Wild Nights: A Bad Boy Hockey Romance

Dantessa Stone

Wild Nights: A Bad Boy Hockey Romance

Wild Nights: A Bad Boy Hockey Romance

  • Title: Wild Nights: A Bad Boy Hockey Romance
  • Author: Dantessa Stone
  • Page: 314
  • Format: ebook

TroyYeah, I got an attitude problem So what I m a cocky, rich hockey player with pucks than sense A Game player, a heart breaker I take what I want and never look back.I hadn t expected in a million years to be back in this town But hey, shit happens, especially when you got a temper like mine My plan was to spend a season padding my stats and breaking in my mattTroyYeah, I got an attitude problem So what I m a cocky, rich hockey player with pucks than sense A Game player, a heart breaker I take what I want and never look back.I hadn t expected in a million years to be back in this town But hey, shit happens, especially when you got a temper like mine My plan was to spend a season padding my stats and breaking in my mattress I d be out of here before the Zamboni finishes resurfacing the rink.Then one night Sasha fell into my arms She s been running through my mind ever since.She s changed something in me, that s for sure But will these changes last SashaGood girls shouldn t fall for bad boys like Troy I knew better But I fell all the same.After losing my husband to the war I thought I d never love again My life revolves around family and running my own business But life has a way of throwing a curve ball when you least expect it.Bumping into Troy was a chance encounter, two strangers passing in the night A warm body to stave off the loneliness I should have left it at that.But a one night stand turned into a string of secret, steamy rendezvous and I found my world spinning upside down.I want to believe he s the one, but I don t know Am I making a big mistake WILD NIGHTS is a Steamy Standalone Romance Novel with a Happy Ending HEA

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3.99 starsI was torn between 3 and 4 stars, but the second half of the book convinced me of redeemed hero.I liked the heroine from the beginning till the end. Strong but vulnerable woman who lost her husband 8 years ago and put her private life on hold. I’m not a fan of a long female celibacy, but in this case I could understand her and respected her grief. Also her über-protective older brother (who was BBFs with her dead husband) didn’t make it easy for her.The hero annoyed me till approx [...]

After dropping his gloves one too many times up in the big leagues, Troy has been sent down to Minnesota’s farm team to cool off and re-group for the entire hockey season. If he manages to stay out of trouble, then he can come back up and finish his contract, but nobody is holding their breath.Sasha is a sports medicine doctor, who has just opened up her own practice. She’s out for a girl’s night to celebrate her new business when she literally bumps into Troy. Troy is up to his usual tric [...]

review to come

Troy's a young cocky rich Minnesota Professional hockey player, who's been send to this small town for some punishment because of his partying, womanizing & fighting ways. One night at the local bar he meet Sasha & they end up at his place for some hot sex, however when he wakes up the next morning Sasha's gone. Now this is something he's not used to, normally he must throw the women out & this intrigues him & he can't get her out of his head. He want to contact her, but the only [...]

FIERY PASSION LIGHTS UP THE PAGES!A sizzling romance that lures you in with the dynamic plot, witty dialogue, vivid scene descriptions that leave you breathless, action, emotions that pull your heart-strings and fiery passionate romance. The deliciously happy ever after comes after all the hindering obstacles are met.Hot Troy Hunter Hockey player is a lose-cannon; his quick-fighting temper has sent from his professional hockey team to the minor leagues to learn to curb it. His charismatic person [...]

I received an Advanced Reader Copy for doing an honest review.I loved this book. It shows that a bad boy hockey player can change when he finds the right girl even if she is supposed to be off limits because she is the sister of one of his teammates. They don't realize that when they first meet but can't seem to stay away from each other. I really hope that this is the first in a series as there are so many other stories to be told from this book. Great author

Troy and Sasha are just looking for a night of fun when they meet. He doesn't do relationships and she is not over her pain from her losing her husband. When they meet again, it is hard for them to resist each other. The story is really good and I enjoyed the chemistry between the characters. I think the author did a good job with developing the characters and the relationship. It had a good pace to the story. I am voluntarily reviewing a copy I received.

