His Lordship's Downfall: Part Two

Josie Litton

His Lordship's Downfall: Part Two

His Lordship's Downfall: Part Two

  • Title: His Lordship's Downfall: Part Two
  • Author: Josie Litton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Kindle Edition

from New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Josie LittonThe wickedly satisfying conclusion to the story that has reviewers saying, So yummy Blew my mind , Deliciously dirty and devious , Will melt you along with your Kindle , Holy Hotness I have a new author to follow and so much .Brazen revenge has never been so richly deserved Or so deliciously afrom New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Josie LittonThe wickedly satisfying conclusion to the story that has reviewers saying, So yummy Blew my mind , Deliciously dirty and devious , Will melt you along with your Kindle , Holy Hotness I have a new author to follow and so much .Brazen revenge has never been so richly deserved Or so deliciously accomplished.In Part One of this tale, Lord Adrian Burleigh a devilishly handsome, absurdly privileged aristocrat in modern day England with a twist decided to acquire a pet Throughout the tumultuous onset of their relationship, she was the object of his dark, decadent and some would say depraved attentions.Now it s her turn.In the wickedly sexy, wickedly funny and just plain wicked conclusion to this very naughty story, Lord Adrian discovers what it means to have his world flipped upside down Surprises lurk, revelations await, and just desserts are delivered along with a great deal .

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I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.First, I have to say the writing is superb. Josie Litton is quite talented, but I'm afraid i didn't enjoy this installment of His Lordship's Downfall very much. In the first book, Lord Adrian acquired his pet. He did horrible, sadistic this to her, but at the same time, she had signed a contract to be his pet, so she knew what she was in for going into the game. There was a bunch of talk in the first book of this "power" Jane had over him and, w [...]

His Lordship's Downfall part 2Josie Litton The conclusion to His Lordship's Downfall. A lust and sexual pleasure filled story that will surely get your motor running by the end. Even if some parts will be cringe worthy to the male population oh well. What can I say. I loved it. Very different.Lord Adrian Burleigh just can't believe what he's waking up too. He is spread eagled on the bed, buck naked, chained, caged and pierced in places he can't believe all because of one woman. He thought he own [...]

This is the second book in the series and certainly had plenty to offer the reader. From the cliff-hanger in the first book, we see the tables turned and now Jane has the advantage. But Jane is not some meek person as we soon come to realise. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and would certainly have no hesitation in recommending this or book one and together they provide a compelling and intriguing story. Adrian awakes and soon realises that Jane has the upper hand; she has a month to ensu [...]

First off, I'd like to mention how awesome the book cover was. Love it!This was a HEA conclusion that Litton had assured readers when part one came out and she didn't fail to impress. I love how Lord Adrian progressed from a proud, jaded aristocrat to someone who learnt humility and love from Jane. How he feared her leaving him.“Where is she?” Lord Adrian blurted. “Jane, I mean, where--”Gone. He was going to say that she’d packed a bag and high-tailed it out of there. And who could bla [...]

Steamy conclusion of a great story for Lord Adrian and Jane - Highly RecommendPart 2 of Lord Adrian Burleigh and Jane Smythe starts where part 1 ends. Also that is where the similarities ended for me. I found this to have a totally different feel and tone. The first part was focused on the "pet" relationship and made Adrian to be without feeling for his lessors, dishing out punishment for perceived offensives, and ignoring anyone he doesn't consider his equal (which is almost everyone, but espec [...]

I recievied an ARC in exchange of an honest review.Warning!As a continuation of Part One - Adult Situations occur.So if thinking about people doing naughty things to other people upsets you - Stay Away!If vivid descriptions, adult imagery or use of course words offends you - Do Not Read!If you've had a stick shoved up your Pigu (Chinese) or not had any fun in your life over the last 20 years - Don't read this, then complain about it being crude.Now knowing the various likings of his Lordship, th [...]

Jane of Arc…. brilliant conclusion!His Lordship’s Downfall: Part Two is an unexpected surprise and delight.I was hoping to learn a little bit of something behind Pet’s character but I got more! Lord Adrian Burleigh’s Pet purchased solely for his sexual enjoyment has turned the tides in this installment, and what an exquisite and brilliant conclusion to their story.By the end of His Lordship’s Downfall: Part one, the reader experiences the extent of Lord Adrian’s selfishness and self- [...]

