At the Stroke of Madness

Alex Kava

At the Stroke of Madness

At the Stroke of Madness

  • Title: At the Stroke of Madness
  • Author: Alex Kava
  • ISBN: 9780778320555
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback

With only an old man afflicted with Alzheimer s as a witness, FBI Special Agent Maggie O Dell is on the trail of a serial killer who targets people with physical disabilities, removing each victim s imperfections to keep as a twisted trophy.

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AT THE STROKE OF MADNESS is Alex Kava's 4th novel in the Maggie O'Dell Series and continues the life and work of the loner FBI agent.Maggie receives a telephone call, whilst on vacation, from her best friend and psychologist, Gwen Patterson, asking her to help her find one of her patients who has disappeared, whilst attending her grandmother's funeral.Maggie travels to Connecticut and begins an unofficial investigation, which soon turns into an official one when the body of a woman is discovered [...]

In the tomblike silence of an abandoned rock quarry someone is trying to hide their dirty little secret. A secret that reveals the depths of human depravity. A secret that is about to be discovered.FBI Special Agent Maggie O'Dell is just starting a hard-earned vacation when she gets a call from her friend, psychologist Dr. Gwen Patterson. One of Gwen's patients is missing on a trip to Connecticut. Can Maggie look into Joan Begley's disappearance? At first Maggie dismisses Gwen's concern. But whe [...]

Alexa Kava keeps getting better and better! Nothing typical about this book. Starts out on a lovely mountain top to the tune of a chainsaw!As "Elvan" says, lots of red herrings - which I love in a book, keeps my brain working!Poor Maggie O'Dell always gets herself in some sort of bind, plus she has a habit of marching to her own tune,and as good as those intentions are, they most often lead to trouble.A new character introduced in this book - I'm assuming this character will show up in future bo [...]

To a certain extent, its fair to say this isn't what I'm looking for. I look my murder mysteries to contain a tighter focus on the detective and the mystery, rather than a look at all the people around it. However there's other issues too, like the pacing - it goes nowhere for ages than all of a sudden ends - and I don't care much for all the pop culture references either. Intriguing but I'm not gonna race out to find the others.

Well that was fun! Nothing says serial killer like a guy going through the grocery store choosing jars of pickles and mayo so he has the proper containers to display his "trophies".I enjoyed this edition of the Maggie o'Dell series. I would have liked to see more O'Dell time but the creative nature of this particular serial killer was well worth the read.The book lost a star when O'Dell ventured in to catch the killer leaving her dead cell phone in the hands of a victim of Alzheimer's. :p When w [...]

Great 4th book in the Maggie O'Dell series!

At the Stroke of Madness by Alex Kava Maggie O’Dell (book #4) 4 starsSynopsis: Maggie is asked by her friend, Dr. Gwen Patterson, to look into the disappearance of a patient. At the same time, several bodies are found stuffed into barrels in a quarry near the patient’s last known location. Is she one of the corpses? Who killed them and why?Review: The plot is enjoyable and well-paced. The new characters are easy to like, and the killer's motivation is unique as far as serial killer’s go. T [...]

Love, love, love this series.

Her books never disappoint.

Oh I missed a book in the series but this one still engrossed me.

At The Stroke of Madness by Alex Kava, the 4th in the FBI Profiler Maggie O'Dell Series. I am greatly enjoying this series.

Read this one in one sitting, with a couple of tea breaks of course, but it is slightly shorter than the others, so I got through it pretty quickly. A good story, however, I have a little nit-picking to do here. Poor Nick Morelli waited patiently for Maggie's divorce to come through, 2 years, and in that time, they have had little or no contact. Not very realistic. However, Nick seems to have moved on, because Maggie called him on the phone, at last, and another woman answered and said he was in [...]

I really like the way this author develops her characters. She really lets you get to know them and shows that she really cares about them. It's a personal experience reading one of her books. Not only do we get to know the victims and survivors, but she also takes us into the mind and circumstances of the murderer, in this case a particularly disturbed and disturbing one. The one character I'll never forget, though, is Luc Racine, the aging father of another detective. He is in the early stages [...]