This was such a HOT story! Troy is your typical bad boy sports guy that meets the good girl and they hit it off at the beginning. There were some very steamy parts in this story. I couldn't put it down once I started it! I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

Sasha and Troy are amazing together, but too bad they are hiding it from everyone.Before long, it will explode.Loved it.I volunteered for an advanced reader copy for an honest review.

We have a down on his luck former hockey player who just got out of jail and meets a young widow on a night with the girls. Good story about coming back from the past, not really a hockey story.

Troy is a cocky professional hockey player. He was recently sent down to a farm team because of his bad behavior. He has decided to do his best and try to clean up his act so he will get called up again. Troy is the master of the one night stand and is always getting calls from girls who want another shot. Then he -runs into Sasha in a club and the two have an incredibly hot encounter. It was so incredible that Troy for once wants more but Sasha leave him without giving him her last name or phon [...]

Wild Nights by Dantessa Stone is a Sports RomanceTroy is the former forward for a professional Minnesota Hockey team. Thanks to his hot temper, he's on a season-long suspension for misconduct. Which is why he's stuck in the minor leagues right now. His coach thinks this will help Troy cool off and learn some self control. But Troy's not going to let that slow him down. He's a player, on ice and off. And he plans to work his way through all the hotties in town. Until a beautiful woman bumps into [...]

Having not read anything by Dantessa Stone before I wasn’t sure what to expect but ‘Wild Nights’ was quite an enjoyable read.As a professional hockey player Troy has a bit of a hot temper and has been placed on suspension and moved down to the minor league for a bit. This was meant to curb his attitude and behaviour but Troy is a player on and off the ice and doesn’t give it much thought well that is until he bumps into Sasha. Since her husband was killed in Iraq eight years ago Sasha ha [...]

This is a hockey story with a little bit of hockey thrown in around the steamy relationship of league bad-boy Troy and sports medicine good girl Sasha.When Troy and Sasha meet accidentally sparks fly and they are combustible. But is this more than just a hot one night stand?When Troy and Sasha start a relationship they keep it secret from almost everyone and their troubles start.This is am easy read book and my first by Dantessa Stone. She develops her characters and some of her supporting chara [...]

Troy was back in his hometown having a few beers with old friends. He had been forward on Minnesota’s hockey team; but he was on temporary suspension and sent to the minor league team for misconduct. All he had in mind was finding a woman to come home with him for the night.Sasha and her friends are having a girls’ night out celebration. As Sasha heads to the bar for drink refills, she slips into a stranger who rescues her from falling. He sends a bottle over to the ladies and he and Sasha s [...]

I enjoyed this story. Troy and Sasha meet on a night out and hit it off. they have high sexual chemistry and don't deny it. Sasha has just started her own practice and so has a lot of things going on in her life. Troy has been sent down from the NHL to the minor league as a punishment. He isn't worried about and plans to just enjoy his time while he's there. Sasha left her number for Troy when she left the next morning without waking him but he spilled coffee all over it and so has no way to con [...]

[did not finish] ended at 21%, book doesn't make sense, she happen to bang to him, started talking and suddenly they are at his house fucking each other brains out. met at sasha's brother russell's house and suddenly they are fucking again, like -___________-''' and sasha just comes off as sexually deprived to the point of being desperate which just makes the book even sadder. overall, you can tell that the author is still very new to writing a book as the writing is sort of amateurish.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this bookTroy is your typical playboy hockey player, Hot Sexy tattooed and Larger than life, with an attitude that matches.When he causes problems on and off the ice his NHL team sends him back to their minor team. He takes it okay because he knowsthat he will eventually get back to the majors.Sasha is not a great character because she is so wishy washy but it works. She has a one night stand with Troy. and then runs intohim at her brothers BBQ [...]

Good hockey Read!!

Wild Nights, by Dantessa Stone, is a bad boy hockey romance featuring a cocky hockey player where a one night stand turns into something more.This is a combustible romance with a nicely written story line with passionate and true characters. It is fast-paced, but well written through the end. It was an enjoyable read.

