Separation Games

C.D. Reiss Sebastian York Elena Wolfe

Separation Games

Separation Games

  • Title: Separation Games
  • Author: C.D. Reiss Sebastian York Elena Wolfe
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Audible Audio

The stunning conclusion to the New York Times Bestseller These are the unbreakable rules in the game.Stay collected Compartmentalize Think your next move through Never let your heart dictate your tactics The heart is impulsive The heart makes bad decisions The heart doesn t see the long game Because the heart may have decided to get Adam back, but when the endgamThe stunning conclusion to the New York Times Bestseller These are the unbreakable rules in the game.Stay collected Compartmentalize Think your next move through Never let your heart dictate your tactics The heart is impulsive The heart makes bad decisions The heart doesn t see the long game Because the heart may have decided to get Adam back, but when the endgame comes, the heart s going to be the first thing to break.

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***ARC Provided by the Author and Social Butterfly PR***Wow.Yeah. So, all of that happened. And, now the book is finished, and it has been a couple of days, and I still haven't let Adam and Diana goI still think about the story and the events.The story is amazing. Adam and Diana are compelling and the story keeps your heart in your throat for the duration times, beating in your chest as you turn pages to see what happens next. As your heart breaks for them, and heals a bit with them, and then br [...]

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! Separation Games, book 2 of 2. A marriage in shambles; wrecked by love, lies, lust & jealousy! “I was her companion and her protector. The celebration of her light and consummation of her darkness.”Books in The Games Duet should be read in order:Book 1: Marriage GamesBook 2: Separation GamesIn Marriage games, book 1 we were injected into a marriage in crises. A husband, real estate developer and CEO of a publishing house Adam Steinbeck was notified that hi [...]

Check out more of my reviews at bookaddicthavenWhen I finished 'Marriage Games', I immediately started 'Separation Games'. After everything that transpired between Adam and Diane, I couldn't believe how things ended between them at the end of the first book. I definitely had some whiplash.Part of me felt like Diane was served a good helping of karma. At the same time, my heart broke for her. I was angry with Adam for his lack of sensitivity and his disregard for her feelings. After all, this was [...]

IT. IS. LIVE!➦Well, this was certainly an interesting conclusion to the story. Although this book was hard to put down and I loved it there were certain parts of it I wished were different. Or more specifically I wanted more of what was in book 1, primarily Adam the super dom.➦This installment picks up with Diana deciding she is going to fight for her husband. There's just one tiny problem. Adam seems to be experiencing personality changes. Or something. The whole thing is a bit of a mind fu [...]

★LIVE!★ SEPARATION GAMES is the gorgeous conclusion to MARRIAGE GAMES. It's everything I needed it to be. Passionate, raw, intense, sexy, BEAUTIFUL so, very, very beautiful making me feel and long and LOVE. The balance and exploration of the Dom/sub relationship and the complex dynamic of the married couple at the heart of this duet series is seriously engaging and continues to develop through the carefully crafted and emotional story arc of this second part. I was totally addicted to the tr [...]

DNF, at chapter 27. I can't read any further, this being the last straw:“I brought my hands around, and with my forehead still on the floor, I unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down, exposing my ass. The shame of it was overwhelming. To talk to my husband by showing him the ways he could fuck me was a deep humiliation and the only option I hadI was going to cry, because if I couldn’t reach him with this, we were finished. Doubling down, I put my hands on my cheeks and spread them apart.” [...]

5 For The WritingStars * * * * *Spoiler FreeThe Time has Come Time to see how this Game ends It's Live!!!My frequent reads do not cover a lot of what C.D. Reiss' Marriage Games and Separation Games involvea D/s relationship in the making or the end of a marriage. I mention this because for mewhen I read C.D. Reiss in her elementfully invested She challenges me to be braved want to dive into whatever has captured her interestThis Duet was something very C.D. and I am better for experiencing it. M [...]

"I belong to Adam. He belongs to me."Separation Games is the astonishing conclusion to the Games Duet. Adam and Diana are both fighting. Diana is fighting to get Adam back, and he is struggling to push her away. Will they find peace in the sanctity of their marriage or will they be torn apart forever?"That was my cliff. Once I was midair I had to either fly or hit the ground in a mess of blood and bone." Separation Games picks up immediately after Marriage Games. Adam has decided to let Diana go [...]

