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  • Title: Artemisia
  • Author: Alexandra Lapierre Doriana Comerlati
  • ISBN: 9788804476924
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Paperback

Roma, anno 1611 La giovane pittrice Artemisia si batte furiosamente per imporre il suo talento L avversario pi temibile che le si para di fronte altri non che il padre, il grande pittore Orazio Gentileschi Artemisia il dramma di una passione folle, della tenerezza e dell odio di due creature incatenate dai legami di sangue Ma soprattutto l avventura di una delleRoma, anno 1611 La giovane pittrice Artemisia si batte furiosamente per imporre il suo talento L avversario pi temibile che le si para di fronte altri non che il padre, il grande pittore Orazio Gentileschi Artemisia il dramma di una passione folle, della tenerezza e dell odio di due creature incatenate dai legami di sangue Ma soprattutto l avventura di una delle prime pittrici della storia, una donna che infranse tutte le norme per conquistare la gloria e la libert.

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If you are unaware of Artemisia Gentileschi, then I can only say: shame on you! Arguably the most talented female painter of Baroque Italy, the victim of a rape and first public rape trial, and a true feminist; Artemisia is nothing short of amazing. Sadly, her work and life is less known to those outside of the art world. Alexandra LaPierre brings Artemisia Gentileschi to life in, “Artemisia”.“Artemisia” is a very unique novel, being difficult to describe in terms of format. Being neithe [...]

This book by Alexandra Lapierre on the life of the female artist, Artemisia Gentileschi, is a fascinating study of the world of art and Europe during the seventeenth Century. Having read a few books on Caravaggio I had come across the name of Artemisia but knew very little of her other than that she had been raped by another artist and later went on to become quite famous herself. This book told the story of not only Artemisia and her art but also her father, Orazio Gentileschi, and showed how a [...]

Artemisia Gentileschi is one of the most intriguing women of the European Renaissance, possibly one of the most intriguing women ever, but this biographical novel is problematic. One the one hand, I want to praise it for laying out her life and for its presentation of the difficult existence of a serious woman artist in 17th century Italy. It is a novel that comes with 130 pages of notes and references and 16 pages of full colour plates featuring much of her most well known work along with sever [...]

Imponente e dettagliato affresco della vita e dell’arte di Artemisia Gentileschi che si pone a metà strada tra il saggio e il romanzo. Alcuni temi vengono ripresi e ripetuti in modo quasi ossessivo nell’arco di tutta la narrazione e alla lunga questo soffermarsi nell’analisi degli stessi argomenti appesantisce un po’ la lettura, ma dinnanzi a una tale opera d’immedesimazione, ricerca e ricostruzione storica qualche eco di ridondanza è facile da perdonare. Di grande pregio l’appendi [...]

Out of the three novels that I've read about Artemisia, this one is my favourite, and the one that is the best written. This is the one to go to for a good read, and some understanding of the sensationalistic rape trial that marred Artemisia's youth, but may have been what turned her into such an expressive artist. For the longer review, please go here:epinions/content_31116

Art historians have always had an almost romantic attachment to Artemisia Gentileschi, one of the few female post-Renaissance painters to achieve fame during her own lifetime. Trained as an artist by her famous father, Orazio Gentileschi, she was a woman with 21st century ideas and ideals forced to deal with being born in the 17th century. Raped at age seventeen by an associate of her father she filed a complaint and took the matter to trial (a scandalous and unheard of event in 1612 when women [...]

History of Artemisia Gentileschi, a famous painter of 17th century Rome, her father, and the rape that shaped her life. Fascinating view of Italian society of this era and the world of painters.

Leggendo La passione di Artemisia, romanzo sulla vita della pittrice Artemisia Gentileschi, vagavo ogni tanto sul web alla ricerca di immagini delle sue opere, soprattutto di quelle descritte nel libro che stavo leggendo. Capitai così nella pagina dedicata alla Gentileschi in , e lessi una breve citazione da questo romanzo della Lapierre: e decisi di leggerlo, anche viste le recensioni più che positive.Un'ottima scelta, direi.Artemisia di Alexandra Lapierre non è un romanzo, ma non è nemmeno [...]

I read this book as an audio book and it captured my interest from the first few moments. The reader was fabulous, using expressiveness and well pronounced Italian to bring the story to life.I have enjoyed several books that fictionalize the life of artists, especially women. This is one of my favorites, though it has been several years and my memory of the details is not as sharp as I would like.Artemisia is a strong and compelling character and the writing is lovely. I recommend this book if y [...]

To be send to Chrissie in Belgium. And then to Virginie in France.Some of her paintings can be find at: commonsmedia/wiki/ArtAnd also at:enpedia/wiki/ArtemisiGreat book, even if the rape episode took so long.

At first I thought this book was too trashy for me to enjoy properly, but then I realized how deeply the author had researched her subject. Lapierre definitely presents things in a dramatic light, but to her credit, her protagonist was clearly living in a sensational time.

It was unreadable mainly because the names in the book are so freakin' long! Reading a paragraph is exhausting.

Nice integration of court documents, insight into cultural mores

Elegant yet messy.The prose is beautifully constructed; this is a sensuous and evocative read. Sadly it is not always a novel - clearly the author's imagination reverts to primary source analysis and the text drops from narrative to recount. It's the reading equivalent of a poorly constructed documentary where historical facts are briefly illuminated by imaginative re-enactments. It's a shame: as a historical treatise it has no thesis and as a novel the discontinuity in style is jarring.