Dantessa Stone has delivered a good read with Wild Nights. The couple--Troy and Sasha--are interesting individuals in their own right. Troy believes he's God's gift to women; Sasha is a sports therapist whose brother, Russell, is on Troy's hockey team. While the book reads like a typical sports romance, there are some interesting moments which give it a bit of flair. If you're into sports romances, give Wild Nights a read. I think you'll enjoy it.(I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of [...]

When Troy and Sasha touch, it is electrifying. Heat just seems to rise off their skin causing ripped panties and wild explosive sex. Of course, they both have demons to fight. Can anything that feels so right and damn good last? Troy is walking a thin line line with career. When he is sent back to the minor league it is in hopes that he will "find" himself and make him more of a team player. Lately he has been just an egotistical "player".When Troy meets Sasha he finally has to look deep within [...]

Dantessa Stone rocked it with her debut “Wild Nights”. It had it all for me: Wit, sex, great character development, well written story that was delivered at a steady pace and had me hooked from start to finish!The chemistry between Troy and Sasha was scorching right from their first meet up. Only problem is Sasha is Troy’s new teammate’s little sister. And if he wants to move back up to the big show, he needs to clean up his act…and he’s pretty sure that doesn’t entail hooking up w [...]

This book started out so strong but I felt like it wasn't as "tight" as Sasha and Troy start their relationship. Then it got better. And then the book started dragging when the breakups started. Troy has been put back in the NHL minor league. He's a womanizer but when he meets Sasha, he know something's different about her and how he feels about her. When he learns Sasha's brother, Russel, is on his team, Troy wants to keep their relationship a secret till he's better known on the team. this is [...]

A hot, steamy read with some hockey action thrown in.Troy, all round bad boy, meets Sasha, widow with a brand new sports medicine practice, and the sparks fly. Only one problem, her brother is his team captaind he views Troy as a player and a bad influence.Cue secrecy, and lots of it, hot erotic scenes, separation when Troy has to go to Europe, a stalker who thinks Sasha should be his and you have the makings of a damn good read.The characters are well described and rounded, and the plot moves a [...]

Wild Nights was great. I loved the story line between Troy and Sasha. True life troubles that some of us all go through, losing a significant other to being judge by your reputation when you know you've found the love of your life and the way you once were is no longer accurate. I can't wait to see what else Dantessa Stone has for us!

Troy is a pro ice hockey player who has been in trouble 1 to many times and gets sent back to his hometown, to play in the small league.Sasha has just opened her own sports therapy office. 8 years ago she lost her husband. Troy and Sasha meet at a bar one night and end up back at Troy's place.Then they find out the Sasha's brother is Troy's teams captain.They continue with their relationship in secret.But then Sasha's brother find out and all hell breaks loose.But as with all good romance novels [...]

After being demoted, Troy is determined to prove his way and doesn't plan to get serious with any woman. Sasha is instantly attracted to Troy, but she has a past that holds her back. Neither knew they had a common link. Will Troy and Sasha be able to over come the bumps along the way in their relationship? Will they be able to prove to everyone that they are serious about each other?For a first book, this one was awesome! I absolutely love hockey romances and this one was perfect. I loved how Tr [...]

He is indeed a bad boy and he plays hockey.But the moment he meets Sasha he is in for surprise.They have their very hot and steamy night together. Afterwards it is the first time he messes up, by throwing coffee over her number. So he can't call her. That is a repeating pattern, Troy messing up and doing the wrong thing.Put in the mix her very protective older brother being his team mate and you get a love story with a bumpy ride.But the moments they are together make it all up, fireworks betwee [...]

WILD NIGHTS is a Steamy Standalone Romance Novel with a Happy Ending. I voluntarily received and read an advance copy of this book from the author and I recommend this book to everyone who loves romance stories. This's the story of Troy Hunter, a sexy hockey player and Sasha Morris, a smart, beautiful, sport therapist with her own business. They met in a bar and spends an awesome night together and then later he finds out that she's the little sister of one of his hockey team mates. The plot is [...]

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