3 Stars"He'd asked me to love him when what awakened my love was the very thing that killed his love."I was honestly not 100% impressed with this finale. It's not that the book wasn't good. I actually fell in love again with the writing of C.D. Reiss. I just thought it lacked some things while it overdid some unnecessary things at the same time. I extremely loved the first book of this duet Marriage Games so I really expected the final book to be that powerful and passionate like the first book. [...]

I liked these characters but their story dragged on and became exhausting. All of the god/goddess inner monologue bits was a little annoying, but it was a relief to see this couple come full circle. An okay read, overall. The epilogue was very satisfying!

Separation Games opens just where the first book closed with Adam’s admission and Diana’s shock at the turn of events. With the thirty days not fulfilled, Diana decides to fight in the only way she knows how. As she tries to save her marriage, she is also trying to resolve her own unanswered questions that have been buried for so long. Whatever the results may be, she is determined to finish her exploration. “I wanted him to catch me, but I wanted him to chase first.” What ensues feels r [...]

5+++ StarsA walk on egg shellsholding ones breathreaming at the top of your lungsntentment and joy Separation Games is no easy walk in the park. It's a gritty, emotional, gut wrenching, erotic, beautiful love story.The story picks up where Marriage Games ends. These books are the story of a marriage that wasn't fully invested in the truth. His true wants and desires and her awakening of her true wants and desires meet at a crossroad. Can they both intersect and come together or will they interse [...]

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If you thought Marriage Games was intense, you’d better brace yourself for the enticing conclusion, Separation Games.Adam went to extremes to fight for his estranged wife’s love in the previous book. Now the tables have turned, and Diana is determined to make Adam realize their marriage can work while at the same time coming to terms with her submissiveness.The first half of the book is told strictly from Diana’s point of view which made it harder for me to comprehend Adam’s ability to s [...]

5 'Hunting you' Stars!OMG, this book has changed completely my opinion on this love story! I had some issues with Marriage Games but Separation Games was so much better for me. It's definitely the perfect conclusion for this twisted duet!I loved how Adam and Diana's relationship changed. Yes, now it's Adam who is stopping their reconciliation but I loved how Diana figths for him. She has changed, she wants all of him (especially his love and his dominance) and she is ready to claim his man. Fina [...]

Holy shiiit, I’m literally burning like hell (and I’m soooo wet too)… Oh my goodness, that was soooooo fucking hot, I LOVED it so much. :D If you wanna read something hot and kinky, I highly recommend this series ‘cause mmm Mr. Steinbeck was really, really yummy… And If I had more free time, I would lick him whoops I mean I would read this book all over again Dammit, my brain fucked and I need a shower asap! :P

**Separation Games generously provided in exchange for an honest review.**5 "I'd fall off the edge." StarsC.D. Reiss clawed her way into my reading soul with Separation Games. It was a hard fought battle won with persistence, beauty, growth, and strength in both of her main characters and in her writing. There's such magnetism flowing through the passionate love story of Adam and Diana. Even during the moments where you want to scream "WTF?!?" you cannot look away. And when you have to break for [...]

An absolute heart-wrenching journey that comes to an end in such a beautiful and poignant way. Adam and Diana's story has forever left an impression on me. CD Reiss will break your heart a million times, but when you're close to the end, and she is putting the pieces back together one by one, you will be forever grateful that she took you on this heartbreaking and eye-opening ride. "I was on the edge of ecstasy. I didn't care if he loved me. Didn't care if I got hurt. I wanted this drug right no [...]

The stakes are higher and the emotions even more raw in the heart-stopping conclusion to the Games Duet. Separation Games picks up after the conclusion of Marriage Games, which left me completely gutted. If I was gutted, imagine how confused and heartbroken our heroine felt! Book 2 is told from Dianna perspective and have to admit, I really liked her in this book! Although she owns her submissive nature she remains a strong capable woman who fights for what she wants. slight spoilers aheadAfter [...]

