Take What You Want

Jeanette Grey

Take What You Want

Take What You Want

  • Title: Take What You Want
  • Author: Jeanette Grey
  • ISBN: 9780998530116
  • Page: 251
  • Format: ebook

Don t miss this RITA Award Finalist for Best Romance Novella and one of Library Journal s Best Romance E books of the Year Ellen Price thought she knew what she wanted Intent on getting into medical school, she s spent all her time studying and working But when she s left all alone for spring break, she s forced to confront the emptiness in her life For just one week,Don t miss this RITA Award Finalist for Best Romance Novella and one of Library Journal s Best Romance E books of the Year Ellen Price thought she knew what she wanted Intent on getting into medical school, she s spent all her time studying and working But when she s left all alone for spring break, she s forced to confront the emptiness in her life For just one week, she decides to shed her worries and her good girl image to become the kind of woman she s always secretly wished she could be The kind who takes what she want, starting with the hot guy at the bar.At first, Josh Markley isn t sure what to think when the quiet, beautiful woman from his classes approaches him for a night of casual sex He s even mystified when she acts as if she doesn t know who he is, but he goes along with her assumptions and takes what she offers Their passionate night together is a welcome respite from the stressful decisions he s been grappling with, but afterward, he can t let her go He wants from her, from life and from himself.They may have started out pretending to be other people, but that won t stop them from helping each other discover who they really are.

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4 Shining StarsWow! I fell head-over-heels in love with this fairly unique short story!It was the perfect smorgasbord of new adult, adult contemporary, coming of age, and steamy erotica. I really enjoyed this one!

4.5 starsThis book had basically everything I look for in a good, hot read. A likeable heroine, a hot hero (who rides a Harley and wears black rimmed glasses and dirty talks just enough to be hotHUZZAH), a contemporary setting, and a plot. I like sex as much as the next girl, but I need something holding everything together in between those romps. I loved reading the growth both Ellen and Josh took, and I liked that it didn't just revolve around their relationship, but outside factors, as well.T [...]

I'm so damn glad I picked this up. You guys know me by now I'm picky about my romance and becoming pickier and picker about my new adult stuff. This story will renew your faith in the 'new adult' genre (assuming your like me and had lost your faith). In Take What You Want, we meet Ellen Price. She's spent the last years studying hard to get into med school and working to pay her way. When her friends take off for the beach over Spring Break and all Ellen has to look forward to is an empty apartm [...]

She is the shy and smart one who just wants one memorable spring break before heading to medical school. For once in her life Ellen Price was going to take what she wantsarting with the very hot guy at the bar. Josh Markley wondered what game the girl he'd been admiring from his pre-med classes was playing at when she didn't recognize him at the bar. She wants a one night stand with him, and he surely isn't about to pass that up. One intense night leads to one week of passion, each telling the o [...]

Hot and sweet read about a h who's coming out of her chrysalis and claiming herself and a wonderful guy who's had a crush on her for a while! I loved that both MCs had their very own character arc too! 4 stars.

Originally published at Reading RealityCan you change who you are? Can you pretend to be someone else?Take What You Want by Jeanette Grey is sex-into-love story about the power of positive thinking, or maybe that's the power of turning lemons into very wicked lemonade.Ellen Price has always been a good girl. Not in the sense of being a goody-two-shoes, but in the sense of being responsible. She's a pre-med student and she's barely making ends meet between financial aid and waiting tables.She's e [...]

The story of two college students who decide to use Spring Break, a week and a day, to step out of their quiet lives, Take What You Want is a story that turned up the heat and stole my heart.Guys, I don't even know where to begin with this book! The story totally took me by surprise, getting off to a wicked hot start. I usually prefer to know the characters a little bit before I know them, if you catch my drift. But Grey really made this work. Take What You Want begins with Ellen, who can't affo [...]

3.5 StarsHave you ever wanted to forget your life for one day and just…be somebody else? Come on, who hasn’t? That’s exactly what Ellen Price sets out to do. Her friends are off on an extravagant vacation she can’t afford, and instead of wallowing in self-pity, she’s decided to be somebody else. To take what she wants. In the form of that hot guy sitting at the bar… What begins as one steamy night quickly turns into a week full of panty-melting romance and seduction with her new stra [...]

