Cygnus Arrives: Humanity Comes Home

Craig Martelle

Cygnus Arrives: Humanity Comes Home

Cygnus Arrives: Humanity Comes Home

  • Title: Cygnus Arrives: Humanity Comes Home
  • Author: Craig Martelle
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 171
  • Format: None

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After their return to Concordia, the mission commander determines to press forward, closer to Earth They jump to a planet that was supposed to have been colonized by humans, but what they find is much different than what they expected which taxes the ship and the Cygnus Marines to the utmost of their abilities.

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Another enjoyable tale. The two highlight characters of the series were Cain, and his wife. I was happy to see the resolution between them in this book. I really loved their relationship in book 1, and was frustrated when he held onto his former girlfriend. However, after meeting the former girlfriend in book 2, it made a lot more sense, and made me connect with her as well. I can see his choice was hard, but ultimately, I feel he made the right choice. I loved this book, the action. It was sad [...]

Great SeriesI love this series. I love how the different humanoids work together and that Cygnus is a peaceful planet. Out in space you gotta love how the marines kick ass. And how they get along with their Hillcats. Without the levity of the 'cats and them putting their humans in their place,space might be a boring place. But, with all the camaraderie between the crew and the love for one's own and the disappointment they feel when meeting hostility makes this space opera worthwhile.

Humanity is a painThey land on another planet and all the people are died!! They were killed by bots created by aliens, yes aliens!! The marines barely make it out alive, unfortunately some didn't. They then head to earth and find out that not all of them are welcome!! Can't wait for the next one!!

Another great book in this series. I have fallen in love with the diverse characters who extremely well developed and very believable. I can hardly wait for the next one. Great job as usual. Thanks :)

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