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  • Title: Nailed
  • Author: Alexis Adaire
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Kindle Edition

I wasn t looking for a relationship, I only wanted one afternoon of good sex Who knew that my silly flirting with the roofer would lead to this I hadn t even wanted to look at another man since the divorce, and now I m sharing a bed with one who s so beautiful it almost hurts I m nearly forty and have a mom bod, curvy and soft I lift cupcakes instead of weights And heI wasn t looking for a relationship, I only wanted one afternoon of good sex Who knew that my silly flirting with the roofer would lead to this I hadn t even wanted to look at another man since the divorce, and now I m sharing a bed with one who s so beautiful it almost hurts I m nearly forty and have a mom bod, curvy and soft I lift cupcakes instead of weights And he s seven years younger, and a god, chiseled from marble How did this even happen I study Zane s face in the dim dawn light and wonder if he ll ever love me, and if so, how long it ll take Because I m already there It s unmistakably love, with my heart stirring at the mere thought of a future with him His eyes crack open a sliver Go to sleep, baby, he whispers Yes, Zane, I m your baby I m the woman who will now wait for you to love me But please, hurry the fuck up Nailed is the second book in acclaimed erotic romance author Alexis Adaire s Blue Collar Romance series.

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Nailed is the first book I have read by Alexis Adaire. If you enjoy a light, sexy, older woman, slightly younger man scenario, than this is for you. I enjoyed it so much!Dawn is a thirty seven year old woman who has been divorced for two years. She was hurt badly by her ex-husband. He cheated repeatedly during their marriage. Dawn’s self confidence has taken a big hit. She hasn’t allowed herself to attempt to date since the divorce and can’t imagine why any man would be interested in her a [...]

The ending ruined the book for me completely.It just left such a bad taste in my mouth.Heroine screwed up, yes, however she was also the one trying to fix things. She tried to contact him and almost made a joke out of herself at his work when he told her that she’s a selfish bitch to try ruin his effort to move on from her. May be he didn’t swear but it was very much implied.He hurt her beyond imagination because his pride was hurt. She asked if they could talk. He rejected her the second ti [...]

Loved this read about an older woman, Dawn, who has been divorced for 2 years and has a grown son. Then there’s the roofer, Zane, who is redoing her neighbour’s roof. She sees him from the kitchen window and keeps spying on him when she gets the chance, he’s built, tanned and hot. He seems to enjoy looking at her to and when she gets enough courage she offers him a drink and they start talking. He’s definitely interested and who is Dawn to say no, she’s been put down by her ex for year [...]

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copy received for reviewThis book was pleasantly surprising. I expected a dirty little short story. It was more than that. Dawn is a woman who is still feeling the effects o her divorce. Her ex did a number on her self esteem. When she gets an eyeful of the hot roofer her next door neighbors hired she is flustered to put it mildly. What follows is a quick bout of flirting and the best sex she has ever had. Dawn has many insecurities that play into the story. Zane is carefree and hot. He is just [...]

3.5 Bearded Stars!This Cover Though!!**I was given an ARC by the author for my honest review**A couple of years after her divorce, Dawn was finally looking to jump back in the man-pool, per se. She wasn't looking for anything more than a good time and a chance to build herself back up after being broken down but what she found in the roofer working on the house next door was more than she had ever thought she could find; much less more than she ever thought she deserved.'Nailed' was a fun, sexy, [...]

This was a hot read about a divorced woman who is lusting after a younger man. Dawn is a 37 year old woman who needs to learn how to interact with men again. Her therapist gives her tasks, which she willingly tries out on Zane, the roofer working on the neighbour's house. Zane is so into the voluptuous woman who has been tempting him while he works. When they come together, Dawn is totally blown away. Dawn's ex is a jerk, and the way Zane deals to him is priceless. Honestly, I would read the boo [...]

Her next door neighbor was getting her roof replaced and told Dawn about the cute hottie that she and her husband had hired. Dawn had no desire for a guy after her nasty divorce. But as Dawn was at the sink getting coffee ready, she looked out the window and saw him. On a hot day, when Zane is headed toward his truck, Dawn runs out to offer him a beer. He accepts only if she will join him. She grabs slices of the cake she had made earlier and sat down outside. Zane was easy to talk to and asked [...]