3.75 Stars

5 "People Evolve/Opposites Attract" Stars!Please note that this is the second part of a duet which must be read in order. If you have not yet started this series, please see my review for Marriage Games.In the conclusion to one of my top-favorite romances of 2016, CD Reiss continues to astound me with her ability to hit you right in the "feels" department. The complexity of the characters in this BDSM-based romance is off the charts and proves just how deep and meaningful erotic romance can be w [...]

* ARC provided by the author for an honest review **Erotic, sexy and spell bounding, this passionate and raw read will have you invested from the moment you begin to read. Lessons will be taught, hearts will break and finally a path to love to will be forged. Picking up right where the Marriage Games ended, we are once again thrust beautifully into the lives of Adam and Diana. This time however we get into the mind of the woman trying desperately to hang onto the love of a man her heart knew she [...]

I am going to try to put into words how I felt about this book.Disclaimer:I’m typing this up after three drinks on New Year’s Eve. Separation Games is the conclusion of The Games Duet, which features the story of the dissolution (or rather the attempt) of the marriage of Diana and Adam Steinbeck. During the course of Marriage Games we ventured just under the skin of these characters, through the pages of SG, we tear through the flesh to burrow into the bones of these two.These characters hav [...]

2* no shit STARS! **minor opinion alert**In Marriage Games, Diana served her husband, Adam a piece of (divorce)paper. Diana couldn't stand her distant husband. But in Adam's defense, he already sacrifice his kinky life to become vanilla with Diana. Curious about the true Adam, Diana challenged herself to explore BDSM with him. It only takes 2 weeks for Diana to realize her submissive nature, but unfortunately Adam didn't want it. He left Diana hanging.WOW. I have no words. I'm conflicted to rate [...]

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review“He’d agreed to an easy divorce if I gave him thirty days. Sixteen were gone. It had taken me that long to love him again. The real me loved the real him. It had taken that long for him to fall out of love with me.”A bold, captivating, provocative sensual romance that demands our utter and undivided attention. CD Reiss continues to push the norm when it comes to romance that packs heat, passion and desire and in this conclusion of The [...]

WOW! Loved it! The deep emotional yet complicated and chellenging relationship between husband and wife Adam and Diana continues in this second book. Trying to turn your relationship from vanilla sex to a Dom & Sub relationship is no easy task for this married couple that are deeply in love. What a brilliant, intricate look into the relationship of Dom & Sub, the characters were fantastic, the sex was pantie wetting HOT and the story line was captivating and enthralling. Narrated by Elen [...]

Separation Games is the second and final installment in the Games series. Adam and Dianawere a seemingly happily married, albeit vanilla, power couple when Diana left the letter on the counter asking for a divorce. Completely taken aback, Adam agrees to her divorce and business demands under one condition thirty days. Thirty days with him, revisiting their feelings and deciding if they've truly fallen out of love. What he doesn't bank on is the resurrection of his long-hidden Dominant sided the [...]

5 FALL OFF THE EDGE OF MANHATTAN STARS!!!THIS BOOK!!!! This journey! Jesus Christ.The conclusion to Adam and Diana's story was gripping. Raw. Stunning. Heart wrenching and sexier than fuck!!! Once again, I was blown away. Repeatedly. And I loved every minute of it!This book swallowed me up whole. Mind, body and and soul. I was consumed, obliterated and put back together. I couldn't get enough and I never wanted this story to end. Separation Games took me on a journey of a lifetime. It's unlike a [...]

***** 4.5 Stars ***** Cannot be read as a standalone After Diana sees Adam's true nature as a dom, she's confused about her feelings. Her mother taught her to be strong and independent. She doesn't need a man to succeed in life. But she can't stop her desires for Master Adam, and now it's her turn to get her husband back. The two struggle with each other. Adam wants the best for Diana, and he believes her life would be better without him. Diana has different opinions, and she does everything to [...]

4.5 Stars!!!!What can I say. Nobody writes erotica like C.D. Reiss. The Submission series will forever be my favorite of hers even though Marriage and Separation Games comes very close. Also here her prose is poignant, raw and flawless.Separation Games picks up right where Marriage Games ended. This time around it's Diana's turn to fight for her marriage and her husband. This journey that not only her but also Adam embarked on tested their trust in each other and their marriage. How far and deep [...]

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