4.5 StarsJeanette has a wonderful way of weaving complex characters and plot, even within the confines of a novella. It's not easy to give the readers enough back story, current story, conflict and resolution to make for a satisfying read, but she does it and she does it well.And you know what else she does well? The sex. Not only is it steamy (because, whoa baby, it is), but it's emotional and plot driven--two of my very favorite (and necessary to me) things in Erotic Romance.Ellen and Josh are [...]

As per the usual, Jeanette Grey is a fabulous storyteller. In Take What You Want, she crafted an easy to read, completely compelling story about two people who are well matched and braced to take what they want. Josh is swoony mcswoonerson, and Ellen is adorable and real in a way that I think many women can relate to. Lovely, steamy read that'll keep you turning the page.

Recently I have been enjoying new adult contemporary romances and jumped at the chance to review Take What You Want by Jeanette Grey. She offered a delightful tale about anonymity. A chance to be the brave, confident person you have always dreamed you were and the result that happens. This was a fast paced, smexy read that I consumed on a cold Sunday afternoon and one I would recommend.The tale begins when we meet Ellen Price a pre-med student in her senior year. All of her friends have gone off [...]

Shey‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4.5 StarsAlthough for me this was a short read but this new author to me Jeanette Grey’s writing style was brilliant. Ms. Grey was able to tell the story of two college students out for spring break seeking to find themselves and instead they find each other and love.Ellen Price had always been a shy stay in the background women and when her friends leave for spring break and she isn’t able to go with them she decides to take a break fro [...]

Reviewed @ Enticed by BooksGoing into this book I thought it would be a sweet romantic story, but I was surprised with how hot & steamy it turned out to be. No complaining there. Take What You Want is a very realistic story about two college seniors who stayed in for their spring break, played a game of pretending for a week, and ended up falling in love for real. There wasn't any major drama or conflict in the story besides both the character not revealing their true selfs, which was handle [...]

This book reminded me quite a bit of the Sweet Dreams YA romances I read growing up - except much steamier. So, what do I mean by that? Well, the YA romances I'm referring to would often have a set-up that was very much a teen/coming of age dilemma, often at least a little bit contrived. For instance, the story might revolve around popularity at school, deciding where or even if to go to college, etcAnd so it is here. We have a coming of age dilemma in the form of a heroine who wants to use her [...]

Left behind by her friends on Spring Break, Ellen decides to cut loose and over come some of her shyness. She gets all dressed up and heads to a local bar in hopes for making a connection.Josh is just enjoying a beer at the bar and avoiding spending time with his parents during Spring Break, when the good looking Ellen seats down next to him and offers to buy him a drink.Ellen and Josh share an amazing night of sex together. Josh is left confused and Ellen can't believe what she has done.Both ar [...]

This was a quick little read.Ellen is a hardworking college student. Never has the time or the money to do anything fun. When her friends head off to the beach for spring break she decides to do something totally OUT THERE.She remakes herself to some extent as she buys a few new (hotter) clothes and heads out to a bar. She is going to have a spring break fling with a stranger, and there will be no commitmentsjust hot fun.Josh is shocked when Ellen walks in. She looks different. He does too, to a [...]

4.5 starsFirstly I must say thank my Twitter friends who raved about this book over the last few weeks as I wouldn't have come across this wonderful writer. How could I have missed Jeanette Grey's work?The chemistry/attraction between Ellen and Josh is instant and my god do they make the page sizzle!This author knows how to write a sex/love scene. I'm not one who usually likes a lot of detail but Jeanette's writing is so tastefully done and because it's all plot driven I found myself drawn in an [...]

I really enjoyed the first chapter and the setup. Hot girl propositions cute guy in a bar and takes him home. Schwing! But the story never really took off for me. The characters kept their identities hidden and shared very little with each other. I thought Ellen knew Josh was her classmate, and then it was revealed that she didn't? They also didn't talk, think or have sex like college students. He's a perfect lover. They have no flaws.Overall this was a nice read but just bland. I liked the moto [...]

My only complaint is that I didn't want Josh and Ellen's story to end.