Sadly a lot of author's are adhering to a trend of stopping the book you buy not at the end. Yes this book ends at 85% so the author can give you previews of others books. I didn't buy( free) a preview book I bought one book. This just makes me angry! Also had the book I was reading, been outstanding I might not have minded it ending short, but it wasn't. The storyline was a decent one but the characters and the development was not. Problems I had with the building of said characters; 37 year ol [...]

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this bookOh wow.what was that I have just read!!!!!! Oh Zane, Zane, Zaneyou make my heart ❣ go pitter patter thump thump thump. I need a cool drinkI just thought it was all about Dawn having a quick fling with her neighbour’s Roofer called Zane. Oh boy, was I wrong. I am not into long beards but Zane makes you want to run your fingers through it. A hot sexy story of Dawn, alone after her ex husband Pete cheated and really needs to get back int [...]

A great sexy read. As I am in my late 40s I really enjoyed that Dawn is 37 years old and Zane is 30. It is really refreshing to read a book where the characters are out of their 20s.Dawn has been divorced for two years after finding out her husband has been cheating on her for years. She just kind of floats through her life. Until one day she sees a hot guy on her neighbor’s roof. Dawn finds out his name is Zane. He compliments her and shows her attention that she has never even been shown by [...]

A new Dawn is comingHero, Zane = 5/5Heroine, Dawn = 5/5Secondary Characters = 5/5Chemistry = 4/5Sex = 5/5Plot = 4/5Mystery = 1/5Action =  1/5Darkness = 1/5Humor = 1/5Stars =  4 ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆Would I recommend this book = Yes Would I read future books by this author = YesWhat a great read. At first, I was concerned about reading it because the heroine is older than the hero. Plus, the hero didn't have everything. Most books I read it's the complete opposite so this was different. I loved it! I [...]

I loved this story! This was the first book that I've read by Alexis Adaire, and I'm going to have to check out her other books as well. It is few and far between that we get a sexy romance that isn't young kids. As an almost 40 year old myself, it is so nice to read someone that I am today, and not have to think back 18 years ago to when I was in college and had no life experience. Dawn is a strong woman who just needs a little push back into the dating world after healing (mostly) from her div [...]

First of all, this cover is what caught my eye. The body, the beard and the blurp. This was my first read by Alexis Adaire and this will not be my last. I thoroughly enjoyed Dawn and Zane's story and read this book in one sitting. Nailed is a fast paced and sexy read! Dawn, mid thirties, divorcee of 2yrs never thought she could attract a man like Zane who was only a few years older than her 19yr old son. Dawn was self conscious and didn't think of herself as the sexy, curvalicious woman Zane saw [...]

An older woman/ younger man romance isn't usually my thing but the blurb intrigued me and then I received an ARC, it was meant to be. I loved how the age difference was only barely referenced especially since most of ow/ym books I've read have made a big deal out of just a couple of years. In this one the author made the age gap just as important as it would have been if the roles were reversed, 7 years is a decent sized gap that may cause a comment or 2 but mostly wouldn't be noticed. Okay beyo [...]

This is the first book that I have read from Alexis Adair and I am sure that it won't be the last! She changes things up and gives us an older woman and younger man story and it is excellent! Super hot and a truly great love story, and I loved watching Dawn find her confidence and passion again and their love grew. Great read!! I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.Hero, Zane = 5/5Heroine, Dawn = 5/5Chemistry = 5/5Sex = 5/5Plot = 4/5Mystery = 1/5Action =  1/5Darkness = 1/5Humor [...]

Dawn was low on self esteem after a tough divorce from her cheating ex and wary of re-entering the dating world. When she finds herself attracted to Zane, the roofer working next door, she is amazed that he seems attracted to her. With nothing to lose, what's a little afternoon sex going to hurt. A sweet and steamy story with a happy ending. Book could use a little more character development, but all in all a good, short read . I voluntarily chose to review this book after reading an advance rea [...]

I read this in one sitting, I couldn’t put it down. I really enjoyed the plot and characters. The characters were well written and developed. The chemistry, interactions and build up between them was excellent. I like how real Dawn and Zane both are and that they have a past that they are dealing with and how they help each other to overcome it and move on to find a HEA. This was my first read by Alexis Adaire and this will not be my last. I am volunteering to leave a review for an ARC of this [...]

Omg! I loved this story about an older woman and a younger man! Yes! Almost everything I read involves women in their twenties and it is so refreshing to read. Us older gals like to imagine the action too! I will definitely for other reasons reward myself by reading more from Alexis Adaire. Her writing was smooth, the characters sexy and very charismatic and real. The story left me feeling peace and happiness, and eager for some sheet action!I received this book as an arc and I voluntarily am su [...]

