A Necessary Evil

Alex Kava

A Necessary Evil

A Necessary Evil

  • Title: A Necessary Evil
  • Author: Alex Kava
  • ISBN: 9780778324348
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Paperback

When a monsignor is found knifed to death in a Nebraska airport restroom, FBI special agent Maggie O Dell is called in to profile the ritualistic murder of a priest, the latest in a series of killings Maggie soon discovers a disturbing Internet game that s popular among victims of abuse by Catholic priests With this first real lead in the investigation, she wonders if thWhen a monsignor is found knifed to death in a Nebraska airport restroom, FBI special agent Maggie O Dell is called in to profile the ritualistic murder of a priest, the latest in a series of killings Maggie soon discovers a disturbing Internet game that s popular among victims of abuse by Catholic priests With this first real lead in the investigation, she wonders if the group has turned cyberspace justice into reality Then Maggie gets a second lead one that leaves her stunned.For the past four years she has been obsessed with finding Father Michael Keller, whose brutal acts against children continue to haunt her Now, it seems, he has become a target When Keller offers to help Maggie solve the ritual killings in exchange for protection, she decides to ally herself with the elusive child killer, stepping into a world of malevolence from which she may not return unscathed.Maggie knows the bargain is a necessary evil one that may be made in blood.

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FBI profiler Maggie O'Dell finds herself back in Nebraska after a priest is found murdered in the Omaha airport bathroom and it appears he's one of several being murdered around the country. She was pulled away from a case in Washington, D. C. where the heads of three women were found in different locations in the District. Unbeknownst to anyone, Maggie's friend psychologist Gwen Patterson is receiving communications from that killer, who she believes is one of her patients. Maggie is actually d [...]

Number five in the series and I still cannot bump it up to four stars although it was close! The final part of the book was very exciting and I felt only good thoughts as I closed my iPad on it. But then I considered the earlier parts of the book which still contained all the things I do not like about this series. Maggie is still only marginally competent. Characters from previous books came back and were as hopeless as the first time around. And then the random coincidences which were used to [...]

This was the best book in the series, up to date.It was fast paced and intriguing, always keeping you turning the pages.A good ending to the story that started in A Perfect Evil.I will suggest only reading this book if you've read the previous books in the series, otherwise you will be lost and end up giving bad reviews.

FBI profiler, Maggie O'Dell is back in the 5th book of this series.Maggie is working on two cases that seem linked with each other DC, priests are being killed and in Omaha, women's heads are being discovered.With the help of her friend, mentor and psychologists, Gwen Patterson and Detective Julia Racine, they begin searching for the connection between two different killers, which they believe is linked to a Internet computer game where young abused victims can kill the priests that abused them. [...]

As the killing spree continues unabated, it becomes clear to Maggie O'Dell—the FBI profiler assigned to the case—that more than one perpetrator is responsible. As she begins to drill down into the facts, Maggie discovers a disturbing Internet role-playing game for youths who have been victims of male authority figures—including Catholic priests.With the first real lead in the investigation, Maggie wonders if this group has turned cyberspace justice into reality by dispensing their own bran [...]

Profiler Maggie O'Dell is working two cases, one in DC where they are finding women's heads and another that is killing priests. Not to mention her friend Gwen is caught up in the situation as well.Really enjoyed the story even though I figured the Priest Killer out pretty early. There were some nice twists.

WOW! Loved it!

Oh good grief. I might as well retire my less than shiny super sleuth badge after reading A Necessary Evil. I have to give her credit,Kava dragged me around by the nose and I still didn't see the true killer until the last couple of pages.After stopping and starting and not giving this book it's due until the 70% mark, I am glad I picked up the pace to enjoy the roller coaster ending. Good job on Kava's part responding to her fan requests to deal with the Father Keller storyline from book #1. I [...]

Well, what an adventure this book is. Fairly fast paced, twists turns, red herrings (Elvan's term), and surprises left, right and center!Alex Kava is moving right up there in being a favourite!I don't want to say a whole lot about this book for those of you that haven't read it yet - just, hurry up and read it. It is so worth it!2 thumbs up and 5 stars for making me think and puzzle things out and look over my shoulder at times :)Onto "Exposed" #6 in the Maggie O'Dell series!

This was a great installment in the Maggie O'Dell series. I was very pleased with the way everything played out in this one, and I thought the resolution was appropriate. Maggie was great, as usual, and I really liked the way she worked with the Omaha detective, Pakula. I did miss Tully, and I hope to see him in the next book. I thought this book had a strong storyline, and it was sure a difficult one to put down.

A female FBI agent/profiler - a ritualistic serial killer of priests. Not a bad book by any means, but it has been done before. I did not find anything in this that lead me to follow Maggie O'Dell.

Distasteful theme well handled. Some minute facts could've been answered but plot moved on (better than stalling or lagging). Interesting read. Well narrated.

This is the first Alex Kava novel I've read. It quickly became apparent that this was a mistake, as the plot of this one revolves around the bad guy from a previous book in the series. Whoops. Luckily I wasn't blown away by A Necessary Evil, so I won't be cursing my luck over that.In this thriller, FBI profiler Maggie O'Dell has two cases to deal with: women's heads are appearing near where she lives in Washington DC, while out in the Midwest, paedophile priests are being murdered. Sadly, I was [...]

