Perfect Little Angel: A Short Story

Rebecca McNutt

Perfect Little Angel: A Short Story

Perfect Little Angel: A Short Story

  • Title: Perfect Little Angel: A Short Story
  • Author: Rebecca McNutt
  • ISBN: 9781544010632
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Paperback

Written in the span of two days, this short story tells of a mother and daughter who get an unexpected guest at their door on Christmas Eve

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A character named Azrael, in the short story crafted by the talented scribe by the name of Rebecca McNutt, states “it’s my job, my duty, my entire purpose, to keep the natural order of life and death balanced for all eternity,” Melodrama and surprises fill Ms. McNutt's tale of the season. The visitor to the home of Evangelina and her mother Eve during the Christmas Holidays delivers his sad and heart wrenching words as must be inevitable. Yet Azrael is there to do his job. Like it or not. [...]

This book has now been officially published in paperback, and since I despise eBooks it will never be published as one. That being said, I know some people love their Kindles and all that, so in exchange for honest reviews I will also be offering FREE PDF e-copies of it (they work on computers, eReaders, Kindles, iPads and most other digital devices). :)

Rebecca McNutt proves, yet again, what a talented writer she is in this engrossing short story. There are moments of humour when the Grim Reaper has a cup of tea with a mother & her daughter, but things soon take on a darker & more serious tone. Even the character names show the author's creativity & I look forward to her next work with anticipation.

This is a brilliant story, but if you don't like sad ones you might wish to avoid this because it does have a very upsetting part to it.

Rebecca McNutt is a young, and extremely talented writer. I was shocked to learn that she wrote this short story in a matter of two days. Eve was anxiously awaiting her husband’s return from a business meeting when an unexpected guest showed up at her door the day before Christmas. The stranger warned Eve that he had some rather gloomy business to conduct. But what did he want? Mr. Azrael told her he was the Grim Reaper and it was time to collect. But collect from whom? Was it Eve? Was it Evan [...]

My rating: 4.5A young girl (and her Mother) are anxiously awaiting the arrival of her father one cold blustery December night. What begins as a good deed from the Mother quickly escalates to a life and death case for survival. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------To me, this shows that a Mother made a dreadful mistake years ago. This time around, She does what she can to keep her "Perfect Little Angel" safe from Death Will this be enough or will Death knoc [...]

This is the second work I have read by Ms. McNutt and find her to be an excellent story teller. Perfect Little Angel is identified as a "Christmas" story, but I disagree with categorizing it as such. It may be a semantic difference but for me an important one. The story is set at Christmas but is not really dealing with Christmas themes. Meaning basically that Perfect Little Angel is a good read at any time of year and should not be pigeonholed as a story to be read only during the Christmas sea [...]

Snagged a free copy from the author and boy am I happy that I did!The plot of this story is very straightforward. Eve (surname unknown), a beautiful young mother, is spending the night before Christmas with her angel of a daughter, Evangelina, in their home in an unnamed city as they wait for the patriarch of the family to return from a business meeting. Suddenly there's a knock at the door. Eve discovers that there's a pale-looking man outside on her porch. In a fit of compassion because of the [...]

I wanna see a movie! That ending, it hits like a two-tonne anvil and I had no idea it would turn out the way it did. I loved the author's use of biblical names for the characters. 'Eve' means life, 'Michael' is an angel, 'Evangelina' also means angel, and I think we all know what 'Azrael' means. A great Christmas story for those who prefer a darker side to the fun and cheer.

I was so excited to get an e-copy of this little short story and to be its first reviewer! Anybody who reads Canadian teenage author Rebecca McNutt's work knows that her talent lies in writing supernatural tales akin to old episodes of The Twilight Zone. Her meticulous style and old-fashioned habits make her books almost like classics. Perfect Little Angel is a Christmas story, a supernatural story and a dark fiction story, but ultimately it is a story about the meaning of kindness and how being [...]

A big shout-out to the author for sending me a copy! I love these little short stories, they're great to read on my way to work. This one is spooky, sad and very special.

A big thanks to Rebecca McNutt for a free PDF of this book. A lovely dark Christmasy tale with an interesting twist. I am not really a fan of short stories as I like to immerse myself in the characters and get to know them. But I love to support Canadian authors and to find talent in such a young new author is a bonus! I see great things coming from Rebecca. This story had a lot of levels to it. A twist on biblical lore, the failings in parenthood, the all-encompassing love of a parent, the stru [...]

The ultimate story of bargaining and understanding. Also probably my first time reading a book where Death is portrayed as a pitiful but nice, clean-cut door-to-door salesman type.Holy moly Jesus pleasus! Evangelina let her brother drown!? Negligent, even for a child!And Eve's husband got tapped too hard with the dick stick. Why is he so rude to Eve?Poor Azrael. I got the sneaking suspicion he isn't really gone, though.

This book asks two big questions of its readers: "how far would a mother go to protect her child", and "is the Reaper an angel, or a monster"? It's short but a good Christmas/horror tale with nothing crude and some emotional moments throughout.

This book was very sad. I wasn't expecting that ending, but it was cool how the story gives some moral values to the Reaper.

Aww, this book really turns on the waterworks. I never thought it was so possible to feel bad for the Grim Reaper, but somehow this short little story takes a frightening figure and finds the underlying selflessness and altruism residing there.

I found this short to be intriguing as Mr. Azreal explained the purpose for his visit. Storyline held my attention as background information presented. Good attention grabbing story

Spooked the f*ck outta me, in a good way. I really appreciated the author's unique and beautiful take on the Grim Reaper as a character.

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