Alpha's Danger

Renee Rose Lee Savino

Alpha's Danger

Alpha's Danger

  • Title: Alpha's Danger
  • Author: Renee Rose Lee Savino
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Kindle Edition

YOU BROKE THE RULES, LITTLE HUMAN I OWN YOU NOW I am an alpha wolf, one of the youngest in the States I can pick any she wolf in the pack for a mate So why am I sniffing around the sexy human attorney next door The minute I catch Amber s sweet scent, my wolf wants to claim her Hanging around is a bad idea, but I don t play by the rules Amber acts all prim and prop YOU BROKE THE RULES, LITTLE HUMAN I OWN YOU NOW I am an alpha wolf, one of the youngest in the States I can pick any she wolf in the pack for a mate So why am I sniffing around the sexy human attorney next door The minute I catch Amber s sweet scent, my wolf wants to claim her Hanging around is a bad idea, but I don t play by the rules Amber acts all prim and proper, but she has a secret, too She may not want her psychic abilities, but they re a gift I should let her go, but the way she fights me only makes me want her When she learns what I am, there s no escape for her She s in my world, whether she likes it or not I need her to use her gifts to help recover my missing sister and I won t take no for an answer She s mine now Publisher s Note Alpha s Danger is a stand alone book in the Bad Boy Alpha s series HEA guaranteed, no cheating This book contains a hot, demanding alpha wolf with a penchant for protecting and dominating his female If such material offends you, do not buy this book.

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I was in a reading funk so I went back to this series to give me some cheesy romance because that’s what I love. Alpha’s Danger is the second book in the series and is a standalone. You don’t have to read the prior book to this one (sometimes you do base on how much of the characters are developed, but in this one you don’t).I liked that the Hero is an Alpha and he’s part of the pack. As always the authors delivers a cute meet-cute and I get right into the book.I’m not sure what it w [...]

I liked this better than book 1

I love Renee Rose, and Lee Savinowhen they team up to write together, its deliciously sexy! Reading this book made me realize, I want a werewolf! LOL. Garrett and his all male shifter pack were so sexyd a little funny! I could just picture a big group of overgrown frat boys rough housing and never serious! When Amber, the quiet, isolated psychic lawyer bumps into them and realizes they're her neighbors, she's more than a little apprehensive of the big, tattooed, pierced motorcycle gang! It doesn [...]

This is the second book in the Bad Boy Alphas series by Renee Rose and Lee Savino. If you read Alpha's Temptation featuring Jackson King and Kylie then you remember Garrett, the Alpha of the pack where Jackson lives. Although Jackson was a lone wolf and he didn't belong to the pack or any other one for that matter. Garrett is a 31 year old wolf shifter he left his father's pack to start his own which is made up of mostly single men. He shares his apartment with his two friends and pack members, [...]

Whenever I pick up a Renee Rose novel I know that I will be swept away by a rugged and tough alpha male and the sassy woman that brings him to his knees. That is exactly what we got in Alpha's Danger. Garrett and Amber were so HOT and sexy. It was exactly what I loved in my books: a growly, possessive alpha male and the woman he claims as his mate. I could not get enough.While this novel is the second book in the series, Alpha's Danger is a complete standalone. When Alpha Pack leader Garrett mov [...]

While this book is listed as the second in the series, it totally can be read as a stand alone novel. The combination of Renee Rose and Lee Savino guarantee that this will be a steamy romance. Garrett is an Alpha werewolf but when he has feelings for a human, he knows he needs to stay away from her for many reasons. The least of which is that Garret fears for Amber's life since she will not be able to handle his wolf. However, he doesn't count on just how much his wolf wants Amber for his mate. [...]

Amber is an Attorney with visions of the future. Garrett is an Entrepreneur with a dangerous secret.They shouldn't be together.But when they meet there is an instant attraction. He wants to Claim her. She wants nothing to do with him.When his sister is kidnapped, he is forced to ask for her assistance. How will Amber's visions help Garrett's mission? Find out in Alpha's Danger: An MC Werewolf Romance (Bad Boy Alphas Book 2) by Renee Rose and Lee Savino!

The book is amazing.The love scenes are hot,hot,hot,hot.Amber and Garrett and Amber were so sexy. It is all that i adore in a book : possessive alpha male and the woman he claims as his mate.When I stared reading i couldn't put it down I read it in one day.

