The Other Side

Florian Armas

The Other Side

The Other Side

  • Title: The Other Side
  • Author: Florian Armas
  • ISBN: 9780993977213
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Paperback

The Universe is conscious, has many avatars, and likes to experiment on us Powerful Factions, the supreme form of social evolution in a galaxy where all civilizations are human like, interfere for their own mysterious ends When confident enough they challenge the Universe seeding war and political mayhem by altering the fabric of time.Ten million years ago, one FactionThe Universe is conscious, has many avatars, and likes to experiment on us Powerful Factions, the supreme form of social evolution in a galaxy where all civilizations are human like, interfere for their own mysterious ends When confident enough they challenge the Universe seeding war and political mayhem by altering the fabric of time.Ten million years ago, one Faction created an intelligent field, ready to destroy our galaxy, and to build a new universe from its ruins It failed Ten billion people died, and the technology was at first forbidden, then forgotten They are trying again How many will die now A young man, a three hundred years old woman and a rogue AI join their forces to save what still can be saved.

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With a splash of action, we arrive in the world of Florian Armas. A young man is caught up in an explosion in deep space, only escaping thanks to his mother but not doing so unscathed, his memory and emotions shattered and being forced to re-learn how to deal with the world around him. A brilliant start, full of tension and detail, but be prepared for a slower, more introspective novel. The young man and a woman out of her time are the central characters, in a story that mixes politics, sexualit [...]

My rating is 3.5 - 3.7Book readers might find in the genre of science fiction, but me not attracted to read. The idea is good but in some details not very refined I had a feeling that something's missing. There are so many good things in the book, and you see that the author has entered the world of describing, but I completely lost the head of the main actors is multiple personalities. I do not know maybe it's me, but the main reason is a battle between the creator barriers Traveler that killed [...]

There is a fatal space explosion that destroys everyone else but a sole survivor saved by his mother. He undergoes extensive reconstruction to bring him back to life though his feelings and hormones have a lot of catching up to do with the definitions the Net pushes at him. Alenia is the second protagonist in the story which alternates first person point of view between the lone survivor and Alenia.Everyone fears an oppressive government whom they can't control. They get a Digital Ego (Diego) wh [...]

I am very impressed with this book on many levels. I can also say I found it sometimes hard to follow, but the main thing is I *wanted* to follow it all the way through—the confusion I sometimes experienced did not lose me in the greater sense of the word, as a reader. I always felt welcomed and seduced by the newest details, sometimes replacing and sometimes gratifying the previous complications with an explanation. Her characters’ battle for something like privacy or freedom-in a world whe [...]

A young man barely survives an explosion in space. Thanks to modern technology, he is kept alive while parts of him are re-generated. His brain was also damaged. He has to re-learn language, emotions and simply how to be. He is one protagonist and a woman, Alenia, is the other. Due to the way the story is written in first person, alternating between both it took me a while to get this. But after re-reading the beginning chapters a couple of times I allowed myself to obsess less about remembering [...]

After reading reviews of this book I knew that I needed to pay close attention to the first few chapters in order to fully grasp the story. I think this technique worked wonders because I was pretty clear on what was going on and was able to jump into the narrative with little confusion or the feeling of being lost as to time and place. The results were well worth it because the author takes on a journey that has as much to do with man v himsself as it does with man v nature or man v man. The fi [...]

Although an interesting premise, I found this book extremely difficult to follow. There are huge sections of ‘telling’, without any real explanation of any of the terms used, or much explanation of the technology scattered throughout the book. I understand that readers generally don’t like paragraphs of explanation, but some explanation would’ve gone a long way in clarifying not only the plot of this book, but the world it takes place in as well.I couldn’t relate to any of the characte [...]

If this novel were a refrigerator user manual, it might be described as not “user friendly”—but technically impeccable. By no criterion is this an “easy read”, and quite frankly I think many readers will not be able to cope and will move on. On many levels, this novel is extremely well written, and I must confess as a writer I was somewhat jealous of the author’s mastery of the art of riveting description. I had to re-read the beginning pages of this book a couple of times to grab ho [...]

The Other Side explores a dystopian future where the Government of Earth controls everything and its citizens have no ability to change or stop it. Everyone has neural implants they can converse with internally, asking for help, getting unsolicited advice, etc. This is called a Digital Ego, or Diego (which I think is a clever name). Alenia, who is a member of the Government, can read citizens' minds at close proximity and with the proper permissions from higher-ups.On a far out planet, a group o [...]

I won't say this was the easiest of reads but the first few pages told me the book was one that could only get better and yes I was right. Once I had grasped the storyline I soon found that it flowed. The first scene is amazingly well written with picture perfect detail and I found myself with that feeling that the story was being played out on a screen in front of me, something every good writer knows must be done. The detail of the descriptions slows the book to a sedated pace that sucks the r [...]

Follow a thoughtful and descriptive journey of self-discovery and Resistance through the minds of characters who struggle against the machinations of the Travelers. The storyline is immersive and requires a degree of patience. The interactions are vibrant and well written to present clear ideas and settings, also first person perspective locks the reader tightly into the minds of the main characters. The story confronts typical norms and presents an alternate society of sorts, perpetuated by art [...]

Florian Armas is a master at illustrating discussions within the minds of his characters. Each has a computer chip implanted within their cervical vertebrae which melds seamlessly with their consciousness to allow wonderful conversations. I enjoyed this added character development as I could learn how each individual reacted with their computer - which could be a voice or even depicted as an avatar in their mind’s eye.The premise of The Other Side is in my opinion an accurate estimation of our [...]

Not sure about this one!The premise for this story is a good one, but I found it quite slow going. The story revolves around a man who is caught up in a in an explosion on a space ship. He wakes up in a hospital bed elsewhere. So, the only real action was at the beginning of the book.The entire story is told in the first person, which I love, so kudos to the author for that. Alenia is probably the main character, she seemed to have most of the story line, trying to undermine the system, which wa [...]

TLDR – 2-2.5/5—it’s an interesting plot, but I can’t recommend this book in its current state. This book is not an easy read even for the most experienced sci-fi readers.Review:I bought this after seeing the stellar reviews and the stellar price tag (it’s only $1.44!). As a fellow indie author, I expected the usual suspects—misspelled words, missing punctuations, occasionally weird formatting—but everything pointed to this being a good if not great story.We follow two very differen [...]

The Other Side is set in an amazing world of artificial intelligences and ulterior motives. The author has created a rich world filled with twists and turns and imbedded with espionage and treachery. It’s been a long time since I have read science fiction that takes me to a place I have never been, but this book does that.It is difficult to sum up the plot without giving anything away. In short, the story begins with fatal explosion in space and then follows the lone survivor back to a space s [...]

Well done Mr. Armas.You had me at the first few pages with an exceptionally well done explosion, and the amnesia scene which followed, cliche as it may have been, was the correct choice in moving on with the story. At the risk of spoiling the read for those who may come after - and really, a trip (or trippy) such as this one does lend well to exploration going in fully blind, as all tales involving the voices in our heads tend to - I shall not delve too deeply into the plot, only that we will en [...]

The book has a good story line. The world which the story is set in is very imaginative and creative, which sees some twits and turns. I did feel like there was something missing. The beginning of the book did have me a little confused. I did have to go back and read it a few times. Which is why I knocked the off a star. I also found it hard to tell who was talking at times which again made me re read what was written. The reason I knocked off another star. The book as great potential and I did [...]

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