Maggie O'Dell is finally taking a long-deserved vacation. Just as she's ready to pack it in, her friend Gwen Patterson calls for her help with one of her patients who she thinks is in trouble. All roads lead to New Haven County, Connecticut where Joan Begley was last seend the site of a serial killer's dumping ground. This by far is the best book in the series to date. We find a mentally healthier Maggie and get to see her in action as a profiler. The case is extremely interesting, if not rather [...]

This series is getting better with each book. Maggie is slowly getting better with her decision making, but still messes up a bit here. The story line is an interesting one also. We get to meet Detective Julia Racine's dad, Luc, who is dealing with beginners Alzheimer's. I really liked the character and felt that the author did an excellent job capturing the disease. The unsub in the story is truly a twisted individual, but when you find out the "why" behind his mania you almost feel sorry for h [...]

An average one. The worst part is the ending,it seemed so sudden. The novel moves at a snail's pace till the end,and at the end it's like 'fast and furious'. If he was going to create a serial killer,he could've created a better one. And then there is the it's-not-the-end-of-the-story line I saw a praise on the cover comparing him to Patricia Cornwell at her prime I can't understand since when did they change the meaning of prime to worst.

This had a much better ratio of suspense to personal problems than the previous book in the series.

Another great book in the Maggie O'Dell series. Just what we have come to love. 4 stars

Już kolejny raz mam problem z oceną książki. Nie chodzi mi o to, że "Granice Szaleństwa" to zły kryminał czy moja pierwsza przygoda z Alex Kava była nieudana. Po prostu uważam, że przy tym tomie autorka się nie postarała. Przede wszystkim jest on krótki, dlatego wybrałam go na pierwszy rzut (nie wiedziałam, że to cały cykl kryminałów). Podobał mi się, ale miałam wrażenie, ze autorce zabrakło pomysłu, szczególnie że jej inne książki mają grubo ponad 500 str.Kolejną [...]

When I started reading the 4th O'Dell, I was disappointed because Nick seemed to have disappeared. I guess after reading the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd book, I expected him to be a vital part of the series. I wasn't sure if I could imagine him out of Maggie's life, but I continued reading and was not disappointed at all. I don't care to give much about the book because I'm afraid I might accidentally provide a "spoiler" - however, I will say this: Alex Kava will grab you by the throat and keep you spiral [...]

An enjoyable and typical Maggie O'Dell book. My favorite part of the book was Luc Racine. Some of the book is told through his point of view and it is very interesting as he as early onset of Alzheimer's. I loved his little dog, Scrapple. We have the typical tropes that are becoming well known to Maggie O'Dellhard headed to a fault, running of to dangerous places without telling anyone and getting herself into trouble and the book being wrapped up "off set" and the reader getting filled in at th [...]

I really like these Maggie O'Dell books. Alex Kava goes into great detail about the crime scenes and everything going on. The books so far have all intertwined with each other and I feel like I learned a lot more about Racine, Tully, and Gwen. I wish there had been more about Nick Morreli and Maggie. I am hoping more is to come about those two.

Entertaining enough read about the hunt for a serial killer who is obsessed with collecting trophies from his victims this case any disabilities they had - nice eh? Maggie O'Dell is a likeable enough character & should anymore in this series come my way I'll be more than happy to read them, can't say fairer than that.

Another thrilling Maggie O'Dell book! This one seemed slightly rushed and I feel like I really should have figured it out sooner than I did, but that's on me. There were some great side characters that I hope return in other books. Still plugging my way through the series.

This book is very good 👍from the first page to the last. Start with series oneEnjoy all the main characters, they seem like people I know now, I started with 5 so next will be 6. Giving this series a break for now but definitely will be back. Fast read Enjoy

Interesting storyline! Book not disappointing in continuing series

pretty good book!

Not the best in the seriesIt was pretty gruesome, too. I've read five or six of these, and this was the weakest with poorest character development.

This book was a fun read, especially as I tried to figure out who done it before the author told us. One of my favorite authors to read and love the Maggie O'Dell character. Not the best book tho.

I liked the characters, but the stories are somewhat predictable and too creepy. (I started and chose to not finish books 2 and 3 in the series before reading this one.)

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