4.5 stars for me This story was my favourite kind of PNR with a growly werewolf and a feisty human. Full of MINE, steamy hot sex, witty dialogue and plenty of action.Add in the funny best friend, seriously hot pack mates and it's the perfect escape from reality. Oh and I almost forgot the light BDSM which never hurts in my opinion 😈Loving this series and hope Lee & Renee write stories for all the characters I received an ARC of this book

Garrett and AmberAnother good addition to the series. Will immediately download and read the next book. This is about a romance between a psychic and werewolf, but werewolves are not allowed to be with humans. Great develop the story and ending!

Review to follow

So this is Garrett's story - we met him in book one, he's the leader of the pack closest to Jackson. Loosely connected, this is certainly a stand alone. Never judge a book by it's cover least that is the lesson Amber should remember. Her first impression of her neighbor scares her witless, but turns her on! There is push/pull between these two because Garrett fights his wolf from claiming here's not a shifter. Garrett is a dirty talking alpha who falls for "crazy" Amber. Can these two have a fut [...]

**Another fun read - review to come soon**

Amber's an attorney whose life's been far from easy. She almost feels like a split personality. There's Amber, the competent, put-together, albeit somewhat socially awkward, professional who is a kick-ass lawyer. Then there's "Crazy Amber," who has abilities she'd rather not have. And Crazy Amber makes her appearance far too often for Amber's comfort. One night, while returning to her new apartment, Amber runs into three very shady-looking bikers in the elevator. Or at least she thinks they're b [...]

LET THE RECORD REFLECTWhile this is the second book in the Bad Boy Alpha series, it will definitely read well as a stand-alone. It does have mention of a few characters that are in book one, Alpha’s Temptation, but those characters are defined enough in this story not to be confusing. You know you are in for an amazing story with two extremely talented authors collaborating to create this shifter series. The story has mystery, suspense, danger, kidnapping, a rescue operation, secrets, a psychi [...]

Now I loved Alpha's Danger. I was hooked from the very first page, and Renee Rose and Lee Savino have fast become one-click authors to me, and I'm now super excited to get started on reading more of their other works'. But overall I'm rating this novel 4.5 stars, simply because I found some mistakes here and there that was hard to ignore - for example, there was a scene in this book where the wrong names were used for the characters, which had me confused and losing my flow of reading this book, [...]

Title: Alpha's Danger - MC Werewolf Romance - Bad Boy Alpha's Book 2Author: Renee Rose & Lee SavinoPublisher: Burning DesirePublished: 9-14-2017Pages: 177Genre: ParanormalSub-Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, D/s, Shifters, WerewolvesASIN: B074XJ8SG1Reviewed For MyselfReviewer: DelAnneRating: 4.75 StarsFrom the moment they met that first day in the apartment elevator Amber was drawn to Garret, terrified of his and his friends Hell's Angels look, but he made her want. [...]

NOT AN MC BOOK and 19That's how many times the phrase "let the record reflect" was used throughout the book. I could have done without that after about the 2nd time it came up in one chapter alone. It wasn't as flawed as the first book as far as the H's attitude went or the way he treated the h. He had a little bit of a tug of war between yes & no, but at least he didn't treat her badly like it happened in the first. Now, as far as the rest of the story goes, there were some things that just [...]

Lee Savino and Renee Rose have once again teamed up to give us a book that sends us on an emotional roller coaster and leaves us emotionally wrung out, but emotionally satisfied. Once more we are taken into the world of Bad Boy Alphas, where the men are werewolves and the women love them. This time, we're focusing on Garrett. He's the Alpha of the Tucson Pack. His dad keeps pressuring him to find a female Alpha wolf and mate. Then Amber walks into his life and changes everything. Amber is his ne [...]

“Biting” Five Star Adventure!“Alpha’s Temptation” was an amazing five star read for the initial collaboration between Renee Rose and Lee Savino. With “Alpha’s Danger” this incredible writing duo has hit their stride! “Alpha’s Danger” includes a great cast of characters along with one of the most adorably quirky heroines I’ve had the pleasure to encounter. Juxtaposed alongside this extraordinary female lead is the embodiment of dominant male heat, a shifter who melts heart [...]