His Lordship’s Downfall Part Two by Josie LittonThis is not the first series I have read from Josie. Her writing style is unique in regards to the depth and complexity of the characters. Each book in the series leaves off in a good place but absolutely leaves you wanting more. This book is definitely different from the other series by Ms. Litton. Lord Adrian Burleigh is an autocratic aristocrat who has a dark sadistic side. When we last see Adrian he is tied up to his bed spread eagle and some [...]

The author gave me a copy to review.I didn’t want to read this book at first. Part One ended on a cliffhanger which I hate, but the author apologized and said that really likes when authors publish a lot or doesn’t play nice. Stupid .Man, oh, man, am I glad I read this book though. Lady Jane turned into quite the spitfire. I wasn’t really sure she was cut out for the “pet” position in the first book and now we know why. I won’t spoil the book but she is intelligent and kind and sym [...]

Sometimes a downfall is for your own goodWhile I thoroughly enjoyed reading His Lordship's Downfall Part One, Part Two had a much different tone and was enjoyable on a more seductive intellectual level.When His Lordship awakes in restraints and his pet, Jane Smythe, is dressed and standing over him, my thoughts went all directions. One of them being that his wife had coached Jane and Jane would torment His Lordship in cruel ways as he had done to her. Instead, Jane was funny, witty, sensitive, a [...]

What a wonderful way to train your master! At the end of book one, we were left with quite the cliff hanger - My mind was going in so many directions as to what was going to happen in book 2 and how exactly Litton was going to spin this-After all the Pet just more or less bit the hand that feeds her- or so we believedIn book 2 Adrian definitely got his comeuppance along with a not so nice glimpse of whom he had become - about time he saw past his blindersJane is now in control and she is quite t [...]

Revenge is supposed to be served cold, but in this case it's also cleverly devised. And hot. So hot.I can't stress enough how fun it was to read about the demise of His Lordship's arrogance and control. Under his former pet's rapturous torments, he experiences all kinds of denial and sensuous discoveries. All the while, this new woman who exerts so much power over his body and will tries to teach him valuable lessons, and steal as much pleasure as she can.What makes this initially depraved story [...]

Oh the conclusion to His Lordship's Downfall is just as dirty, naughty and beautifully written as the first. I read Josie Litton's conclusion in a single sitting. I couldn't put it down. In Part Two, Lord Adrian Burleigh finds the tables turned on him by his pet. And is totally shocked to find his pet isn't anything what he expected. She's well read, intelligent and looking to make some changes, through Adrian.Once again, we see Litton's prose and love of words shine through. Her writing is so b [...]

I received free copy of his lordship's prt2 downfall in exchange for honest review .Josie has out donne her self with this one after the cliff hanger in prt1 you witness a shocking scene in the beginning of prt2Lord Adrian found himself chained and naked by his not so incennot pet who goes by the name Jane . he was helpless with his servants turning against him , his wife toke off with a couple. to India he was on her mercy.Jane determine to make her master the Lord who his pepole expected to be [...]

A solid four stars to the second and final installment of His Lordship's Downfall by Josie Litton. Once again, Litton proves why she has shot up my author faves list. Her writing is spectacular. Her smut is exquisite. Her characters are unique, delightful (in both good and bad ways), and well-crafted without their nuances spoon-fed to readers. We see all of that played out perfectly with the re-introduction of our heroine, Jane -- aptly titled Jane of Arc by our favourite lordship. She's strong, [...]

Since leaving us with a doozy of a cliffhanger, I've been anxiously waiting to find out what happens to Lord Adrian. I'm not going to spoil it so I won't go into detail, but when I first read what happens I wanted to jump up and yell,"YOU GO GIRL!". Lol! Right away we get to learn "pets" name. We also learn her reasons why she decided to become a pet in the first place. Can she open Lord Adrian's eyes and help him be where he needs to be? This just as hot, dark, and steamy as the first but with [...]

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this book! I so looked forward after reading part 1 to seeing his lordship get his comeuppance. I was thrilled with the wonderful way this was done with Jane being such a great character who really pulled at my emotions at times. I read an ARC of Part 1 and hurried to purchase Part 2 and I was not disappointed. Surprisingly I actually ended up liking his Lordship by the end of the story and I don't even care that I missed out on some sleep to read the entire t [...]

