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Danielle Steel

Mirror Image

Mirror Image

  • Title: Mirror Image
  • Author: Danielle Steel
  • ISBN: 9780440244004
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

To look at one was to see the other For family, even the girls own father, it was a constant guessing game For strangers, the surprise was overwhelming And for the twins Olivia and Victoria Henderson, two remarkable young women coming of age at the turn of the century, their bond was mysterious, marvelous, and often playful a secret realm only they inhabited.Olivia andTo look at one was to see the other For family, even the girls own father, it was a constant guessing game For strangers, the surprise was overwhelming And for the twins Olivia and Victoria Henderson, two remarkable young women coming of age at the turn of the century, their bond was mysterious, marvelous, and often playful a secret realm only they inhabited.Olivia and Victoria were the beloved daughters of a man who never fully recovered from his wife s death bearing them in 1893 Shy, serious Olivia, born eleven minutes before her sister, had taken over the role of mother in their lush New York estate, managing not only a household but her rebellious twin s flights of fancy Free spirited Victoria wanted to change the world She embraced the women s suffrage movement and dreamed of sailing to war torn Europe Then, in the girls twenty first year, as the first world war escalated overseas, a fateful choice changed their lives forever.It began when Victoria s life was about to become a public scandal It led to a painful decision, and brought handsome lawyer Charles Dawson into the Henderson s life and family Hand picked by the twins father to save his daughter s reputation, Charles was still mourning his wife s death aboard the Titanic, struggling to raise his nine year old son alone, determined never to lose his heart again Charles wanted to believe that, for the sake of his son, he could make an unwanted marriage work But in an act of deception that only Olivia and Victoria could manage, the twins took an irrevocable step, which changed both their lives forever and took one of the twins to the battlefields of France, the other into a marriage she longed for but could not have.From Manhattan society to the trenches of war ravaged France, Mirror Image moves elegantly and dramatically through a rich and troubled era With startling insight, Danielle Steel explores women s choices between home and adventure, between the love for family and the passion for a cause, between sacrifice and desire But at the heart of Mirror Image is a fascinating, realistic portrait of identical twins, two vastly different sisters who lead their lives and follow their destinies against a vivid backdrop of a world at war.From the Hardcover edition.

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دوستان گرانقدر، این کتاب از 443 صفحه و 33 فصل تشکیل شده است داستان حدود سال 1913 میلادی و در آمریکا میباشد و هیجانات و رویدادهای زیاد و خاص خود را دارد و در مورد دو خواهر دو قلو و کاملاً شبیه به یکدیگر است که تشخیص آنها از یکدیگر حتی برای پدرشان «ادوارد هندرسون» نیز ممکن نمیباشد و ال [...]

When I picked up this book,I thought it would be a journey I could never forget.My thoughts halfway through the book was-Oh Lord!please let this journey be over quickly.And when I ended it-Thank God!The journey's OVERI was very very irritated and exasperated by the characters in this book.It drags on and on and on and on.Oh yes!This was the exact feeling I got while reading itBut,all in all I can say that it was not a complete waste as I was introduced to some amazing, out of the world character [...]

3.5 stars I'd say. This was a funny one, funny as in not humerous! Set around the time of the Titanic, a set of gorgeous 'Mirror twins' experience some unrealistic scenarios, swapping identities, tricking boyfriends and their families as they just can't be told apart. Even their father can't tell who's who. Lots of repetition as is the norm with DS, but I do love reading them on holidays, and as a repeat of my last years holiday, I also did a fair bit of reading in the car. This is such a prolif [...]

Wonderful book. I love it so much. The story is so heart touching. I love the character of the twin sisters Olivia and Victoria. Their character was presented in such a great way that at the end of the book I felt like they are real and I know them. Danielle Steel presents in a very interesting and detailed way the character's feelings and I liked that very much. The end of the book was a little bit sad however it has a happy ending. This book teached me what is it like to have a sister.

twins opposite nature. Elder the more introvert one and 11 mins younger the more carefree one. one guy loved by the elder ends up marrying the younger one (the one he loves). sisterhood, friendship, love, war and sacrifice and a loss brings them closer to each other.

Okay, overall I enjoyed the novel. It was entertaining, it kept my interest, & I felt the chapters dealing with the first World War were utterly fascinating (here comes the however), the ending completely ruined the whole novel for me.I don't read DS novels because of the high-moral character they posses. Most are trashy, everybody's cheating on everyone, marriage is more of a hobby than a commitment, I understand all that before I read them. I like her novels because their exciting, she is [...]

Awful. Not Danielle Steel's worst, however. The main problem? Victoria. Her character is insufferable, and then the narrator pipes in and explains that she and her angel of a twin, Olivia, are virtually the same person. And they can't live without each other blah blah blah. If Olivia had a brain, she would've ditched the biatch from the get-go. Anyway. Whatever. I'm a little ashamed that I read this book (despite the fact that it was given to me, stripped and free of charge, by a friend who work [...]

