Rich Girls

Victoria Ashton

Rich Girls

Rich Girls

  • Title: Rich Girls
  • Author: Victoria Ashton
  • ISBN: 9780060731809
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Paperback

Why I hate Cameron Warner 1 She stole my boyfriend.2 She is the richest teen in NYC, with designer shoes than a department store.3 I have to plan a party so she can be crowned Debutante of the Year Like I care 4 Did I mention She stole my boyfriend Sixteen year old Adrienne Lewis is a nanny in the fabulous Warner penthouse high above Manhattan Every day, AdrWhy I hate Cameron Warner 1 She stole my boyfriend.2 She is the richest teen in NYC, with designer shoes than a department store.3 I have to plan a party so she can be crowned Debutante of the Year Like I care 4 Did I mention She stole my boyfriend Sixteen year old Adrienne Lewis is a nanny in the fabulous Warner penthouse high above Manhattan Every day, Adrienne watches eight year old Emma after school and constantly tangles with Emma s beautiful but wicked teenage half sister, Cameron.In the meantime, Adrienne s best friend, Liz Braun, has also gotten caught in the seductive web of society, going out on jaw dropping dates with the devilishly handsome and wealthy Parker Devlin.But is Parker playing Liz, or is this just how the rich play And can money really buy everything for girls like Cameron including Adrienne s own boyfriend

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Adrienne Lewis works as Emily's nanny for the Warner's family who are one of the richest family in New York. But from the last book of the series Cameron, Emily's half sister, stole Adrienne's boyfriend. So Adrienne is trying to get him back. Even Mrs.Warner is helping her by giving Adrienne money so she can spend a romantic night out with her boyfriend, Byran. Mrs. Warner is helping Adrienne because she doesn't want her daughter, Cameron, to bring Byran as her date for the Debutante Ball or els [...]

i would say that this book go me hanging off the edge of my seat, same with the first book.(i think i read the previous book last yeart sure) when i learned there was an sequel to the 1st book, i was estatic. anyways about the book, there were the "want to strangle the character moments" that i had and there was i would do the same thing momements as well. this book's theme dealt mostly with friendship and love and jobs. the main charaters have a job to babysit these rich kids and somehow they g [...]

Adrienne and Liz each work as "nannies" for a rich family. Adrienne hate working for Cameron Warner's family and she hates Cameron for stealing her boyfriend even more. She takes care of Cameron's genius half sister, Emma. Liz, while taking care of two children and an imaginary one, are also busy suspecting a little something between her rich boyfriend and another rich girl. Cameron who looks absolutely gorgeous on the outside, but is a total spoil brat, is determine to be debuntante of the year [...]

This book is the sequel to Confessions of a Teen Nanny. It is about that Adrienne is trying to get Brian back from Cameron, but it isn’t easy. But Adrienne got the good side; she gets paid from Cameron’s mom to break them up before the big ball. Cameron decided to have Brian as her escort for the ball where rich ladies are presented to society when they turned 17. All the newspaper will be there, and Ms. Warner doesn’t want to embarrass their family name by having an escort without any roy [...]

As a sequel of Confessions of a Teen Nanny, Cameron Warner has successfully stole Adrienne Lewis' boyfriend. Along with taking care of eight year old genius, Emma, Adrienne has to deal with her evil but rich and beautiful stepsister, Cameron. Adrienne's best friend, Liz Bruan also struggling with the rich and handsome Parker Devlin. Liz is confused about whether to trust him or not even if he brings her on extraordinary dates. She does not know if he is like all the other rich boys that play gir [...]

My thoughts:It had been awhile since I had read the first Teen Nanny book but Victoria made it easy to remember just where we left off. I loved how the plot kept shifting and secrets began unraveling. I felt that the characters were much more developed in this second installment. The only reason for the minus next to the A was one slow part. It bothered me a bit. Once the story picked back up I was in awe again though.Recommendation: I recommend this series to fans of Gossip Girl and The Au Pair [...]

This book is the continuation of the first book of the series, Confessions of a Teen Nanny. In the second book of the series, Cameron is still with Adrienne's boyfriend Brian. Adrienne tries to get Brian away from her, but fails many times. Meanwhile, her best friend Liz is going out with a really popular rich guy named Parker. She thinks he's the best guy out there for her, but she gets confused when he starts taking this girl named Isabelle out to social events. She wants to get to the bottom [...]

