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  • Title: Undone
  • Author: Gisele St. Claire
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Taylor Dawson spends her days getting down and dirty as a mechanic at her father s garage, rather than with a hot guy At nineteen, she s so ready to get rid of her v card but hasn t found the right man yet Collecting her roommate from her bartending job at Club V, Taylor stumbles across Club Owner, Jake Mesa, giving a lesson in submission Tay doesn t think she d everTaylor Dawson spends her days getting down and dirty as a mechanic at her father s garage, rather than with a hot guy At nineteen, she s so ready to get rid of her v card but hasn t found the right man yet Collecting her roommate from her bartending job at Club V, Taylor stumbles across Club Owner, Jake Mesa, giving a lesson in submission Tay doesn t think she d ever be able to obey like the collared woman at Jake s mercy and slips away from the room unnoticed However, Jake s security footage caught the gorgeous voyeur in his room and now she has his full attention When Taylor s dad admits to a business disaster that could end not only the garage but his life, she doesn t know where to turn Then Jake makes her an offer Will she be able to resist or become completely undone If gorgeous heroes, instalove and sexy times are your thing, read on

Recent Comments "Undone"

This is the second book in the Club V series by Gisele St. Claire. I liked the first book a lot more than this one because I thought Taylor was a thunder cunt. I love a strong female character but Taylor was obnoxious and completely vain. The only saving grace for me was Jake Mesa and he's the reason this wasn't two stars. I do think it's funny as hell that Samara (that name still creeps me out) from the first book got probably what amounted to a few million dollars (medical costs for her brothe [...]

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Taylor Dawson is a mechanic in her father garage. She is nineteen and still holding on to her V card that she is now more than ready to get rid of. She just hasn't found the right man yet. Taylor usually goes and gets her roommate from her bartending job at Club V. Trying to get to the private bathroom one night she accidentally walks into the office of club owner Jake Messa and what she sees leaves her hot under the collar and in n [...]

This author is fast becoming one my go to authors who work flows so easy with a good story but has the ability to o get you hot and flustered.In this book we meet 19 year old Taylor Dawson she is a complete daddy's girl and loves spending time with her dad working as a mechanic getting greasy and oily rather than chasing a man around. Taylor is now starting to think what it would be like to finally lose her virginity but for first of all she must find the right man that will be worthy of taking [...]

Undone by Gisele St. Claire is Book 2 of the Club V series and a Contemporary RomanceTaylor works as a mechanic at her father's auto repair shop during the day and drops by Club V, a private members sex club, at night to give her best friend and roommate Samantha a ride home after work. Taylor is a curvy and stunning 19 year old virgin who hasn't met anyone she wants to lose her virginity to until she walks into Jake's office by accident and witnesses him teaching a submissive a lesson. Club V [...]

I can't get enough of this woman. I'm serious because when I finish one book I'm eager to start a new one and when it finally arrive to my Kindle I'm can't believe it. As everyone knows, if not by reading her books or for reading my reviews, Gisele has a sassy, hot and intense writing that will leave you breathless in a sec. Trust me on this, been there, done that and I can't get enough. Undone is the the second book from the Club V series and jeez What a book. I must advise you to read Unravel, [...]

Taylor is a mechanic who works for her father. She is used to being one of the guys and so she has never given up her v-card. Her best friend works at Club V. One night when Taylor goes to pick up her friend, she spends some time at the bar. Near by she sees a gorgeous guy getting hot and heavy with a woman. Later when she goes to the bathroom, she accidentally almost walks in on the pair doing it in a private office. Taylor is shocked but also attracted to how the man controls the woman.A coupl [...]

Get ready for a wild ride!! This is intense, hot, wild and intriguing. Taylor Dawson worked for her dad at the Dawson Brothers Garage as a mechanic . Her father was all she had since her mom died giving birth to her. She lived in an apartment with her roommate Sam, who worked at Club V. One day her father told her NOT to come into work as there wasnโ€™t enough for them to do yet she swung by anyway and she saw 6 men getting into it with her father and that is when she found out the truth- They h [...]

