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  • Title: Recoil
  • Author: Evelyn Drake
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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Detective Tobias Sohbier spent his childhood between several foster homes, and the only time he found peace was when he fell in love with one of his foster brothers It didn t last His brother died, and Tobias went off the rails until he finally turned his life around Now he s a homicide detective, and finds vengeance his own way He s still broken, but the job hides itDetective Tobias Sohbier spent his childhood between several foster homes, and the only time he found peace was when he fell in love with one of his foster brothers It didn t last His brother died, and Tobias went off the rails until he finally turned his life around Now he s a homicide detective, and finds vengeance his own way He s still broken, but the job hides it well Kyle Rivers is a bouncer on the run from his past When his parents found out he d fallen in love with the kid they took in, they kicked Tobias out and condemned Kyle to a living hell, trapped in his own basement while they tried to fix him They told him Tobias was dead They kept Kyle like a dirty secret Now that he s free, he s found that Tobias is alive But he doesn t know how to reach out A murder at Kyle s club brings them together, and as the body count racks up, so does Tobias guilt and grief Kyle, meanwhile, can t deal with the truth that all the conversion therapy in the world, all the women he s slept with, didn t change who he really is Tobias is his first and only love If only he weren t the prime suspect in Tobias investigation Recoil is a standalone M M nail biting romance about two damaged men who have loved and lost, and must learn to love again.

Recent Comments "Recoil"

I hated most of this book, but there were a few parts (very few) I liked. I hated Kyle's inability to make up his mind. In one breath he was not gay, and in the next breath he was mauling Tobias. I can't even imagine the trauma of his childhood, but it was more than annoying. Another thing he refused to acknowledge his parents were completely in the wrong. They chained him and tortured, and he still claims they loved him. His parents were monsters in any world. He needs additional therapy for hi [...]

I really had no patience for this book and because of that I think my appreciation/reception of the story was lackluster. Tobias and Kyle are stuck in a tug of war of “boo hoo you left me and never even tried to find me” and “we’re both fucked up but I want you/don’t want you”. It all starts from chapter one and goes on for almost the entire book (the last four chapters were the climatic chapters). They just pretty much yo-yo-ed between those two parameters. I didn’t really care fo [...]

DNFWaste of time, so bad!!!

No, I can't even believe I read this. This was a rollar coaster of fuck that and hell no that I am sad to say I was apart of. Kyle is suppose to be some kick ass bouncer at a pretty good club. While Tobias is a tough Homicide Detective that is trying to solve the murder of VictoriaVeronicaV ok so he is trying to solve her murder which just so happens to be at the club that he long lost love works at. Thing is he was told that this love was killed when they were children but said perons own paren [...]

2.5 ⭐️Okay first off I did love the characters, but this book just had too much going on. Too much push and pull between the MC, I felt like a yo-yo. Big no no with me please make sure you don’t change a character name for a few pages then change it back. This is my third book with this author and I really have to suspend reality with each book. No one can get up, get showered, dressed make a bit to eat coffee and be out the door in 8 mins. I give her props for a wild ride, but I’m getti [...]

MYSTERIOUS LOVE STORYKyle is a huge, sexy, gorgeous club bouncer. Tobias is a hardened, dedicated homicide detective who feels he must speak for the dead. The way these two shared a childhood and the way it shaped their lives is the heart of this story. The murder mystery is the core of the story. This was a magnificent story that is very enlightening on many fronts. I read it straight through, I couldn't put it down. I just fell in love with Kyle and Tobias and Monica, she was a fantastic chara [...]

So when the first murder victim’s name goes from Victoria to Veronica back to Victoria I should have known there was a problem with the editing. Then the story talks about a business closing d/t the murders until they are solved yet the very next chapter they are all back to work at that business. Glad it was a free read.

IssuesWow this story touched on how cruel people can be all in the name of love when they think you are different. Two individuals who experienced trauma on various levels meet again and try to rebuild a relationship. Fairly interesting but main characters had baggage for days.


MehNot bad. Except the back and forth between the two MCs of if they were together or not gave me whiplash

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