Wild And Dirty

Elle Boon

Wild And Dirty

Wild And Dirty

  • Title: Wild And Dirty
  • Author: Elle Boon
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  • Page: 458
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Wild and DirtyBy Elle BoonTraumatic heartbreak at the tender age of eighteen had Wren Mikaels avoiding love and focusing solely on her education Now, years later, a car accident finds her with not one, but two heroes coming to her rescue including the very man who left her without a word of explanation all those years ago.When Donovan Lowes and his friend, Alex, stop at aWild and DirtyBy Elle BoonTraumatic heartbreak at the tender age of eighteen had Wren Mikaels avoiding love and focusing solely on her education Now, years later, a car accident finds her with not one, but two heroes coming to her rescue including the very man who left her without a word of explanation all those years ago.When Donovan Lowes and his friend, Alex, stop at an accident site, he s shocked to find Wren inside the wrecked car The last time he saw her naked, in his cousin s bed he left without a backward glance But Van realizes it s past time they worked through old hurts Because the he gets to know the woman she s become, the he understands his attraction to Wren never died and Alex feels her allure, too.Alex Summerston has been sharing women with Van, his best friend and fellow Bowie Baysox teammate, for years, but they haven t found the one Until Wren Alex is instantly drawn to the dark haired beauty, and if she s able to forgive Van for their past, he knows they could have a future He and Van will both do what it takes to convince her in and out of the bedroom.But happy ever afters are rarely so easy It seems Wren s accident wasn t so accidental after all Someone is out there, watching waiting and determined to snatch Wren s newfound happiness away permanently.

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4.5 starsAs Mari Carr welcomes Elle Boon into her Wild Irish Kindle World, we get to see just how wonderful a writer she can be in Contemporary Romance. Nope, no wolves, fae, demons or bikers in this one. Just two baseball players on a mission to win the girl of their dreams.Wren tried to forget her first love, thought that she moved on and definitely didn’t want to see him in the condition that she was currently in.Donavan and Alex are best friends, brothers in a way that only they can be. Th [...]

Wren and Donovan have a past. He walked out after finding her in his cousin's bed when she was 18, never letting her explain. When his best friend, Alex and him find Wren in a wrecked car, he is shocked at seeing her again and wants to try and put the past behind them. Misunderstandings drove them apart but can they find their way back to each other? Wren also finds out that Donovan and Alex like to share their women and now they want to share her. Feelings are discussed and misunderstandings ar [...]

I so need some wild, dirty, and Irish please oh please!! Oh holy hotness. This book was of the charts hot hot hot. This is Wren, Alex and Van's story. Alex and Van are baseball players. They are beat friends more like brothers they share everything. Wren is going to school and working as a bartender to pay the bills. When she leaves work one night her whole world is about to change. Wren's car crashes and two strangers stop to save her. Van knows as soon as he sees the woman that she's the one w [...]

If a Gal has Four Balls, She doesn't Walk She Flies!Who knew an unexpected accident would wind up with a Gal surrounded by two athletic hunks?When Wren goes over the edge of the road into a ravine, she never imagined the two hunks that showed up to save her!Local Baseball players Van and Alex feel as if their world has been turned on its axels when they come across a car gone over the edge.Strange unusual happenings abound, between Wren and Van as well as strange occurrences surrounding Wren fro [...]

Wren is driving home from work when her brakes don't work causing a massive accident. Driving home themselves Van and Alex come across her accident and call for help. Can recognises Wren from when they were younger and the relationship they had. However this time he can't decide if he feels betrayal from their past strong than the need to try for a future. All he knows is he and Alex both want her.Holy hotness this book heats up. It's sexy, fun and did I mention sexy? I couldn't help but love th [...]

After her first love (Van) dumped her without explanation when she was only 18, Wren focused on college and her future career. Little did she know that years later Van would be back in her life after rescuing her from a car wreck. Wren is surprised to see him and really wants to know what happened all those years ago but she still a bit angry with him. Will Wren and Van have a second chance to work things out? And what about Wren's feelings for Alex, Van's roommate and best friend? Wren's life i [...]

Double the FunVan & Alex have been sharing their women for yrs. When they come up on an accident, the woman in the car has a history with Van. His one true love, but their relationship ended badly 5 yrs earlier, when he left without letting her explain. Wren has finally moved on with her life & finished college, ready to start her life. The this accident happens & they decide to care for her. Van & Alex wonder if they could be a part of her world. There is a definite chemistry wi [...]