Let the record reflect: This is one of the best shifter stories ever!What an amazing story! When Renee Rose and Lee Savino team up to write, the result is a guaranteed one-click story that will leave your heart happy and your pulse racing!Garrett is one HOT alpha, and not just in personality - he's the local wolf-pack leader as well. His new neighbor, Amber, is a feisty lawyer who has no idea what to do with her paranormal curse until Garrett shows her how to appreciate it as a gift. They not on [...]

This is the story of a woman name Amber she's had a hard life and has grown up in the foster system but now she's a lawyer helping kid like herself have a better life. She moves into a new nice apartment and meets her neighbors who happen to look like mean bikers. As a single woman she is concerned for her safety living so close to such tough looking men. She tries to stay but unfortunately Amber has vision and she's found out her neighbors secret. They're werewolves. But human aren't allowed to [...]

This is book 2 in the Alpha Bad Boys series but is a stand alone book! Book 1, Alpha's Temptation, is fantastic & its characters are mentioned so you could read it for enjoyment ;) but it's not necessary at all. Amber & Garrett were great together! Amber is an uptight human lawyer who has visions she tries to suppress & would be considered psychic & "an alpha female". Garrett is an alpha werewolf in charge of the local pack which also happens to be a MC & owns some properties [...]

3.5 Stars!I liked it, but.Garrett is an Alpha and he has a pack of motorcycle-riding werewolves. He meets his neighbor on the elevator in their building and suddenly he's obsessed. Amber is a former foster kid who is now a lawyer. Like, that is about how complicated she is. At first, she's freaked by these three, giant, tattooeed men in the elevator who she discovers just so happen to live next to her. Like, three days later she discovers Garrett is a werewolf and in less than 12 hours she cool [...]

Review for the Audible version of this story:Let the record reflect this book was a fun one. I listened to the audiobook while working out and had moments where I was laughing out loud. I don’t normally care for paranormal/shifter stories. This one, however, was more romance than werewolf legends and wars. I did not read book 1 in the series. But I also did not feel as though I was missing any important information. Amber Drake is an attorney with a “special gift” which causes her to have [...]

Alpha's DangerThis is book two of this series. While I enjoyed the first book more than this one, it was pretty good too. Garrett is alpha of the pack in Tuscon. The ones we meet are all bachelors. It was stated that usually the ones who mated went back to Garrett's father pack.So when he meets his next door neighbor and feels drawn to her, he fights it. First of all he doesn't want to get mated, secondly, she's human.Amber has had visions since she was little. She was placed in foster care when [...]

Paranormal is not typically my go to reads so I nearly missed this one. But thank goodness I didn’t! I absolutely loved Garrett and Amber. I loved the quirky elements and the setting in Tucson, Arizona. Amber has been alone all her life… outcast and loaner due to her visions that she can’t control. I loved her “let the record show….” Comments. They were fun and totally fit her character. Garrett is the Alpha of a small pack of male wolves. He turns out to be more than his bad boy ext [...]

3.5 stars. Not as enjoyable as book one but I read book 5 first I am going back to read the series in order. I did enjoy the interaction between Amber and Garrett very much just everything happened in a short space of time.This book could be about any wolf pack, there is not overlap with book one apart from a mention of Jackson and the fact Kylie is their go to for information gal.Amber seemed all over the place for an attorney/lawyer type. Expected her to be more together, especially with her v [...]

I don't normally read PNR but after reading the blurb I was intrigued and decided to give it a go, I'm so pleased I did as the book was amazing! This is the second book in the series but can be read as a standalone, this story follows Garrett and Amber. When Amber meets her neighbor they have an instant connection but Garrett knows that if he lets her in she will bring him to his knees. Garretts inner wolf recognises Amber as his mate but Garrett fights the temptation as much as he can, he doesn [...]

Sorta mehI love Renee Rose's books to the point of marking on my calendar when her next book is released as soon as I hear about it, and I really enjoyed the last book she put out(bat girl tits forever!) But honestly I just wasn't feeling this book as much. It took me almost a full 7 hours to read, and I kept wandering off to do other things rather than read. It was a fine book, sexy, not too fast, but i just couldn't get into it like I usually do. There were spelling and grammar errors, the sto [...]

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