After divorcing her cheating ex, Dawn figures all men are the small and resolves to live life by herself. She never expected the neighbor's roofer to change her mind. Their chemistry cannot be denied, but will both give into their feelings? Will they allow others to pull them apart?Definitely a steamy read! I thought that Zane was just what she needed and loved what he did to her ex. I was proud of Dawn for not letting other's opinions go past the questioning faze and that she was willing to sta [...]

Dawn is healing from a divorce from two years ago. She's debating about dating again or atleast have a meaningless sex.She flirts with the roofer working on her next door neighbor's house and it progresses from there. There is some sizzling sex.She has a hard time believing that she's an attractive woman that could keep the interest of the super hot Zane.I love it when these two give Dawn's ex a taste of his own medicine.Watch out world Dawn's got her groove back!I was given an ARC by the author [...]

Alexis Adaire has again written an excellent story! Keeping the writing fresh and interesting! Nailed is a sweet story with some depth. Dawn 40 and views herself as overweight and not worthy of attention. She compares herself to the over surgically enhanced neighbor Two years divorced, from a cheating dirt bag, who takes advantage. Untilllllllllllll A Hot roofer is appears next door! All those unused bits wake up! There are ups and downs in this story and things get handled! There are some Hot s [...]

I voluntarily agreed to receive an ARC of this book for an honest review. This is a hot and I do mean sizzling story about a divorcee who has come to terms with her divorce. She spies the hot roofer next door and her body comes alive. It has been two years and she is about to break out of her slump in a big way! Zane notices the hot number known as Dawn and the fire works begin. If they can keep her ex husband and her neighbor out of their business they can get this relationship started. Get rea [...]

Older women I appreciate that the author gave us an older woman younger man story. I did like how he helped heal Dawn's broken heart. I enjoyed the humor with the X an the neighbor. An also when the X Pete showed up with his bimbo an got an eye full. It was fantastic that he encouraged her to do the things she enjoyed. He paid attention to all the things she did that Pete just took for granted. I didn't care for ALL the sex scenes. I know new couples do have sex a bunch in my opinion though it w [...]

What a delightful read! Who doesn’t love an older woman/younger man love story? It’s refreshing to read a sexy, hot 🔥 romance between two people who are out of their 20’s. This storyline was great; the characters really easy to identify with; the bad blood between the divorced exes gave the story an edge; and the HEAoh Mama!!🔥 You definitely want to 1-Click this one today! (I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book and loved it!!)❤️❤️

I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this bookWow! This was a HOT one! I loved the plot! The story-line flowed smoothly throughout. I loved what Dawn and Zane did to Dawn's ex-husband - that was hilarious! There were lots of twist and turns in this story some with a hilarious outcomes. The characters were developed except for one situation. I won't go into details because I don't want to spoil it. I loved the ending with Zane and Dawn's HEA.

Such a great unexpected readOh my I️ was taken by surprise at how wonderful this book was. I️ thought I️ was going to get a book to just pass my time with until I️ could get another good book and BAM I️ get side swiped with a really great read. It not just about sexe sex is HOTbut it’s about so much more and I’m glad I️ picked it up. Don’t miss out on getting Nailed’s worth it!!!

I received this book as a arc for honest review these is also my first book by Alexis . Nailed the cover sucks you right in, sexy man with a beard. I loved Zane and Dawn, Zane the sexy roofer next door, Dawn the divorced older women trying to find her place again. I love a taboo romance and these was a reserve one too, older women younger man. These is a story I didn't put down till I finished it.

Oh, what a fun and sexy book! Dawn was so identifiable, so like we all would be in her situation, self-doubt underlying every post-divorce decision. And oh my stars! Zane was so hot! And yet so sweet for Dawn. Just perfect. This book has all the feels, all the joy and tension and heart and chemistry and insecuritis and passion and friendship and and and just everything! Sigh. Such a wonderful romance. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

This was my first book by Alexis Adaire, and it won’t be my last! I loved this book and devoured it in one sitting! Nailed is Dawn and Zane’s story. Dawn has been divorced for 2 years from a complete jerk. She is full of self doubt and is very self conscious. Zane is a roofer who she thinks is way out of her league! Will Zane convince Dawn that she is perfect the way she is? Will they get their happily ever after?

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