This story was great! In it Wren is in car accident and two men ( Van & Alex) help her through it. They both are attracted to her but Wren and Van have a past history. Van and Alex are best friends and share everything ( everything!!!!

Home Run !Elle Boon has written a fantastic book about Wren who is going to college for her masters degree who has a automobile accident after her brake lines were cut . Two sexy adorable baseball players see where Wren went off the road and find her car over turned . Van realizes that this is a woman he has dated in the past , and Alex is his room made . Both men feel an attraction to Wren and they have in the past shared women .

I love how no matter the series, Elle Boon adds her je ne sais quoi to it and makes you ignore your life until you read "The End".I had tears in my eyes when Wren and Van talked about what happened so many years ago. Alex made me swoon along side Wren. But my favorite parts was Cacophony! I know the author she talked about and remember the conversation behind it. I LOVE that she put it in the book!It has been a while since we had a menage from Elle. All I have to say, it is about time!

If this is Elle idea of dirty I'm reading all her books. This is an amazing story and I'm really hoping get turned into a series coz that girl at the end needs her story told and I need to know it now.This is a hell of a story about past assumptions and the way we need to let go of our past in order to embrace the future. Yep I need more of these stories it was beautiful and sexy and everything I want in a short sexy read.

Good storyLike the characters. Interesting until the end. Elle boon is a great writer. That's all. Damn too many words to write

Wow, I don’t know what to say. This book was hot, sexy and it also tugged at the heartstrings. You have it all in one book!!Wren and Van fell in love many years ago. It was the forever kind but Van had his future to think about and made some bad choices. This choice was not without reason but he didn’t stay around to find out the specifics. This caused a lot of pain and hurt for both Wren and Van for many years. Alex was the new person to the group and I liked this. While Wren was dealing wi [...]

Wren wins!!Wren was heartbroken years ago by Van. One slick road and Wren is thrown not only into Van 's arms but also his roommate Alex's. This is a fast moving, sometimes sweet story with a few twist and turns.

It was a great day when Mari Carr invited Elle Boon to write for her Wild Irish series. While Wren Mikaels was driving home after work late one night, she found out that her brakes aren’t working, she crashing thru a guard rail and goes over the side of the hill crashing her car into a tree. Luckily for her Donovan "Van" Lowe and Alex Summerston, two minor league baseball players, who are best friends and share more than their love of baseball come upon the accident scene and save Wren. As it [...]

This is the kind of story I get frustrated with. I am not complaining about the writing. It was easy to read and fluid. The plot was also good. All around it could have been a great story except the author decided to portray the heroine with no backbone. One of the hero, who did the heroine wrong, was a big ass and never truly grovel. You do not run away like a coward without an explanation. Plus, how plausible to spend the week end with the family and leave the girl alone while you go golfing w [...]

Wild and Dirty was one of the hottest and best menage reads, I've read to date. Ms. Boon blends the relationship between the three characters in such a way that has one believing that a menage relationship is no different than a couple relationship, the taboo of a three some is gone and you only see the love, caring and concern they have for one another. A definite 5 star read.

WOW What can you say about this book and Elle Boon Amazing This book was given to me as an arc and I am not great with words but all I can say is I want more ELLE BOON!!!

Two men wanting one woman. Can this be a true relationship. Although, one stoke her heart and virginity then left and ran. Can Wren heal from the pain Van caused. Can she love Alex too? What if there is someone who wants her more then them?

I absolutely loved this book. Elle has done it again made me fall in love with another one of her books. I'm really hoping there's more to their story. It was definitely Wild and Dirty.

Love Elle's books.Loved this story. Love the Wild Irish series. Love Kindle World. This was such a good story. Loved Wren and the history with Van. Loved Alex mixed in. Would love to see a longer story with these characters.

Holy cow this book is amazing Ms Elle Boon delivers a scorching hot read. Wren, Van and Alex are perfect for each otherWhen Wren has a car accident she is rescued by Alex & Van. Both Alex and Van are very attracted to Wren but a shared past between Van and Wren may derail things before they even start, can they put past hurt behind them, and build a future for the three of them together? And when it becomes clear to Alex and Van that Wren is in danger will they be able to protect her from a [...]

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