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  • Title: Spider
  • Author: Ilsa Madden-Mills
  • ISBN: 9781979450171
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Paperback

He s a British rock star.And my stepbrother.What can go wrong He called himself Spider I just knew him as the sinfully gorgeous guy with eyes of fire that fate sat next to me on the airplane I didn t know who he really was rock star my stepbrother.He kissed me because he thought we d never see each other again We would.Everyone warned me about him They said he was ruthHe s a British rock star.And my stepbrother.What can go wrong He called himself Spider I just knew him as the sinfully gorgeous guy with eyes of fire that fate sat next to me on the airplane I didn t know who he really was rock star my stepbrother.He kissed me because he thought we d never see each other again We would.Everyone warned me about him They said he was ruthless and cold and screwed up.They said he d leave me with a hole in my heart.Maybe I should have listened.Maybe I should have built up a fortress to keep him out.But I crumbled instead.Some have said there s an unbreakable thread that connects those who are destined to meet If that s true, then the moment he sat next to me, we were bound together forever.He just had to figure it out before it s too late

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Spider's been out for three months! Thank you for the reviews/ratings! :) 🎸“Staring at someone for longer than six seconds signals that you either want to have sex with them or murder them. Which one is it?” I ask, weaving my hands into his hair and tugging on the ends. 🎸➜ AMZ US: amzn/2ADS5zR➜ AMZ UK: amzn/2zxoMkQFrom Wall Street Journal bestselling author Ilsa Madden-Mills comes a new standalone romance about a flawed hero and the woman he can’t forget."She crossed my path and [...]

*****4.5 STARS*****ARC Generously Provided by AuthorI get a buzz from the connection that’s always been between us, that knowledge that she and I are two parts of a whole. I let out an exhale. I’m nothing without this. Without her.SPIDER is one of those books that once you start it, you simply won’t be able to put down till you get to the end. It has so many of my favorite tropes that there was no way I wasn’t going to fall madly in love with this book! Get ready for an addictive story [...]

I can only give this book a 3 starsinly because it has a big pet peeve of mine, and once the issue happened I became emotionally detached from the hero and heroine. In the case of Spider and Rose, Spider ended up sleeping with a women after he had met Rose. It is a huge no no for me in the romance books that I read, that the hero sees his "love" and does not sleep with any woman after he lays his eyes on his woman. I realize that may seem old fashioned to somebut it is ME, and my biggest peeve. [...]

Rockstars and stepbrothers. Couldn’t get more unattainable then that Add in a meeting in the past, an encounter that leaves a hopeless 11 year old girl hopeful, marking her in an unforgettable way. A sexy first kiss on an airplane 6 years later, I’d say fate had a big hand on that once in a lifetime love. Then enter asshole actions and I wanted to throw my fricken kindle. Yep, can say I really did I loved this story and I hated this story. I loved the connection between Spider and Rose, I lo [...]

I’ve never been much of a cover whore, but this shit hot cover had me at first glance! I mean, seriously, how could I turn away from this sexiness? Couple that with the fact that Ilsa Madden Mills knows how to do New Adult perfectly. My ever growing TBR never stood a chance!Here’s the breakdown: It’s a story of fate. Finding your one true love in the most unexpected place. Rose meets an unbelievably handsome stranger at a pivotal moment in her life. When they part ways, her life changes. Y [...]

NOW LIVE! US * UK I haven't read a stepbrother book in a while, and I was never actually that into the trope, but this blurb grabbed my attention hard so I knew I had to read this one. Spider and Rose had rough time in their relationship and I ended up really liking that they fought for each other in the end. Getting to the point where I liked them though, that took some time. I was annoyed at the drama popping up between Spider and Rose, and I really didn't like the whole Trenton thing bring t [...]

Rose goes to visit her (adoptive) mother, because her mother recently got married and it’s time for Rose to finally meet that husband. On the airplane, Rose meets Spider. Rose hates flying, but Spider can calm her and make her forget where she is. Rose and Spider have a nice conversation, have a laugh and share a passionate kiss. Both of them didn’t expect to ever see each other again, so they were shocked when they discover that they’re step siblings. Rose is now off limits to Spider, but [...]