So this is a hot read. My second erotica book. Well if I am honest, it left me a little cold; maybe disconnected is a better word.It's quite a slow build, but I feel the heroine gives in a bit quickly. I like her character, the fact she's a mechanic, her feisty attitude etc but she doesn't really shut the hero down like I think she is going to at the start. It all felt a bit too easy. He says jump and she calls him disgusting then says yes to everything. There was just no umph to that part of th [...]

Undone is by Gisele St. Claire and is Book 2 in the Club V series. Although it is a standalone.Taylor is a 19 year old virgin who is a mechanic at her father's auto shop. While picking up her roommate from Club V, a private members only sex club. She accidently walks into Jake's (one of the owners of Club V), office looking for the bathroom, she watches him with a submissive. Jake approaches Taylor the next day, to tell her he knows she watched him. A few days later as Jake overhears Taylor tell [...]

Dancing in The Dark๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ’‹?I don't know how I feel about this book. Taylor, the young woman character seemed conceited and kind of shallow in her thinking. Maybe some of her self centeredness is because she is so young, only 19. At the same time, parts of this book made her seem much older than her years, more like a woman in her 30's. That's a problem with the author's writing.I also found I wanted the time with her lover to last much longer, the book was much too short here. It was like the a [...]

I have read all of Gisele St Claire's books and my favorite is Submit so far. The Club V series focuses on the women that bring the owners of the exclusive Club V to their knees. Unravel is the story of Neil and Samara and Undone is Jake and Taylor.Taylor is a mechanic in her dad's garage. When her dad finds himself in financial trouble that could cause him physical harm, Taylor goes to Club V where her roommate works. While she's venting, Jake is nearby listening and makes her an offer. Will sh [...]

This is the second installment to the Club V series and its even better than the first.Taylor Dawson works as a mechanic for her father but has really had much of a life outside that. One night when she was picking her friend up from her bartending job at Club V she stumbled upon a couple having sex when she was looking for a bathroom. Unable to help herself she watched them for several minutes before fleeing to the bathroom. Watching how the woman was being submissive to the men was a huge turn [...]

I received an ARC and am voluntarily reviewing it.Taylor is a mechanic whose roommate works at Club V in NYC, and she picks her roommate up all the time after work. After hearing the head bartenders story, while she has been waiting for her roommate to get off work, she excuses herself to find the bathroom and is told to use the one down the hall by the offices since the employee one is out of order. She ends up in the office of one of the owners and sees something she should not have but she ca [...]

This is the 2nd book in the Club V series. Taylor works for her father in his garage and loves working on cars. Jake is the owner of Club V and loves to "pleasure" woman when and where he wants to. He has different tastes and loves when woman give him what he wants. When Taylor walks into his office by accident while he has a woman tied up, she froze and couldn't look away. Then she sneaks out thinking nobody saw her, not knowing that there are cameras everywhere. Jake finds Taylor very attracti [...]

This is the second book in the sexy Club V series. If you are looking for smoking hot, steamy novellas featuring a virgin and an older man, I think you'll love this new author. Club V is one of my favourite series right now.Undone is short, sexy, steamy, but sweet too. I loved that Taylor was a smart, sassy tomboy who would have done anything to protect the dad who raised her alone. Jake is more than willing to help out Taylor's family, but it'll come at a price. Considering the heat between Jak [...]

A sweet slow burn to love story. Jake is one of the owners at club V and Tay - whom I really enjoy as a leading female - is a smart strong-willed mechanic who isn't searching for anyone, she is quite happy being in control, until the day Tay needs help, fast, and this provides Jake - who really wants to know what makes her tick- with the perfect opportunity to approach Tay with a proposal that he believes will mutually benefit them both. This being a short story I wasn't really able to connect w [...]

Gisele St. Claire is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. Undone is a deliciously naughty addition to her Club V series and her writing just keeps getting better. From the moment Taylor first spies Jake Mesa she is drawn to him like a moth to a flame. When her father's choices put him in a dangerous position Taylor is determined to help him. Jake offers Taylor a way in which they both will benefit. Reluctant but intrigued Taylor agrees to Jake's terms. The chemistry between Taylor and Ja [...]