Josie Litton said she was going to surprise the reader with the second book, and boy did she keep that promise, in spades. This was another hot and erotic read, but with tables turned for sure. The result, a can't-wait-to-read and then a can't-put-down joy ride of various emotions and enjoyment. If Josie keeps writing and setting the pages on fire like this, then her trip to what she called uncharted territory, could soon become a reader's paradise library. This is a voluntary review of an Advan [...]

This was the perfect ending for Jane and His Lordship! Jane knows how all about turn about being fair play. The growth that each character goes through, and the soul searching HL does, make this more tender than the first book. This part of the story is much less dark, and I actually found myself laughing in places. I enjoyed getting to know Jane, and what makes her tick. I loved watching HL handle the predicament he finds himself in. I can imagine a more fitting ending for these two.

I voluntarily and honestly reviewed this advance reader copy and was not compensated in any way.First off, you have to read Part 1. Part 2 will only make sense if you’ve read Part 1. That said, the 2 books couldn’t be more different. Part 1 was serious, dark erotica, Part 2 is anything but serious. I laughed so hard throughout the entire book, and let me tell you, he deserved every little bit of it. I was cheering for Jane the whole time. You must read these 2 books.

After that stunning cliffhanger in part one, this book takes it to the next level. The story has many levels and twists and turns which always makes for a good read. This story was nothing shy of a 5-alarm fire then combine that with panty-dripping, seat squirming, sensuality and you have yourself one freaking hot damn story and guess what else, it was all written at its finest! I cannot stress enough how good both books in this series are and how you should start reading it asap.

After reading the first part which really blew me away, I waited for the second part, dying to see the first paragraph, because of how the first part ended. I loved how that one ended and loved how this one started. These are both great books. I really enjoy darkness in a book but also through trials how things can turn around, I just really got into this series. I would recommend this to anyone.

Just as good as the first book. It expands on the fact that even the firmest mindset can be changed. It shows the struggles the person goes through while learning/admitting to the truths of the society he lives in rather than having it be a snap thing, which is much more realistic and makes the story that much more "real". It also shows that sometimes the best "revenge" is changing the other person.

This was a fantastic conclusion to Jane and Lord Adrian's story! Just like part one, I was pulled in and hooked from the beginning pages. I felt like we truly got to know both characters much better in part two. This one had some unexpected twists and some laugh out loud moments. I loved it and recommend reading both parties one and part two!*I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. This is my honest review.*

Such a fitting conclusion to Lord Adrian's story! I don't want to spoil anything, but if you read part one you'll know that it ended in but of a cliffhanger. Let's just say that pretty much everyone gets their just desserts. We finally get to officially met Lord Adrian's pet!!! Fantastic read!I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

His Lordship's Downfall series is an insanely dark, twisted delight, with a twist of mortality and heart you never see coming!This is one of Josie's darkest series yet, not for the faintest of hearts, she takes you to the edge, taunts you with carefully crafted revenge, that is anything but submissive.

Awesome. I read part one and couldnt wait to read part two. This is no ordinary book. J Litton writes really well. A story about submission and sexuality, but also strength and compassion. Follow how Adrian's perspective changes when he is forced to see himself from Janes point of view. This is an intriguing story with a great ending. I would only change one thing, one not two books.

A Review of His Lordship's Downfall: Part Two by Josie LittonDelicious ending - 4.5 starsThis was the second part of the story and man, was it worth the wait! I LOVED all the twists and turns that this second part of the book gave us. Well worth the short wait between the first part and this one. **Honest review voluntarily provided from a Complimentary Copy**

OMG! This was unbelievably hot! I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC copy of this book & I'm surprised my Kindle didn't melt! Jane & Adrian are quite the couple. With the shift in power in Jane's hands, Lord Adrian sees the error of his ways, but does he realize in time to make things right.Ms. Litton does a fantastic job of drawing the reader into the lives of her characters.

My second read from author Josie Litton, His Lordship’s Downfall: Part Two being the continuation to His Lordship’s Downfall: Part One. Relatively one dimensional, more character development than the first book, good attention to detail. Well written. I'll be reading more by this author.I received this ARC for an honest review.

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