Danielle is the best, the way she describes the twins and their behaviors, thei choice of clothing, and everything is so detailed and I can't believe that it's only imagination. The book is a piece of heaven and I haveread it three times, and still find new details about it and enjoy it as the first time.

What a wonderful summer read ! Couldn't get enough .

The book is about two twin sisters, Victoria and Olivia. Their father’s name is Edward Henderson. They live in Croton-on-Hudson, New York. He owns a steel mills, but the person who is running it is his attorney, John Watson. Edward was sixty-five when he retired from the business, and his daughters were not allowed to run it. His had a health problem, and his daughters were never bored because they had many friends. They went to parties often. The Cortland Manor is near their home. It was her [...]

I loved it, its typical of what happens when twins are involved.

This is the first book I've read from Danielle Steel, and I am not quite excited. There were just a few strong moments, and as a whole the plot was boring, and in the end it was more that stupid. Yes, it was unexpected, and this is one of these books that are surprising you, but the surprise was unpleasant. When I finished the book I had was feeling oppressed. It wasn't definitely my cup of tea.

I must say this was a very good book! It was always interesting and never a dull moment! It tells the story of the lives Of two twin sisters. These sisters are identical in so many ways, but not alike in so many others. It is a very touching story. The love that sisters can share is so heart warming in this story. This is a must read!

I am not a Danielle Steele fan. Okat me up! Ms. Steele writes to a formula, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The bad thing about her formula: It is so simple that you figure it out on the second book you read. I like a little bit of a challenge.

one of my favorites!

exquisitley sensational, steel has ardently depicted such a fervently unique bond between two sisters "twins" really enjoyed reading every wordeel is my favourite.:)

This is the first Danielle Steel book I've read as an adult. The short version of the plot is that Victoria and Olivia are identical twins. The two of them switch places because of something stupid that Victoria does. The swiiiiiiitch doesn't happen till the second half of the book, but it all ends up being pretty predictable.There were many things that irritated me about this book, most of all, Victoria's selfishness. The ending of the book was rather climatic, but it was such a simple and pred [...]

Debo esta reseña desde hace tanto, que me da vergüenza admitirlo. Uno de mis retos de este año es leer cinco libros de Danielle Steel, una de mis autoras románticas favoritas, y en un paseo durante mis vacaciones a un parque cerca de mi casa me encontré con este ejemplar. Usado y en perfecto estado, vale destacar. Así que me lo llevé. La lectura fue rápida, realmente. No es la historia que más me ha gustado de la autora, pero interesante, teniendo en cuenta la época en que está situad [...]

c'est un roman qui décrit la vie de deux jumeaux,de leur enfances aprés la mort de leur mére,en passant par leur histoire d'amour,leurs disputes qutodien,mais le point fort de cet roman,se manifeste quand l'une de deux décide de quitter son mari,pour être membre de croix rouge,dans l'europe,cet roman dècrit d'un style délicat,les sentiements de jumeaux,leur télépathie,la vie des américans lors de 2 guerre mondiale,c'est l'une du meilleur roman que j'ai lu en 2017

This could be my favorite Danielle Steele book ever written! I love the dicotemy of the hopeless romantic, Olivia, and the adventurous, Victoria. Their decisions are not always the most conventional and I had to get past some of them. But I found myself engrossed in their stories. I was rooting for them to get everything they wanted and I was devestated by their losses. Such passion and suspense! One of the best historical fictions I've found!

Al iniciar este libro no me parecia que fuera tan bueno, pero con el correr de los capitulos se vuelve muy interesante y adictivo, hace tiempo que no atrapa tanto un libro, me encantó y la manera de como aprovecha para relacionar la trama con el titanic y la primera guerra mundial, muy bien hecho.Es elsegundo libro que leo de esta autora y no decepciona

Great fun -- all the elements for a page-turning historical romance. Mistaken identity, beautiful women, dashing suitors. Dutiful homebody Olivia and her fun-loving, feminist identical twin Victoria strut their stuff against moneyed New York families and a background of World War I. Leave your inhibitions -- and your critical eye -- behind, and get ready for a wild ride. For ladies only!

Una imagen en el espejoMuy buena aunque también increíble que pueda pasar algo así sin que los demás lo noten o se den cuenta.disfrute muchísimo la historia aunque el camino que le tocó en la vida a victoria no fue fácil y si triste a gustado mucho.

Always thought Danielle Steele wrote books with a lot of sex so I have steered away from them. This book did not and was a special story about identical twins. It was a good book but not particularly exciting or scary like a mystery novel. Just a good story

It did hold my attention and I did read the entire novel however, I was incredibly frustrated by all of the characters! The story line was just in no way plausible. Maybe this author just isn't for me. On the bright side she did bring some excitement into a time period that I find very boring.

Al principio el ritmo es bastante lento y no tiene una trama que te impida dejar de leer. Sin embargo, en torno al último tercio, el ritmo se vuelve trepidante y los acontecimientos no dejan de sorprender; las emociones están a flor de piel.

Primer libro que leo de la autora y me ha gustado.

I died reading this book.

One of my favorites.

Doesn't really get interesting until a bit more than halfway through the book.

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