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  • Title: Retief!
  • Author: Keith Laumer Eric Flint David Drake
  • ISBN: 9780671318574
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Paperback

Publisher s Note The stories and novel herein have previously appeared in parts in Envoy To New Worlds, Galactic Diplomat, and Retief s War This is the first unitary edition.Contents p 1 Extraordinary Diplomats Retief 2002 essay by David Drakep 5 Diplomat at Arms 1960 novellap 57 Protocol 1962 shortstory aka The Yillian Way p 75 The BraPublisher s Note The stories and novel herein have previously appeared in parts in Envoy To New Worlds, Galactic Diplomat, and Retief s War This is the first unitary edition.Contents p 1 Extraordinary Diplomats Retief 2002 essay by David Drakep 5 Diplomat at Arms 1960 novellap 57 Protocol 1962 shortstory aka The Yillian Way p 75 The Brass God 1965 novelette aka Retief, God Speaker p 111 Sealed Orders 1962 shortstory aka Retief of the Red Tape Mountain p 131 Palace Revolution 1961 novelette aka Gambler s World p 155 Cultural Exchange 1962 shortstoryp 175 Saline Solution 1963 shortstoryp 195 Native Intelligence 1963 novelette aka The Governor of Glave p 229 Policy 1962 novelette aka The Madman from Earth p 257 Ultimatum 1963 novelette aka Mightiest Qorn p 278 The Prince and the Pirate 1964 novelettep 302 The Castle of Light 1964 novelettep 333 Retief s War 1966 novelp 493 Wicker Wonderland 1964 novelette aka The City That Grew in the Sea p 521 Courier 1961 novelette aka The Frozen Planet p 549 Protest Note 1962 shortstory aka The Desert and the Stars p 570 Aide Memoire 1962 shortstoryp 591 Afterword Retief 2002 essay by Eric Flint

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My favorite space-age human (Dr. Who is an alien Time Lord), who conquers aliens by diplomacy and trickery more than fighting, hero is free at baen baenebooks/p-347-retieRip-roaring action, dangerous situations, funny dialogue, wonderful wisdom, especially from Retief's War: He who visits rarely is a welcome guest. When the job blows up in your face, remember Rum Jungle. We'll need every man - and then it won't be enough. I'm not sure that pasteurized thinking is rich enough in intellectual vita [...]

3.5 stars. I have not read all of the stories contained in this collection so this review is only for the following stories:"Protocol" (AKA "The Yillian Way"): A very good early Retief story involving the proper need to understand other peoplescustoms and practices. A good introduction to Retief. "Retief, God Speaker" (Aka "The Brass God"): A funny story poking fun at religious fervor and greed. "Sealed Orders": Another very good early Retief story illustrating the unorthodox methods Retief empl [...]

Retief is a futuristic good guy who just wants to have fun. Unfortunately, he always seems to wind up in the jackpot &, with his heroic tendencies, that means a lot of tongue-in-cheek trouble. He also has absolutely the wrong attitude for a diplomat. He's a man of action (prefers play) & hates bureaucracy. Laumer's humor is great & the books are a lot of fun. Well written, too.

Genre: Science FictionThis is a book of short stories (with one novella) focusing on Jame Retief, a diplomat for the CDT (an organization whose mission is the peace and safty of the terrean worlds). I liked the short stories much better then the novela - as they all are quick-paced and pack a punch. Retief is always brillent, always working for "the right", and never understood or supported by his collegues at the CDT. At one point he claims the name "Retief of the Mountain of Red Tape" which se [...]

Fun, short tales of an unlikely trickster space diplomat who's one part James Bond, one part jester. As much a satire of bureaucracy and diplomacy as action pieces. A bit dated - if you can't get past some old fashion campiness and dated sexual stereotypes, not for you, but those weaknesses are not central to the conceit or most of the plots.

Ah, Retief. Set in the future, but sexism from the past. :)

This is hilarious satire drawn from the author's personal, all-too-real experience of working with diplomats. As the jacket cover says, Retief is a James Bond among timid, ass-covering diplomats, with predictable hilarity. It's a fantastic concept.I'm not sure what possessed the editors of this book to put the one serious Retief story first. It's an ok story, but in a completely different tone from the rest of the book, having none of the delightful satire. It also is supposed to (I think) occur [...]

Retief the character is a two-fisted interstellar diplomat. Think Captain Kirk by way of a Warren Zevon song. His stories are based in the experiences of Laumer as a junior State department attache in Burma in the 1950s, out on the wild and wooly frontier of US anti-communism.I read the first story, which has Retief as an old man facing down a revanchist emperor planning to conquer the galaxy, and thought it was pretty good. So why the two stars--well, the stories go downhill fast. Not all scien [...]

This compilation of Keith Laumer's Retief stories was OK, but I can say that I'm not a fan of Retief. Only two of the selections were around a 3.5. The first short 'Protocol', and the novel length 'Retief's War'. I enjoyed 'Retief's War' because of the extensive world building and the alien character development. The tribal bio-mech bugs of the planet Quopp are mix of metalic bugs and mechanical movement apparati such as wheels and rotors. They become ensnared in a tricky plot by the local 'mafi [...]

