Singing Songs

Meg Tilly

Singing Songs

Singing Songs

  • Title: Singing Songs
  • Author: Meg Tilly
  • ISBN: 9780929636627
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Paperback

Originally published in 1994 to critical acclaim, Singing Songs still resonates as a profound statement about the secrets families keep from the rest of the world, as Anna, the resilient young narrator, journeys through childhood trapped in a fragmented family caught in a cycle of abuse, denial, and neglect This new edition includes a foreword by the author, reflecting onOriginally published in 1994 to critical acclaim, Singing Songs still resonates as a profound statement about the secrets families keep from the rest of the world, as Anna, the resilient young narrator, journeys through childhood trapped in a fragmented family caught in a cycle of abuse, denial, and neglect This new edition includes a foreword by the author, reflecting on how Singing Songs came to be written.

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Wow Where to begin?This book is told in the eyes of Anna, and her life with her asthmatic mother and quite a handful of siblings. The book starts out with her mother marrying a man named Mr. Smith, whom she quickly adopts as her "Daddy". 'Daddy' has three other children from a previous marriage, Faith, Nick, and Joy, along with Jack, who is not in the book until later. Anna also has Susan, Matthew, and Katie, her blood siblings, so as you can see, the family is pretty big.What unfolds is a gut-w [...]

One of the best books I've ever read. This is a thinly disguised autobiography of the young actress who played in The Big Chill, and she blows the whistle on those who neglected and abused her and her sister (actress Jennifer Tilly) when they were little girls. It's an interesting story, but the remarkable part is that it is amazingly, masterfully written and then it took Tilly about 12 years to write another book. It was as if she wrote what she had to write, said what she had to say, and that [...]

Some say this book is autobiographical; maybe it is, but given that the author is an actress by training and profession, I imagine there's quite a bit of dramatization going on here. I would hope so, anyway.The writing is all right, nothing to really get excited over one way or another. But it seems that Tilly wanted to cram as much dysfunction and abuse and nastiness into it as she could, and that's what we got, a whole catalogue of depravity, and that began to seem like the whole point of the [...]

Tilly brilliantly captures the sometimes naive voice and view of a child. While some of the vignettes aren't exactly stories, more snapshots of memories, we really do get a vivid look into little "Anna's" heartbreaking life. The writing is somewhat clumsy in places, but whether or not it's intentional to portray childlike rambling, is up for interpretation. I haven't read anything else by Tilly, so I don't know if it's the deliberate work of a master crafter or if it's just writing inexperience. [...]

This is well written, but the subject matter was just too intense for me. As a professional in the field of child abuse prevention, I think of myself as aware of such issues, but I was surprised at how disturbing this story was and how personally it affected me. The story chronicles the childhood (ages 4-11) of Anna, who experienced physical and verbal abuse, conditions of neglect, and sexual abuse from both adult and child perpetrators. Perhaps I am more sensitive to this topic as I have young [...]

Tilly doesn't seem to have a clear grasp on the age of the (purportedly autobiographical) main character in her story. One moment the young girl is having her first romantic kiss with a young boy and the next she expresses joy at being able to touch her feet to the ground from her bus seat. Such inconsistencies plague this novel; these and the extremely short chapters detract from the emotional power of Tilly's writings.

Movie actress Meg Tilly`s paeon to abuse, suffering and sadness was painful to read. Although it was marketed as a novel it came across more like a 12-step journal. On screen Ms. Tilly brought charm and vibrance to films that had none. Her words and stories, however, including this one, could use a tad more charisma.

I read this in one sitting. I've heard it is partly autobiographical and if it is, wow for dysfunction. Many pages left me uncomfortablebut that's also why I liked the book. I appreciate books that crack open my brain and make me think or feel things in a new context.

I did not feel this story was well written, i could not connect with any of the characters.

"When I first came out with Singing Songs, I said, oh, 100 percent fiction, because I’m such a fabulous writer I can just pluck these things from the ethers. Actually, I was Anna. When I told my editor we were pretty close to the end of it and I said actually, you need to know, this is my life and I need help now fictionalizing it. So we met in San Francisco, Carol DeSanti -- she’s wonderful. We stayed in a bed and breakfast and we just locked ourselves inside for three days with an atlas an [...]

Synopsis:Anna's mother came home one day, scrubbed the apartment from top to bottom, brushed out her hair, and opened the door to a stranger. He was tall, with a smile that showed too many teeth, and the way he called Mama beautiful made Anna cry and hide. The stranger married Mama and moved in, bringing his family with him - two girls and a boy with gangly limbs, toast-colored hair, and no possessions of their own. So Anna had a new family and found that her life contained a new and forceful pr [...]

