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Last Chapter

  • Title: Last Chapter
  • Author: Ernie Pyle
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Hardcover

Ernie Pyle s coverage of the U.S forces in the Pacific during World War II The book takes the reader up to the Okinawa campaign, where he killed on the nearby island of Ie Shima by Japanese machine gun fire.

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Another interesting book of Ernie Pyle's WWII reportage, this time from the Pacific theater and which unfortunately culminates in his death there on Okinawa. Pyle describes things that are normally not covered, such as what it was like to fly on a transport plane across the Pacific to the Marianas Islands, what the on-the-ground lives--from housing to recreation--of Superfortress crews were like, and the day-to-day operations of an aircraft carrier while it sailed from one battle site to another [...]

I have enjoyed all of Pyle's writings, but there is something sad in reading this unfinished work. Knowing that it stops as it does because he is killed casts a shadow over every sentence. That being said, I recommend it for anyone interested in learning what life was like for U.S. troops fighting in the Pacific. As always, Pyle gives the view from the common GI, not the general. It is not about campaigns or strategies, but the human condition a soldier endures.

"That is our war, and we carry it with us as we go from one battleground to another until it is all over, leaving some of us behind on every beach, in every field. I don't know whether it was their good fortune or their misfortune to get out of it so early in the game. I guess it doesn't make any difference once a man is gone. They died and others lived and nobody knows why it is so." - Ernie Pyle

Essential reading.This and his other books are simply essential reading for anyone interested in the 2nd World War. At certain points in each of his books it feels as though you are transported back to the actual events. Quite extraordinary.

The book is a collection of the last articles written by Ernie Pyle before he was killed. The articles are about his time spent with the Navy aboard a small aircraft carrier, with the crews of B29 bombers flying missions over Japan and with the Marines on Okinawa. Ernie's writing is always concise and tells you what life is like for these GIs. His articles are always interesting and there is a bit of GI humor also. I found the book enjoyable. I also read his book "Brave Men". If you have any int [...]

A great read. And the last of Ernie Pyle's great war stories.I read this book knowing that it would be a great read as all Ernie Pyle's book were. I first read his accounts of ww2 as young grade student in the late 40s. I am now in my early 80s and still enjoy the way he could relate to a pfc in the army or a four star general. He just was the very best. We lost a great storyteller and a great American. If you have never read his books this is a good start though it comes at the tragic end of hi [...]

In my opinion, Ernie Pyle is one of the greatest American non-fiction writers of the 20th century; but reading LAST CHAPTER, his last dispatches from the war in the Pacific in 1945, was difficult and sad because in the end, on 18 April 1945, he was killed by a Japanese machine gunner. He covered WW II in the west from Africa through Normandy and then headed into the Pacific theater with the Marines. He shared their dangers and paid their cost just four months before the end of the war.

Great book Having read several of his books, I appreciate how he brings in the human elementt all about heroics and the glorification of warhis books are about the salt of the earthn people doing their jobs as best they can in unpleasant situations. His loss was a tragedy , however all losses are tragic whether a combat correspondent or a cook.

An Incredible guy's StoryErnie Pyle was a nice guy who brought the War back to people back home. He had an incredible following for his stories brought to life about the horrifying battles between first the Allies in Sutton

Excellent Culmination to a Great StoryHave been reading Ernie Pyles diaries from his time in bombed out London to this excellent finale The Final Chapter. Have immensely enjoyed his chronicles and great American anecdotal dialog. He was a true historian and great American.

Great collection of "dispatches" from Ernie Pyle as he reported on the latter part of World War II from the Pacific Theater. Many of these were written within a few months of when he was killed by a Japanese bullet. I'm going to read more by, and about, Ernie Pyle.

Here is your correspondent!Mr. Kyle's writing style is well thought out and easy to follow. A very brave man who brought a first-hand account of the heroes, great and small, into our hearts. Great reading!

Good writing, descriptive. Compelling, knowing that the author was killed shortly after the last chapter was written.A book from my late parents' bookshelf.

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