This is the sequel to 'Confessions of a Teen Nanny'. In this book Adrienne is sure keeping a eye out for Cameron, after her attempts to steal Adrienne's boyfriend, Brian. While there's boy trouble for Adrienne, there's also trouble for her best friend Liz. Liz is going out with the famous and hot, Parker Devlin. He's everything Liz has ever wished for. Parker could be sweet and loving to her one night but next thing you know, you see him hanging around Isabelle, a rich and popular girl. What's P [...]

This book is filled with sit on the edge of your seat chapters. Victoria Ashton does a great job creating drama and tension between characters. Although this book has good content, the plot is quite confusing. There are two different story lines that clash multiple times in the book. It jumps from one part of the story to the next between chapters. I am sure this book would have been less confusing if I had read the first book in this series before this one.

This book is out of my genre and reading level comfort zone, because, being a teenage girl, I'd rather live as one than read about one in a normal world with normal problems. Some aspects were creative, but I wasn't fond of many of the characters. Honestly, the protagonist seemed a bit selfish to me, and I couldn't really identify with them at all. Not the best read, but if you're looking for some quick fluff, this is it.

this is a GREAT book!!!!!!!!!! it is about a girl who tries to win back her old boy friend. Her best friend thinks her boy friend is making to many mysterious calls. Camaron (the rich snobby teen that lives a the warners house) (one of the richest families in new york city) was the one that stole the girls boyfriend. Plus Camaron is running for debutante of the year. Read the book for more info

Predictable teen twaddle. Our heroines aren't worried about getting into college or the state of the word instead they are worried about their boyfriends dumping them for rich girls. Every time I read one of these books I wonder how a book like this would have been received when I was in my teens (1970's)and think it would have been ignored as a parody of a 1950's book. On the plus side I loathe it less than the later Princess diaries books

It's an airport book, nothing more. The writing is beyond poor and the plot is SO predictable. Not predictable in the romantic comedy predictable, but the kind where by reading the back cover you know how it's going to end. It took me roughly an hour and a half to read and I wouldn't say it was wasted, but I definitely wouldn't label it productive.

Um. Just meh. I predicted most stuff and some parts weren't that believable. I didn't really like either protagonists. I kept thinking throughout the book, why two protagonists? The first few chapters introduced a fair number of characters that kept me slightly confused but then again, I started on the second book (unknowingly) so probably, that's the reason why.

I am in love with this series; though I feel like this one jumped and rushed things dramatically. As always I love how certain things play out and people get their just desserts but with other things I'm left heartbroken and hoping for closure in the next novel!I adore this series and am so glad that I picked it up! It's addictive and fun, and very easy to read!

This was better than the first book. I liked Liz and Emma's character a lot. I mean the kid was way too awesome. But I still didn't like Adrienne. I mean why was she waiting around for a boyfriend who cheated on her? And she is just the type of person who allows anyone and everyone to take advantage of her. Cameron, as evil as she can be, actually has more character than Adrienne.

This is def. a guilty pleasure. It's mindless, there is no character depth or anything even resembling it, but it's fun and entertaining. I wanted to strangle Liz and Adrienne for being so senseless sometimes but for the most part, it was teen fun. I don't like how much they drink and smoke, but hey, it's YA, what can you do

This book is a good book its talk about this nanny that take care of kids. one of the kid's sister is in her school and have stolen her boyfriend. She really want to get revenge on her and get back her boyfriend. This book is really interesting i like this book.

Even better than the first =DD loved it even more!

Rich Girls,the sequel toConfessions of a Teen Nanny,made my weekend. 'nuff said. (:

Meh, it was okay. Glad Adrienne came to her senses in the end, still not sold on Parker though.

This book was really good! Just the right book for me!Haha. I really do hate Cameron alot!

Every so often I like to get taken back to my teenage years with teen probs and drama, but only in memory. This isnt a classic but def a funny read with likeable characters.

This book makes my babysitting issues seem insignificant! I LOVE the drama- Can't wait for more misadventures!

This whole series was good.

better but still. she should forget bout Brian an get a new guy. If Brian falls for Cameron's a million bucks than he's not good enough for Adrienne. Pshhh!! these peeps are so hopeless.

Loved it, too!


This book was awesome to I love these books!!!!!

This book is really interesting, and I can't stop reading it.

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