The Kissing Game

Suzanne Brockmann

The Kissing Game

The Kissing Game

  • Title: The Kissing Game
  • Author: Suzanne Brockmann
  • ISBN: 9780553592320
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

A Florida beauty who hides her stunning good looks A childhood friend who s made a career of seduction A thrilling story of mystery, secrets, and romance as only New York Times bestselling author Suzanne Brockmann can tell itSunrise Key native and aspiring private investigator Frankie Paresky has her first bona fide case a client has hired her to find the missing heA Florida beauty who hides her stunning good looks A childhood friend who s made a career of seduction A thrilling story of mystery, secrets, and romance as only New York Times bestselling author Suzanne Brockmann can tell itSunrise Key native and aspiring private investigator Frankie Paresky has her first bona fide case a client has hired her to find the missing heir to a priceless property But there s one complication Simon Hunt, her best friend s brother and a notorious heartbreaker, insists on being Frankie s assistant For Frankie, even Simon s street smart know how isn t worth the cost of dealing with his distracting good looks and overactive libido But Simon s on a mission to prove he s not the man Frankie thinks he is The truth is, he s been dreaming about Frankie since they were teenagers, and not one woman on his endless list of conquests has managed to stop him But he needs to work fast Because the real Frankie every gorgeous inch of her isn t under wraps any, and a stranger is already moving in.

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Awww, this friends-to-lovers story was so sweet! I'm still smiling and sighing at the endingSimon Hunt and Francine "Frankie" Paresky have been friends since childhood and, although each has been secretly attracted to the other since they hit puberty, none has acted on it. Why? Because she isn't a woman who indulges in short-term love affairs and he's scared to death of long-term relationships. But he's started to see her in a different light lately and, even though he's still unsure about pursu [...]

Opening line:"Helllo?" Simon? Please tell me that Leila's there!"The Kissing Game is a quick, easy and amusing friends to lovers romance that I enjoyed way more then I expected to. Written in 96, its one of Brockmann’s earlier category romances and the 2nd from her Sunset Key Trilogy. Although it could easily be read as a stand alone too. For the most part this is your straight up contemporary romance, there isn’t any suspense and it’s not a totally original story either. However Brockmann [...]

Good quick easy romantic read

2.5 starsNot long ago I read the first book in this trilogy and I really liked it. This one was nothing like the other. I won't read the third one.

I was surprised how much I liked this one. I love friends-to-lovers, and I also love books when people fall in love with their siblings best friends (I don't know why). There wasn't a long drawn-out drama; but at the same time Frankie and Simon didn't just one day see the light, fall in love, and everything was amazing. There was a believable amount of angst (although that isn't the perfect word for it).All in all, it was a really sweet romance. I think my favorite part was when Simon became obs [...]

This book is the 2nd book in the trilogy. I actually read the first book and listened to this one. It kills me how the MEN in all these love stories have an epiphany of sorts about the women they've been friends with or grew up with or worked with and it always hits them like a freight train I'M IN LOVED OH MY GOSH I ACTUALLY LOVE HER and then they have to go and deal with these new feelings and then they just can't live without her forever and ever amen. Yes I understand it's a book, it's a fai [...]

I liked this one slightly less than the first one. While I did feel the chemistry between Simon and Frankie, I didn't love them together at first It felt a little forced. I also thought Frankie was really unfair when it came to Simon's reputation. He says he wants more and she reminds him of his player past. This after saying to her that he wanted to meet the one that would stick! Despite that, I loved what Simon did in the end for her. It was really sweet and would melt any heart!

DNF. Too much of the "I've loved you since we were young but I am too chicken to make a move" nonsense. I listened to the audio book and the voicing of the main character was too breathy and ditzy sounding. I just couldn't take it.

Two-haiku review:She's a private eyeHe wants to help her find guyAnd wants sex alsoCan leopard change spots?Both likable charactersI rooted for them

Well, I started with book 2 and now I'll have to read them all. A fun read, but I don't remember a book with a man crying so much.

A pretty good read

Cute story. One of those "I've known you forever- -oh, no, I'm in love with you!" books. Very well done, of course, by Suzanne Brockmann.

She's really good at this whole writing thing. And really gets that pull just the right way at the right time for the characters. <3 You'll not regret reading this series.

Review of Kindle editionThis is Book 2 in a romantic comedy trilogy Suzanne Brockmann wrote in 1996 for Bantam Loveswept. The other two books are: Book 1, Kiss and Tell, and Book 3, Otherwise Engaged. The Kindle edition is mostly cleanly edited, with occasional paragraph-break problems.The hero of this book is Simon Hunt, thirty-six-year-old brother of Leila Hunt, the heroine of Book 1, and his romantic interest is thirty-year-old Frankie Paresky, Leila's best friend.Like Simon, Frankie has live [...]

20134.5★The second book of the Sunrise Keys series. I read the first (Kiss and Tell) and liked the characters. Simon Hunt and Francine "Frankie" Paresky were in the first book and I liked them as well as Simon's sister Leila Hunt and his best friend Marshall Devlin. These characters I really enjoyed reading about. I think Kissing Game was a little better though because it had a little more to the plot. Also learning about the other people on Sunrise Keys through Frankie's point of view (who se [...]

