I re-read this story this weekend and it deserves a second look.

As recommended by Curtis Sittenfeld.

Excellent book; a story that I am very happy was told. This provides another perspective about an African-American woman's life. I would like to see a movie made based on this story.

I'm not quite sure what to make of this book. Readers are introduced to the aimless Sarah Phillips who is wondering around Europe, specifically France, with three men. All of which she has has some quasi friendship/relationship. After two chapters we learn she is considering coming back to the states. Then readers are transported to the past and follow her through her childhood, and all the way to college. The Sarah we meet in the past, has a life that is mapped out and determined. In these chap [...]

Extremely well written.

I loved this book. What an interesting glimpse into a world that white folks such as I didn't even know existed. Fascinating and heart-warming.

2.5 stars. I really like the idea of this book--a middle-class black girl graduates from Harvard in the 1970s and goes to Paris. That's how the book opens. What follows is a series of vignettes of her growing-up years, an almost obligatory one about her preacher father, one about her mother, one about her brother and his Jewish girlfriend, one about black cooks and janitors at the boarding school. It felt like the stories almost ceased to be about Sarah, and became only commentary. Of course eac [...]

This book was short but felt long and was incredibly snotty. This is the 2nd book I've read by the author although this is the author's first book. I'm guessing this is mostly autobiographical and basically consists of short stories all coming of age about a young black woman growing up in the upper middle class Philadelphia suburbs, attending private schools and summer camps and the daughter of a baptist pastor. There were some funny moments and some really emotional ones. It wasn't a complete [...]

Wonderfully written book that is hard to put down, even though it is episodic in nature, essentially a collection of related short stories. I would like to know more about what happens to Sarah Phillips in later life and how she copes with it all.


I read Sarah Phillips for a class. Luckily it is a short book; as I did not particularly enjoy it.

Sarah Phillips by Andrea Lee (1985)

It was interesting; but ultimately, the author returns to the same images and tropes.

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