Another good entry into this series. Once again the past comes back to haunt Maggie. I thought she did a good job with not letting things get to her too much. There were times she showed great restraint by only punching people in the nose and not killing them. I especially liked the choice that Maggie made at the end.I think I may be off a bit, because I didn't feel sorry for most of the people that got killed. The men deserved what they got, it was just punishment. I also was glad that the Sine [...]

This was my first time with this author and I was very pleased. A serial killer of young boys who may be connected with the Catholic Church. I am surprised that the author didn't get booted out by the Vatican. A real page turner and keeps your attention right to the end and the end well, let's say it was a surprise !!

I admit, I struggled through this book. For me, the story jumped around too much, I never knew which character was talking at the onset of the chapters because all you were given was a date and time. Nothing clear about most of it and I was spending more time on figuring out who was talking then enjoying what was going on. All very distracting. Even the ending was "blah."

3 stars. I liked it well enough. Maggie still doesn't dazzle me much with her FBI skills, and I'm hoping that can change at some point in the series.

Several young boys, abused by priests are contacted through the internet to partake in a game - to play the game you have to submit the name of your priest, and you cannot talk about itMaggie O'Dell is a FBI Profiler investigating a possible serial killer that leaves only the heads of he's victims for the FBI to find. At the same time she's called in to assist on what seems to be a serial killer or multiple killers publically killing Catholic priests.I found the plot very interesting and had a g [...]

Finished reading: May 3rd 2014(view spoiler)[I didn't realize this was actually the fifth book of a series when I started reading it, but I must say it was ok to read without background information. The story is quite easy to read, with lots of short chapters and the end was a total surprise to me (although I already suspected someone from the 'inside'). There are two different storylines in the book, but they are easy to follow as they are connected. But the amount of changes between the vario [...]

A Necessary Evil by Alex KavaBook #5 in the Maggie O’Dell series4 StarsSynopsis:The one that got awayFBI profiler, Maggie O'Dell is on the trail of two separate killers. One is leaving the decapitated heads of his victims all over the District and the other is killing priests in public. O’Dell has few leads when she receives an offer of assistance from a most unlikely source – her prime suspect in book one. Are these cases connected and will O’Dell accept the deal offered by a killer?Rev [...]

While her partner is on vacation, FBI Profile Maggie O'Dell gets involved in two high profile cases. There is a serial killer in Washington, D.C. He kills young women and cuts off their heads. The heads are left in public places; their bodies have not been found. Unknown to Maggie, her best friend, Dr. Gwen Patterson, is receiving notes from the killer. She believes one of her patients is the killer. Her loved ones have been threatened if she goes to the police.Just when another head has been di [...]

Ever since finishing all of Christie's novels 3 or 4 times over, I've been looking for more detective fiction to fill my mystery appetite. I haven't been able to stomach most American modern ones for the poor writing, profanity, and unnecessary violence and macho-ism. There's SOME of that in Alex Kava's work, but the plot was so riveting, the story so fast paced and intricate (connecting multiple story lines throughout), and the characters so believable and well developed that I didn't mind. Aft [...]

Keeps you occupied first of the Maggie o dell series that i read! A well kept story line that keeps you clueless until the end. However you end up finding who the Sin eater is right after the character is introduced. I liked the way Maggie was portrayed.l tough !Coming to the negatives:At one point many individual stories intertwine and the author did not do a good job on that front!Did not get into details of how the two murderers communicated and executed the murders. The story line where Gwen [...]

I realized after I got a little further into this book that I have read it before--surprise!!! I think I stopped reading the series because of the violence, but I do like the characters and the writing is pretty good. I think I am ready to go on to the next in the sries now. The plot in this book centers around murders of priests, sexual abuse by the priests, and young men playing very sophisticated video games.

I did enjoy this, but don't think is one of her better stories - maybe a tad too heavy for me!Well I've now read this again and really enjoyed it second time around. Not sure why I preferred it this time. Plenty of story going on, that had me hooked and I only realised who the killer was, about three quarters of the way through.

I love the Alex Kava books and this one was great. Enjoyed the setting in Omaha and the moral delima at the end really gave me pause. I don't know how I would have handled it had I been in Maggie O'Dell's place.

ooh, evil priests are always fun! saw the ending a mile away, and i'm not the kind of thriller reader who TRIES to figure out who did it. too obvious and not nearly tight enough. a fun read, but only sorta.

Another great book in the Maggie O'Dell series. Maggie is investigating a serial killer who appears to be killing women and priests and leaving their head to be discovered. Her friend Gwen seems to be distracted by something.

The author Alex Kava is from Omaha and I met her when I was working at Barnes and Noble in Omaha in 2003.Haven't read her in quite a while, cleaning out books and reading some that have missed.

Ta książka była po prostu dobraTo już piąta część przygód naszej kochanej agentki FBI i powiem szczerze, że dopiero niedawno zauważyłam poważny problem, który dotyczy tego cyklu. Otóż główna bohaterka zajmuje się tworzeniem profilów zbrodniarzy, więc de facto te profile powinny w czymś pomagać, a na dobrą sprawę naprawdę niczemu nie służą. Główna bohaterka coś sobie gada, ale z jej opinią i tak się nikt nie liczy, bo nie ma dowodów, bo może się myli!Ale mówi [...]

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