Steamy, sexy, and so hot! Those are just a few words that describe this book. Taylor is a virgin and wants that to change, but she has standards. When she encounters Jake at Club V, she knows he would meet those standards. Still, she is hesitant. When her father gets into trouble, Jake offers to help, on one condition. Jake and Taylor had a combustible chemistry, that Taylor knew she had to accept his condition. This was the first book I have read by Gisele St. Claire, but I have already one-cli [...]

What a hot of steamy story with lots of moving parts. Well written with a great plot and interesting characters. Taylor is a strong woman who is not only gorgeous but still a virgin. Her mother died in childbirth and she was raised by her mechanic dad who has managed to get himself indebted to the tune of over $100,000. When Gisele meets the owner of Club V where her roommate works , he is fascinated with her . When he overhears about her father's problems, he offers her a solution. No spoilers [...]

ARC Review:This is my first time reading a Club V book or any book by this author. I enjoyed the booka quick hot read. I know some people are complaining about Taylor being conceited put me off at first as well. If Jake can be cockywhy can't Taylor? Despite her cockiness, Taylor is an intelligent, strong character. Although her first encounter with Jake disintegrated her panties, she didn't drool over him in their interactions. Taylor recognized what kind of man she was probably dealing with and [...]

This was an interesting read. I enjoyed it. It's a quick read and flows well. It's very explicit. The story has a bit of a slow build up to the sex. It has a lot of sexual tension though. We get to see and get to know the characters and what is going on in Taylor's life before she ends up with Jake. I thought the story was well written and I enjoyed it. There's a little bit of action but it really just focuses on Taylor and when Jake and Taylor get together. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this [...]

This is the second book in the Club V series. This story is about Taylor who words as a mechanic at her fatherโ€™s garage. When the father is in trouble, Taylor goes to the club to speak to her bestie, and is overheard by Jack one of the owners, who offers her a solution to her problems. No spoilers, you need to read this amazing series for yourself!This author has done a great job in writing this story, and I am always hooked and enthralled throughout her novels. I recommend this authors work f [...]

A Review of Undone by Gisele St. ClaireHot, Hot, Hot - 4 starsThis is a recently new to me author and I was impressed with the first two-thirds of it. The only problem I had was the last third seemed to be rushed in some respects. I was very happy to see that there were very few grammatical issues in the book, as those are my biggest pet peeves. **Honest review voluntarily provided from a Complimentary Copy**

I love the Club V series! I love a girl who knows what's under the hood of a car, and Taylor was not only a good mechanic, but a virgin to boot. One night out with her friend Sam puts her at Club V, and she witnesses Jake giving a lesson in submission. That was so hot, being a voyeur and not being able to act on her arousal. She and Jake were really hot together, and it's insta-love, but it was a really engaging read. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

Taylor gets down and dirty as a mechanic in her father's garage by day . Something she is very proud of but one night while at Club V picking up her friend . She sees more of Jake Mesa than she ever expected . So what happens when Tay father gets himself into a situation ? Really good book I totally enjoyed it

Love it!Taylor was so strong and independent and didn't need any help was always there for her dad working in his garage. Then the unexpected happened while picking up her best friend from Club V, she meet's sexy owner Jake. After that the game begins. I really enjoyed this and want to go to a club like this๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜‰

Not badI thought this one was more realistic than the first. But the 2 months they spent together was just brushed over, where I felt that was the best part of the story. I feel the author is rushing through the stories. There's a storyline, but not much story outside of that.

Taylor is just there for the ride but when her dad gets in trouble financially she does what any girl would do. Jake doesn't hesitate to help her out in more ways than one. A nice love story filled with hot sex.

This book is definitely one that will heat up your kindle with the story of Jake and Taylor and the unmistakable chemistry between them. This story is both naughty and nice that will keep your attention throughout the whole book. Five star read.

Loved this risquรฉ little taleAn innocent girl, a sexy guy who has no chance against miss innocent, a little Dom/sub action, and a HEA. What more can you ask for. Loved this book and looking forward to number 3.

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