Devil's Divide

Jeffrey M. Anderson

Devil's Divide

Devil's Divide

  • Title: Devil's Divide
  • Author: Jeffrey M. Anderson
  • ISBN: 9780990979531
  • Page: 170
  • Format: ebook

Lives can unravel quickly nations even faster In a double punch, Clay Holloway s wife, Madeline, decamps to Boston on a trial separation and the San Francisco company he runs is hit with crippling litigation Next, the world economy collapses in one day The nation wavers between anarchy and civility all systems are stop, Madeline now unreachable If the country can tLives can unravel quickly nations even faster In a double punch, Clay Holloway s wife, Madeline, decamps to Boston on a trial separation and the San Francisco company he runs is hit with crippling litigation Next, the world economy collapses in one day The nation wavers between anarchy and civility all systems are stop, Madeline now unreachable If the country can t be saved maybe his marriage can Clay embarks on a perilous bicycle odyssey across a continent with broken communications, little fuel, and less confidence in its new currency or the government behind it He grinds eastward against a shifting pageant of mountains, desert, and engaging characters until, just short of the Mississippi, a man in a 57 Chevy materializes on the empty highway Their encounter will change Clay s mission and the future of the country Devil s Divide is a witty, literate satire about national myth, identity, and the chaos lurking in the complexity of the modern world.

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I so happened to read this book at a time in history where things are just changing at a heart beat. World war 3 looming on the horizons as things heat up between America and North Korea with countries joining in as allies; Russia demonstrating religious intolerance by banning Jehovah’s Witnesses as a group in Russia; not to mention the sudden changes of affairs in my life and that of friends around me. This novel captures the very essence of this. As depicted in the description of the book, â [...]

When you read this book, you step into a world that may have existed if different decisions had been made in the recent past, or you can just as easily imagine that it is a world that is set in the near future. Either way, once we meet the character Clay, he tells us all the information one would need to be aware of if they were living in this time, and frankly, it sounds like a terrible place to live. Many aspects are the same or slightly worse than they are in present day, and some of the same [...]

'Now came the part where you had to confirm your status as shiftless mendicant, and the government’s as hard-boiled benefactor.'Ex-pat Jeffrey M Anderson is originally from San Francisco and surroundings, dropped down the coast to Santa Barbara for studies and degrees UC Santa Barbara in Economics and Russian and since that time has divided his life between California and Europe. Currently Jeffrey lives in North London and thus has become a complete ex-pat to the UK! A bit of a switch there, b [...]

Devils divide is a Post-apocalyptic novel in the vein of “Dies the Fire” by Stirling. I think that Mr. Anderson, has done a superb job in revitalizing this genre and putting his own stamp on it. I wouldn’t be surprised to find this book will end up being the first in a series. I enjoyed the authors writing style from first page to last: it is witty and humorous at times but also gritty when needed. He was able to paint the picture of a financial meltdown which grinds the whole world to a f [...]

Devil's Divide is one of its kind book. The backdrop is the 2008 economic crisis which brought havoc to the world and rendered many people jobless. Through Devil's Divide we get to meet many interesting people who see the economic crunch in myriad ways, where some even welcomed it as it had dissolved the class wall. Jeffrey tells us about the numerous problems that came in the wake of such huge crisis (and beyond what I actually knew), however his narration is so amusing that instead of sympathi [...]

Good second draft but needs some strong editingI commend the author on writing a book.I like the premise of this book but actually reading it reminds me of a hardy boys adventure with a libertarian rant. Pretty sure the Carter is what finished this one off for me. I tried to get further but it really needs an editor to clean the language and thoughts up a lot. There's definitely a lot of any rand mimicking going on here.

Have no idea about this book. So disjointed I almost quit several times. Still not sure what it was all about. Started out just fine but really got sidetracked. One dimensional characters for the most part. Unable to relate.

This is a story of the world after an economic meltdown and technology taking a backseat. Duel storylines about 2 people caught in the chaos of government takeover and inefficiency. An ok read but not my cup of tea.

Devil's Divide, written by author Jeffrey M. Anderson, is a somewhat disjointed story about survival after the country's economic collapse. Thanks to NetGalley and Iken Press for the advance copy.

When the US economy finds it isn’t knocked out, but the stock market Meltdown leaves it too lethargic to challenge and fight, people are left stunned. This predicament leaves the nation in turmoil, along with the lives of millions. But Clay Holloway has already been through the ringer with his marriage and he is ready to fight. The challenge now is to get to Madeline across country on his bike. Not the safest adventure when it is every man for himself. Clay reminisces throughout Devil’s Divi [...]

Jeffrey M Anderson’s, “Devil’s Divide,” is an apocalyptic styled novel that is more along the lines of a crazy governmental overhaul that forces people into com chaotic situations. Clay is running his company and his wife is miles and miles away prior to this change in society. He makes it his mission as society and the economy takes a tumultuous downturn to try and find his wife and repair their marriage. He works on the little bit that he does, trying to survive with a new currency and [...]

What happens when the world's economy falls apart overnight and you are left with nothing? Well, you do whatever you can to survive and protect those you care about. That is the premise behind Jeffery M Anderson's Devil's Divide. The world is falling part. The president has been pushing to go back to the gold backed dollar in order to end of plunge the economy has been taking. While congress struggles to come up with a solution, more and more people are going hungry and violence will start to ta [...]

The story has an interesting premise, a kind of a post-apocalyptic United States. In some ways the scenario doesn't seem altogether improbable anymore. Unfortunately I didn't engage very well with the book. It failed to hold my interest. The storylines meandered and the pacing seemed to be a bit slow for my tastes.

The world’s economy collapses just after Clay Holloway’s wife has left and moved to Boston for a trial separation. As the world is plunged into chaos, Clay decides that he must try to reach his estranged wife and sets off on a perilous journey across the American continent by bicycle. You really warm to clay as he faces this monumental struggle in the name of true love. There is a supernatural element in this story too, when Clay meets a mysterious stranger, who helps him on his journey beca [...]

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