Rose had a pretty shitty life growing up. One night, when she was 11, it's so bad at home, she runs away and finds him. The nice, beautiful, tattooed, teenaged boy who talks kindly to her, gives her some money for food. Tells her to call him if it ever gets really bad at home again.Her savior.When she's 17, on her way back home to her adopted mom and her new hubby, she meets him again on the plane. Spider. Only, they don't recognize each other.There's this huge attraction on both sides. But su [...]

Title: SpiderAuthor: Ilsa Madden-MillsGenre: Contemporary RomancePublication Date: November 13, 2017This book was everything!! I can't get over how much I loved this book! I knew it was going to be goodIt's an Ilsa Madden-Mills book but Spider was unexpectedly epic!I love the story of Rose and Spider, their journey of love is heartbreaking. Their situation needed an arduous restraint for their love for each other . But in the end, their love is never-ending and years apart won't lessen their lov [...]

4.5 “Connection” StarsSpider was a wonderfully angsty second chance romance. It brought out every emotion imaginable. And their undeniable connection — Be still my heart. Spider and Rose meet quite by accident. And then by accident again. And then again. It soon became clear that it was much more than an accident. Their story was about fate and finding the other half of your soul when you least expect it. And even though their connection is obvious to both, Spider is not in a place in whic [...]

Spider by Ilsa Madden-Mills was an easy and fun read.From the beginning to end I was enchanted by Rose and Spider. From the way they met to the highly charged emotional climax I was glued to the pages.The story and plot drew me in like moth to the flame. Stepbrother, rock star, forbidden love - all those tropes do it for me. Ilsa Madden-Mills went all out!!!Spider was a fascinating character.As damaged and complicated as Spider was on the inside, the way he was with Rose was heart-warming and a [...]

4 - 4.5 ★'s “Epic loveyou and me.”The prologue paints us a dismal picture into a young Rose's life and her one glimpse of kindness comes in the form of Spidermeone she will never forget. Fast forward six years and they meet again at an airport although they don't make their connection to each other, they still have some amazing chemistry. They continue getting to know each other on the flight and Rose finds out more than she wants to about Spider. And I felt Spider really regretted that. t [...]

Well great, now I'm disappointed. That was no where near as epic as I expected it to be what happened? Look back in Filthy English, Spider was great in that! But then this happened and womp womp womp. So this book is divided into two parts, and within each part we have glimpses from the characters at different ages of their lives. Part one, loved it. It starts with Rose at 11 and Spider at 16, it was great. Then it moves on to Rose at 17, Spider at 22. It was also great. I liked the innocence bu [...]

Do you like Ilsa Madden-Mills? Well, you are going to LOVE SPIDER!!!!This book is everything--passion, fire, heartbreak, FEELS so many feels. It's about finding your destiny and being strong enough to keep it. It's about fighting for the one you love.One of my TOP READS of 2017!!!!FIVE STARS

“You’re scared of me Rose?”Never.“I’m scared you’ll rip my heart out.”“I probably will.”Cosa c'è di meglio di una rockstar inglese, sexy come il peccato, che ti tiene compagnia per un paio di giorni? Niente. Questi pochi giorni in cui avevo Spider tra le mani ero senza pensieri, ho adorato ogni singola riga di questo romanzo ed essendo il primo libro che leggo di Ilsa Madden-Mills posso ritenermi più che soddisfatta.Questa storia parla principalmente del destino, che quando v [...]

1 StarI'm sorry, I'm just not a fan of reading stories where the main characters sleep with other people besides each other. It's hard to cheer for these characters to be together, especially when they cheat on their current significant others so they can be together.I just couldn't get into this story.

***Actually 4,5 stars***Hopefully i will be able to write soon a review

I was hooked from the right from Chapter 1 and I just could not put it down. There are so many things I want to share about this book but I will refrain because I want you to get lost in it like I did. Rose and Spider are so different and yet so alike. They both have experienced loss, heartbreak but the difference between them is that Rose has a determination to succeed and find her happiness while Spider feels like there is no HEA in his future. One thing is for sure is that Spider's story was [...]