Follow-up to Kiss and Tell Sunrise Key Trilogy 1. Frankie and Simon were introduced in that book, but it is unnecessary to have read it to read this one. Frankie has known Simon all her life. He is her best friend's brother and she's been attracted to him for as long as she can remember. He's a love 'em and leave 'em type, so she plans to stay far away from him.Simon has found Frankie attractive for years, but has stayed away from her because he likes their friendship and he thinks she would nev [...]

Allowing Simon Hunt to play her partner on her latest assignment probably wasn't Frankie Paresky's best idea ever, but the P.I. found it just as hard as most women did to tell him no! When a chase to solve a long-ago mystery sparked a sizzling attraction between old friends, Frankie wavered between pleasure and panic. Could the best bad boy she'd ever known be the man she'd always love? Utterly seductive, irresistibly inventive, Suzanne Brockmann’s merry romp celebrates a love as torrid as the [...]

3.5I wanted to shake both Simon and Frankie multiple times in this book!! They both liked each other, but were too stubborn to admit it. I liked Frankie- she was spunky and didn't take shit from Simon, which was great. Simon grew on me, but honestly I'm tired of womanizing men who are reformed when they meet "The One;" but he helped Frankie on her case and chased after her when she needed chasing, so he won some brownie points back.Who I liked most in this book that I wanted to hear more from wa [...]

I really liked this story of friends falling in love. Francine (Frankie)Paresky lives in the Florida Keyes and works a variety of jobs to earn a living. She has known Simon Hunt her best friends older brother since they were kids, and has been secretly in love with him. Due to the fact that he is a notorious heartbreaker she has never explored this possibility. Simon Hunt also has a secret lust for little Francine, he can't explain why he feels this way and he is determined to get her in his bed [...]

This is one of SB earlier works, so it's strictly a romance. It doesn't have the humor or action that some of her more current works have, but it's still an okay read Had this been a current work, I might have only given it a 2 or a 2.5, but have to consider when this was written. It's a light read and I really enjoyed the characters of Frankie and Simon. Both were in the first in this series (Kiss and Tell), so there was some previous character development. As a result, I would recommend that y [...]

I have pretty much pretty much felt the same about most of these older books that have been re-released by Suzanne Brockmann. I have yet to be wowed, but they serve their purpose.This is a fairly typical romance with few surprise. The couple gets from point A to point B fairly quickly and everyone lives happily ever after. In the previous re-released books, the dialogue has been severely cringe worthy at times. With antiquated words and phrases I have only ever heard my grandmother mutter, it wa [...]

Brockmann is one of my very favorite authors. This is not what she writes nowadays, as it's straight romance as compared to her popular romantic suspense navy seals series. And it is one of her earliest novels, but that being said, I enjoyed it. Although her writing style has changed over the years, she still engenders the same great character chemistry. Like all her books, there was instant chemistry between Frankie (the heroine) and Simon (the hero). The story itself is the typical, long time [...]

Private Detective Frankie Paresky has her first case--a client has hired her to find the missing heir to a priceless property. But there's one problemSimon Hunt, her best friend's brother, insists on being Frankie's assistant. For Frankie, even Simon's knowledge of the island isn't worth the cost of dealing with his distracting good looks and overactive libido. But Simon is on a mission to prove he's not the man Frankie thinks he is.This is another cute story in Brockmann's Sunrise Key series. T [...]

I really liked this story! I love books that make you laugh and cry, but also make you happy! This is a story of friends who fall in love. They are both terrified that by starting a romantic relationship that they'll ruin their friendship. Both Simon and Frankie are fun characters. Frankie is independent and Simon a little on the sly side. Simon comes up with a couple of pretty ingenious plans to get Frankie to wake up and realize what's right in front of her. But, when they finally make it work [...]

Similar to Body Language modern day woman unsure of herself and her own sexuality has the love of a vertile man, unmarried hot man! One of these types of stories was enough but another- NO! I think its too prescriptive and predictable to make the entire story about how these two people who've loved each other for years but can't admit because they don't want to ruin the friendship only to finally get together. It is lacking interesting characters and an interesting story line!

I am really surprised that I ended up liking this one. In the last book and in the beginning of this one Simon is protrayed as such a man whore that I didn't think he would be able to win over me let along Frankie who is much more cynical.The way he went about doing it seemed very wrong at times, but once he realized just what he was going to loose he came up with the perfect plan to win Frankie's heart. The diaries were the best thing about this one!

What worked so well for Brockmann in Kiss and Tell - introducing two characters already fairly laden with backstory in order to explain the natural progression of what's essentially a full romance in Harlequinn length - founders a bit here. Possibly because her characters are vastly uninteresting. Or maybe that gag only worked once for me. It's Brockmann, so it's certainly not bad, but not worth ever rereading. Even if it does reinforce, yet again, the power of the little black dress.

A lot of Suzanne Brockmann's early novels have the two main characters constantly doubt their feelings for one another, and it's a little frustrating. But, I sped through this one because despite the junior-high "does he or doesn't he?" it was a good book.I loved the ending!

*sniffle* The ending was so sweet I definitely teared up quite a bit. It was so very adorable and I loved it. Even though this was a story of the sibling's best friend (like the first one in the series) there was very little sibling involvement, which made it so much better. Considering the two of them had been kind of friends rather than enemies, it made it more enjoyable.

This is the second installment in the Sunrise Key trilogy. I had already read the other books and enjoyed them, and though I liked this book, I found myself frustrated by the characters takeing so long to realize their attraction and love for each other. I like bother the characters, but found that there was alot of story opportunities that were missed. I give this one a 4 out of 5.

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