A very cute steamy story about two people discovering who they really are and finding the courage to grab hold of it.

this review was originally published at DearAuthorDear Ms. Grey:Wow, do I like this book. Which surprises me because, prior to reading Take What You Want, your New Adult romance, I’d yet to encounter a NA that did much for me. I had thought I was either too old and cranky and/or too surrounded by actual New Adults to enjoy tales of their travails, but now, after reading Take What You Want, I realize I just hadn’t found the right one.Ellen Price is a pre-med senior who keeps her head down i [...]

Take What You Want was my first story by Jeanette Grey but definitely not the last! Her storytelling sucked me in and I gobbled it up in no time, closing my ereader with a happy and contented sigh. Take What You Want was a wonderful surprise of a story! A flammable sexy story with some sweet and romantic moments that pulled at my heartstrings. My first Jeanette Grey story but definitely not the last! Jeanette Grey's writing is gripping and evocative, the first few lines will suck you in and you [...]

Ellen Price is in her last year of college. She dreams of going to medical school after that, so she spends all her time and energy on study. And then comes spring break. Her friends are all going off on a holiday she can't afford, so she decides that, since she's staying home, what she'll do is take a holiday from her usual serious, responsible self.Ellen's plan is simply to dress up in sexy clothes (her serious attitude extends to her clothing) and pick up a stranger in a bar. The thing is, th [...]

When I started reading this story, I really thought I was not going to be able to finish it because it jumps right in there with the sex. Or should I say that Ellen and Josh jump right in. Normally I don’t find myself reading about college romances even between older adults because there just seems to be a temporary quality to anything that’s associated with the term college romance. This story did keep my attention and I found myself rooting for the couple’s happily ever after; I should h [...]

I'm not going to waste time summarizing this book. Anyone can read the summary that is provided above. What I am going to do is begin my rant about how much I loved reading this story. The story itself is only about 130+ pages long. Ordinarily this is where I'd tell you how I wish the book had been longer. I am not going to do that here. Why? This book was the perfect length for what the story was about and I want to give kudos to Jeanette Grey for not throwing in a bunch of extra fluff to buil [...]

This story was totally sweet and totally adorable. Determined to turn her spring break and herself around, college senior Ellen Price spruces up her look and sets out for a sexual conquest. LOVE ENSUES!Ellen was shy and nerdy, but thank god she was the one driving the story and the actions. She didn't wait for Josh to make all the moves or rely on him for her own sense of self-worth. Her growth came from within.Josh was sweet and sexy and smart. His issues with his parents and his future were ve [...]

BuenoEl libro estuvo bien, pero la verdad es que no lo vi muy creible, en serio, ¿quien es tan despistada como para no darse cuenta de que tiene un bombon en clase y después lo ve en un bar y ni lo reconoce?E N S E R I O.Y bueno, fue bien, el libro fue absolutamente todo sobre ellos dos en la cama y blah, blahA ver, estuvo bien, ok, pero me aburrió bastante Y los personajes no me llegaron, no hubo casi ni drama, y el desarrollo de la historia fue le falto algo, idk.Y bueno lo que sea, 2/5 est [...]

3.5 stars This is a short and really sweet story.Ellen and Josh are pre-med students.Spring break. Ellen can't afford to go with her friends to Bahamas, so she stays at campus. That's how she "meets" Josh. She pretends she's just a waitress and he plays along. I strongly recommend this book. You can easily read it in one sitting.I loved both Ellen and Josh. Although sometimes Ellen can seem a little dense (really, Josh takes his glasses off and you don't recognise him? a hot guy, with or without [...]

4 Stars of Colleage Romance I feel warm and happy after reading this book. It's beautiful love story about how you can change yourself and take what you want. It's always my dream to turn myself from a nerd to a sexy girl. And that's what Ellen, a shy pre-med student, did it. And that's how she met Josh, a handsome hottie with green eyes, in the bar. Their releationship started from sex and charade. But, they eventually fell in love. With the love, they are stronger and be able to discover who t [...]

I contemplated myself whether to buy this for reading or not because of its length. However, despite only 100 more pages, the author could communicate what the good romance shoud do perfectly. She could made me to like all characters in her story and believe what they choose to do or act. I think this book is well-written for both romantic and hot love scenes. Thanks to my friend for recommending this book for me. Ying :)

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