It was hard to tell if this was a novel or a biography. Still good

Baroque Italy at its best and worst. Tragic account of a brilliant artist struggling with life and consequences.

While Artemesia is incredible subject to learn about and her story is incredible, I felt the storytelling was drab and detailed at times to the point that I was a bit confused.

I loved this book but found it really harrowing in parts which shows the skill of the author I suppose (though I can't say I enjoyed those sections). It was overall an engrossing read.

A very good account of a woman painter in the seventeenth century.

Era tanto che non mi capitava di leggere un romanzo storico come questo e ne sono davvero, davvero, davvero felice. Che poi non è un romanzo vero e proprio, ma anche un saggio, una biografia, un po' tutto e anche di più. È il genere di libro che amo leggere perché prima di tutto è palpabile l'amore che l'autrice prova per la protagonista e anche per il suo difficile padre. Li ha cercati, li ha evitati, ma sono tornati da lei e alla fine si è arresa ai Gentileschi. In secondo luogo, per tut [...]

The century after the Artist, the Philosopher and the Warrior. The noted painter, Orazio Gentileschi, has chosen to teach all he knows to his talented oldest daughter, Artemisia. A woman artist is unheard of at the time. Quickly, Artemisia masters and may have surpassed her father, much to his extreme jealously. Meanwhile, he is obsessed with her keeping her honor for the sake of the family, yet he trusts his colleague Tassi and gives him the access to his house that leads to Artemisia's deflowe [...]

I have read some butI had to stop because I kept wanting to see the paintings she was working one place she was at and what she painting they were referring to.en I felt likeis is someone elses' voiceI need to return to her book but with less fervorI love the stories behind the art I have enjoyed all these years pastI also have a secret passion for having heroines in my lifeowing that woman like her made and are making stridesunbelievable stridesI'm still not convinced she did not do us a disser [...]

It says on the cover that this is a novel, but I don't know if that's what this book is. The author tried to create this odd hybrid of historical fiction while simultaneously inserting chunks of what reads a lot like non-fiction. Which was incredibly frustrating for this reader: I say, pick a side. Additionally, the writing was not good. It's very possible that the cause of this was a poor translation because the language felt clunky and sort of haphazard. I had to force myself to get through th [...]

Il suo doppio.La storia della vita di Artemisia Gentileschi figlia di Orazio Gentileschi ricostruita in maniera ineccepibile dall'autrice. Ci racconta del genio che accomuna padre e figlia, della loro rivalità e di una vita totalmente dedicata alla creazione di grandi opere che passeranno alla storia. Impariamo molto da questo libro perché l'autrice per farci meglio comprendere la vita e le opere fa una grande ricostruzione storica con la quale riusciamo a capire i sentimenti, le passioni,le a [...]

Detailed insight into the life and times of the first famous female artist during the Baroque period in Europe. Well researched political and religious history interwoven with the day to day life of international artists competing for lucrative commissions and social status. Artemisia's personal and professional life is based on the court case interviews of her well documented rape and torture (to prove her innocence) in Italy. Bonus research notes at the end detailing history verses fiction and [...]

Good historical biography of one of the greatest painters you (probably) haven't head of: Artemisia Gentileschi. Lapierre's exhaustive research on the life of this painter in the mid-seventeenth century is evident throughout the book. It recounts her complex relationship with her painter father, a childhood rape and subsequent trial, and the political scene of the time when artists were not only supported by wealthy patrons but used as spies in the ongoing battle for power between the Pope and t [...]

This wonderful novel is an art history lesson and gripping personal saga rolled into one. The depth of Lapierre's historical research and knowledge of art is apparent throughout this heart-wrenching story.Artemisia's ordeal in itself is fodder for a gripping story. Yet the details of her personal tragedy are transcended by her ground-breaking paintings, in which all her rage, passion, and determination to vindicate herself are vividly revealed. What a treat this book is, and what an education!

This started out well, though the autobiographical way it was written was tiring for me. Perhaps not enough dialogue, or chronology to the plot - the key events where in sequence but it jumped between dates and events which took away from what can be an organic experience of a story, and by the last book I was thoroughly done with it and didn't pick it up again. I'm an artist and art school graduate so the story of Artemisa and her father are not new to me. I had really high hopes for this becau [...]

I enjoyed this book very much, but found at times that it awkwardly shifted between the more scholarly tone of a biography with the narrative of pure fiction. The story of her life is just fascinating, and I suppose that is what carries it along, but sometimes that weird fusion just was strange to read. I definitely appreciated the inclusion of prints of the artist's works in the book, since that added to the experience of the story of Artemisia's life and work. Overall, I would recommend this f [...]

This book was written as if it was a fictional novel and then would switch to a teaching nonfiction style. At the end of some chapters, it slid into melodrama/ soap opera style (cue dramatic music- DUN dun duuuuhn!) Will her secret be safe? Will he be found out? Will she ever get a husband now?To add to the 3 different writing styles, it is long, drawn out and boring. The premise has so much promise given proper treatment and competent writing. Dont they have editors at Grove Press? Just a huge [...]

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