4.5 stars!

4,5. OMG, OMG, OMGQue linda história de amor!!!!!Algumas pontas soltas, mas não diminuíram o brilho desse romance!ADOREI!

So I've read a lot of awesome reviews that made me put it on my tbr. But my opinion is so different. Don't get me wrong I kind of enjoyed it and I got fair warnings of certain things. (view spoiler)[ So after Spider kisses Rose he screws another woman. Then there is a blowjob somewhere in between. Also when Rose has a boyfriend she cheats on him, having sex with Spider (hide spoiler)]I just couldn't connect well with either of them, but that's probably just my fault. It could be so much more, or [...]

My soulmate gr friend Bookylicious read this book and told me to stay away from it as she is sure that I would strangle the hero to his death and she is sure that I would hate the heroine for being so weak and easy. So, I trust her and pass this book!(view spoiler)[They meet at the airport. He kisses her on the plane. Then, when she sleeps, he hooks up with the flight attendant back there. Explicit definition of a man-whore and douchebag! I think I might have already dropped it there but if not [...]

I have recently been introduced to this very talented author. After finishing Filthy English and realizing Spider was as getting his own book I may have screamed, just a little. You meet Spider very briefly in Filthy English, you learn very early on he’s in a very successful band and has many, many, demons. Spider gosh there are so many things to say about this intoxicating man. Band. Sexy. Demons. British. Troubled. Lost.Tattoos.Did I say sexy?! Those are just a few things to think about when [...]

It was okay.Meh.I enjoyed parts of it.Other parts were just I don't know off.It was a quick read.Steamy.There is an underage aspect to a large chunk of this book.Didn't bother me, but might bother some.Overall, it was just so-so.Looking back, this seems to be my common assessment after reading one of this author's books.Perhaps I just don't mesh well with her writing.Will I pick up another book from this author?But, who knows. Never say never.

Nothing surprising or new and maybe it's just me, but the whole step brother thing has been DONE!So now I'm taking my wine and I'm finding something else to read.

➳ Rate: 5 / 5 starsOh man, I was so excited for this one! It did not disappoint one damn bit. Rock star romances is one of my all time favorite tropes, out there at the top with college romances and bestfriends to lovers. I seriously always love them so much! Like I seriously can't think of one that I've read that I haven't loved! I think the fact that I cannot live without music contributes a lot. I'm a die hard fangirl sometimes, and for certain artists lol.So yeah, rock star romance? Count [...]

Fate has other plans. She wants this.I really enjoyed this book. A rockstar/step-brother romance mixed in with second chance as well. There is high angst, but it’s quickly resolved, and it just makes the book feel light-hearted even though the side issues are heavy ones. The start is very tense, and I loved it. Two people who can’t be together even though they want to desperately! The second chance bit moves very quickly and is pretty darn steamy.*SPOILER-Y*There are OW/OM, and there may be [...]

Rose went from poor and losing her mother to living a fancier life with her adoptive mom, but what happens when she meets a sexy rocker on the plane? Forget about kissing him and moving on, she soon realizes that won't be happening because he is her new step brother.Okay, first off I love British men, they are my weakness, so I was a goner when it came to spider. I loved his character a lot.Rose I was on and off about. I was trying to get into her mindset through out the whole book, but often ti [...]

More back story than anything else. I️ guess this is supposed to a second chances type of story. It just annoyed me.So sick of reading about the heroines and their tight dresses. Who wears that on a plane?!?! (Loc 7%)I️ don’t care to read about MCs with other people. You may love it, but it is not for me. Reading is subjective.I️ love drama but not unnecessary drama.There are a lot of ARCs reviews for this one.

ARC received for an honest reviewIlsa Madden-Mills ~ you had me at rock star.I was not sure what to expect with Spider, but whatever expectations I did kind of have you blew them out of the water. Neither Rose nor Spider's lives have been easy, and really, the are perfect for each other. But of course we know that it is not going to be all hearts and flowers with this pair.And boy oh boy, were the emotions flowing as I read (I know, I can get really sappy sometimes when I am reading, but this on [...]

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