For a writer to capture the voice of a child and write a compelling page turning story is quite difficult. Meg Tilly writes in the voice of Anna, a young girl growing up in a dysfunctional, abusive family. The innocence of children is portrayed through the games created by Anna and her siblings in an effort to escape their harsh reality of poverty and disengaged parents. The haunting scenes of abuse told through a child's eyes make this book more than a tale of family, but a tale of the resilien [...]

I saw Tilly interviewed on The View regarding her second book, "Gemma" (which I have just started). These are not pretty stories, but so well executed that they keep you reading. "Singing Songs" is the story of Anna, a young girl who lives with her mother and abusive stepfather in a serious of squalid locations. She struggles unsuccessfully to protect her siblings from her stepfather's brutality and lechery, fiercely tries to protect herself from a number of sexual assaults and tries, unsuccessf [...]

It is hard to say I "really liked" this book since it deals with such sad and disturbing events in this family. I did get engrossed in the story and felt like the writing was mostly good. The voice of the narrator, a young girl, seemed authentic to me as she found her own way to deal with the abuse and neglect she lived with. I had a problem with figuring out her age at various points in the book; she would describe events that sounded like a teenager but then revert to a very childlike descript [...]

I usually don't read books about abuse situations, but I decided to jump in and read one. This book was probably the hardest book on my emotions I have ever read. I think I chose one of the best on writing style though; Ms. Tilly's writing is very unique, sucking you in after you read the first page. This book is about Anna, a young girl growing up during the 60's and 70's in Canada. When I read that Meg Tilly later revealed that this book was based on life experiences she had as a child, my hea [...]

I liked this book. It covered a lot of difficult topics but there was a lot of humor and even fun to balance it out, and it was well written. Very accessible. I think that the narrator being a child had an interesting, and sometimes frustrating, effect on the story. Some of the more horrific events were described in a way that made it clear that Anna did not fully understand them, but the reader was meant to. Knowing that you understood something that Anna, with a child's innocence, did not was [...]

I purchased this book because I saw an interview with the author. She had recently revealed that the fictional novel was, in fact, a true story. A story of the abuse and hardship that she faced as a child. She had not had the courage to share this when she wrote the heartbreaking story. I found the passages shocking and horrific, childlike and insightful, and even sweet in a sad, pathetic sort of way. I gave my copy to one of my dear friends, Channing. It is a quick read, fairly short book.

A VERY quick read. I must be extremely desensitized because the only thing that really made me upset were the instances of sexual abuse. I was spanked as a childwasn't abused or neglected by any means. I'm sure that if I had kids of my own, I would understand just how serious the subject matter is. I can definitely say that, by comparison, I had a great childhood. The way that she relishes going to a friend's house to take a hot bath or shower's amazing to me. I take 2 hot showers a dayally puts [...]

Book Description:Originally published in 1994 to critical acclaim, Singing Songs still resonates as a profound statement about the secrets families keep from the rest of the world, as Anna, the resilient young narrator, journeys through childhood trapped in a fragmented family caught in a cycle of abuse, denial, and neglect. This book is written by Meg Tilly and is a description and narrative of her life growing up. I found her life experience sad and family dysfunctional but I had a hard time s [...]

It's extremely difficult to say that I liked a book like this. Upon reflection, by saying you liked a book, you are not saying you liked the actions the characters take in the book. It actually made me sick to my stomach. The horrors and abuse that the main little girl faces will leave you in tears, yet compelled to continue reading. Meg Tilly so clearly takes on the voice of this child that you wonder what horrors the author went through as a child herself.

This is the story of a very wild and disturbing childhood as told by Anna, the 4 year old narrator who by the end of the book is about 11 yrs. old. Sometimes I find stories narrated by children somewhat tedious but I grew very attached to Anna and her voice, her way of observing the strange, cruel, and sometimes funny world around her. This book reminded me of how surreal childhood can be.

The perspective of Anna, is one of a child wanting desperately to be "normal". The abuse in this book is graphic for an adult to read, but said through the eyes of a child, which made me cringe often.

I loved the writing but the stories will haunt you. Think you had a bad childhood? You might not after reading this. Originally put out as fiction the author finally admitted the stories were autobiographical after the book was published. It mad me sad for the children in the stories.

The book is truly heartbreaking. Especially when you take into account that it's a true story. I don't think I was prepared for how graphic this book really is but at the same time I couldn't put it down. Even with all of my seat squirming I finished the book in a few hours.

The hardest part about this book is how accurately it portrayed child abuse. It isn't a book for the faint of heart, but with knowledge comes power. Knowing that life can be this cruel we can find ways to make it better.

I am so angry at the ending What the hell kind of ending is that!!!!!!! Don't bother.

This was a sad bookhate to see and hear of children abused or living in fear all their lives, and this story has all that. I liked Meg Tilly's writing, and would read more of her books.

Also a good book, but Meg Tilly's books are disturbing and the sad thing is this one is autobiographical.

Child abuse, sexual, this is very graphic and disturbing which is why I only give it a 3.

I couldn't put this book down!

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