Laumer, billed elsewhere as a "journeyman" author, is nonetheless quite enjoyable--especially his Retief series of short stories. They're sometimes a bit longer than they need to be, with action and adventure diluting a tale's schtick, but I've enjoyed them all.If I've learned anything from reading Laumer in general (and Retief, particularly,) it's that politicians are all corrupt, incompetent, enjoy giving concessions to enemies in the name of peace, never give credit to underlings, and refuse [...]

Simply amazing. I have read it at least twice. This book benefits from the fact that Keith Laumer was actually a diplomat himself, as well as having been an Air Force officer. states: "In an interview with Paul Walker of Luna Monthly, Laumer states "I had no shortage of iniquitous memories of the Foreign Service." There is much good humor here as well as plenty of action, adventure, aliens, and more. His writing style is excellent if you like stories that move along sharply, rather than the mor [...]

This is a collection of stories about interstellar diplomat-and-rogue Retief, written by Keith Laumer in the 1960's. Light hearted and humourous, they are quite entertaining, even if Retief manages to do get the right thing done (which is never what he was *supposed* to be doing) mostly through a large volume of luck and just a small touch of appropriate violence. The short stories (the bulk of this volume) are the best - the included novel Retief's War dragged quite a bit even though it's a sho [...]

Retief! is a wonderful collection of Laumer's space diplomat short stories, as you probably already knew. It is also a wonderful romp through otherwise delicate regions of interstellar/interspecies communication and interactions. Some latent sexism is regrettable, but Laumer demonstrates an otherwise sensitive view of the violence of communication. I was sometimes startled at the complexity of his thought, as the stories themselves purport to be ever-pragmatic, straight-to-the-point, and all tho [...]

Retief is possibly Science Fiction's most humorous, and also invariably triumphant, recurring character; embodying the intelligence and machismo of James Bond (Retief's portrayal on the cover art of some of the books is rather remininiscent of James Coburn as Derek Flint from the Our Man Flint movies) and the wit and behind-the scenes manipulation of P.G. Wodehouse's Jeeves.Pick up any Retief novel or short-story collection and you're in for a rollicking "Good Read"! So uncork a bottle of Bacchu [...]

I picked up the E-book Retief by Keith Laumer and of course could not resist re-reading stories I've read before.I never tire of reading the stories of this hard hitting diplomat with a penchant for tongue in cheek humor.What I find the most interesting is how they seem to stand the test of time. I can read these stories with the same awe I had for them back in the 60's. I suppose that's because they are more about diplomacy than about science fiction.Anyone who likes Science Fiction containing [...]

The saga of Retief, intergalactic diplomat to the demented Out There from the equally demented denizens of Earth, is not just madly comic space opera but a bitter and biting social commentary. If you've ever dreamed of signing up for the diplomatic service, read "Retief!" Then ask yourself if you've got what it takes to juggle rayguns and diplomatic irony with Retief-like aplomb, and if you really want to go up against nine-headed, nose-flute-playing beauty queens from Zith with a taste for huma [...]

The Retief series is tongue-in-cheek science fiction, with an adventurous, reluctant diplomat as the main character. Retief is a man of action hamstrung by his bumbling, bureaucratic superiors. Most of these stories were written between the 60s and early 80s, and the "evil" aliens Retief contests with are analogs for the Soviets, and the early series was written as a sci-fi parody of US/USSR gamesmanship, so it's rather dated now, but still entertaining.

A collection of short stories and novellas--originally published in parts in Envoy to New Worlds, Galactic Diplomat, and Retief's War--chronicles the zany adventures of galactic diplomat James Retief as he worked to foil the nefarious plots of alien enemies to make space save for humans. Original.

This collection of short stories is a fantastic and humorous set of tales of diplomacy by Retief in the face of all "reasonble" direction by his superiors. Good stories, good, if sometimes thin, characters, and pacing that makes it easy to keep turning pages. I'm definitely looking forward to reading more Retief stories.

I first read these stories years ago and enjoyed them a lot. Think James Bond in space, operating against a variety of BEM's and having to subvert his own bureaucracy to achieve his ends. Good YA reading, but it doesn't hold up well.

The Retief stories are formulaic. The joy in them is not to be found in the plot, I think, so much as it is to found in the wit. However, the humor in it is a mismatch for what I find funny.

Very funny SF. A little predicable, but the biting humor more than makes up for that. Nice digs at bureaucracies and profiteers. Reminds me very much of Walter Jon Wiliams' Drake Maijstral.

A good collection of stories.


A bit dated and sexist, but lots of fun. Sort of a James Bond among the stars Clever dialog, lots of silliness, ripping adventure.

Funniest damn books, period!

don't care for short stories but it wasn't bad

Retief! - Good stories if a bit dated

Movie-worthy narratives and an almost Bond-like character. Retief was meant to be allegorical to Cold War-era diplomacy, and that sentiment really shone through.

Laumer used to work in the US foreign service and his love for it shines through. The stories one can tell when leaving government service are never the ones you want to tell. But in fantasy.

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